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Cordoba Gk Studio Classical Guitar

If you look into the Cordoba GK studio, it has a history steeped in the traditions of Spanish craftsmanship, and the quality of these guitars is truly exceptional. For beginners and intermediate players like myself, the GK series serves as the perfect starting point.

Imagine plucking strings that sing with a vibrant, well-rounded melody. It’s the kind of sound that makes practice feel like play. And when you’re ready to take the stage? The Fishman Presys Blend pickup is your ticket to amplification glory. Let’s get into a little more detail so that we can understand what makes this one such a fine-tuned specimen of music.

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Cordoba GK studio
Image by Cordoba Guitars
Made InChina
Model GK Studio
Body European Spruce
TopEuropean Spruce Top
Neck Mahogany
Scale 650mm (25.6″)
Nut Width 50mm (2″)
Weight3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg
Fretboard Rosewood
BracingFan-Bracing Pattern
ElectronicsFishman Presys Blend – Fishman OEM-PSY-B03
Truss RodDual Action
DesignClassical Hollow Body

Build and Construction

The Cordoba GK Studio, my beloved classical guitar, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design. Its build and construction have been meticulously designed to create a guitar that sounds and feels extraordinary.

Image by Cordoba Guitars

Solid Spruce Top

The body top of my GK Studio is made of solid European Spruce, a wood known for its rich and clear tonal qualities. This choice ensures that every note I play resonates with a vibrant and balanced sound.

The top binding, crafted from Rosewood, not only adds a touch of elegance to the guitar but also provides extra durability and protection to the edges of the instrument. When I look at the headstock, I can’t help but admire the Cordoba Arches Logo Maple, which gives the guitar a distinct and beautiful appearance. It’s a small detail that adds to the overall aesthetics.

Rosewood Bridge

The bridge and saddle, both made of Rosewood, contribute to the guitar’s tonal character and sustain. The Rosewood ensures that the strings transfer their vibrations to the soundboard with clarity and warmth. With its glossy polyurethane finish, my GK Studio not only looks stunning but also provides a protective layer that keeps it looking and feeling great for years to come.

The sides of my guitar are crafted from Cypress, a wood that embodies the spirit of flamenco music. Its bright and percussive tone gives my playing a distinctive flair, perfect for capturing the passion and energy of this genre.

Special Tonewood

With its solid top construction, flamenco build, and the inclusion of high-quality materials such as solid European Spruce, Rosewood, and Cypress. The Cordoba GK Studio belongs to the flamenco guitar family. The guitar offers players a versatile instrument capable of delivering distinctive tones and responsiveness associated with this style of music.


As a proud owner of the Cordoba GK Studio, I must highlight the remarkable fingerboard that enhances my playing experience. Here’s an in-depth description:

The fingerboard of my GK Studio is crafted from Rosewood, a choice known for its durability and tonal richness. Every time my fingers glide across the smooth surface, I can feel the quality of the wood and its contribution to the guitar’s overall sound.

The GK Studio has a total of 19 frets on the fingerboard. These frets are precisely positioned to allow accurate intonation and optimal playability across the entire range of the instrument.

The number of frets to the body, which refers to the frets that extend beyond the body of the guitar, is 12. This design allows easy access to the upper register, enabling players to explore higher notes and intricate melodies with ease.

The frets on the GK Studio have dimensions of 2.0mm (width) and 1.1mm (height). These measurements determine the size of the fret wire, which affects the playability and tone of the guitar. The dimensions provided ensure a comfortable grip for the player while maintaining proper string clearance for clear notes and chords.

What makes the Cordoba GK series so special? 

The GK series is so special because of its comfortable playability. The lightweight construction and ergonomic design make it easy to hold and play for extended periods. As a beginner, I appreciate the narrower neck width, which allows me to navigate the fretboard with greater ease.

Among the GK series, the Cordoba GK Studio has become my go-to guitar. It’s affordable yet packed with professional features.

How is The Neck of Cordoba GK Studio?

The neck joint of my GK Studio is meticulously crafted using a dovetail construction. This traditional method ensures a strong and secure connection between the neck and the body. It’s a testament to the guitar’s durability and allows for excellent transfer of vibrations.

When it comes to the primary neck material, Cordoba has chosen high-quality Mahogany. The richness and resonance of this wood contribute to the guitar’s warm and balanced tone. 

In terms of the neck shape, Cordoba has opted for a comfortable “C” shape. It’s a popular choice among players for good reason. The ergonomic design fits naturally in my hand, providing a comfortable and familiar feel. I can play for hours without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

The dimensions of the neck are thoughtfully designed as well. At the first fret, it measures 21mm in thickness, gradually increasing to 24mm at the ninth fret. This profile strikes the perfect balance, allowing me to navigate chords and intricate melodies with precision.

To ensure optimal performance, the GK Studio comes equipped with a dual-action truss rod. With the help of a 4mm Allen key, I can adjust the neck relief to suit my playing preferences and the guitar’s setup. It’s a handy feature that allows me to maintain the ideal playability in any environment.

Additional Electronic Features

The GK Studio is equipped with the Fishman Presys Blend electronics system, specifically the Fishman OEM-PSY-B03 model. The electronics system offers a range of controls that allow precise tonal shaping and convenient tuning. The controls include a built-in tuner, volume control, and dedicated Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs. With these controls, I can easily tailor the sound to my preferences and adapt to different playing styles and environments.

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Image by Cordoba Guitars

In addition to the tone controls, the GK Studio features a Notch control. This control allows me to selectively remove specific frequencies, helping to combat feedback issues that may arise when performing at higher volumes. The GK Studio also boasts a Mic Blend control. This control blends the under saddle piezo pickup with a microphone, providing a natural and balanced tone that captures the nuances of my playing.

How Can You Enhance the GK Studio’s Performance?

To further enhance the performance, the electronics system includes a Phase Switch. This switch helps to correct any phase cancellation issues that may occur when using the pickup system. It ensures a coherent and phase-aligned signal, resulting in a more focused and detailed sound.

To power the Fishman electronics, the GK Studio utilizes a 9V battery pack. The battery pack is conveniently located inside the flip-up preamp compartment, making it easily accessible for replacement or maintenance.

All in all, the GK Studio is a cutaway and electric guitar, combining the convenience of a cutaway design for enhanced upper fret access with the versatility of an onboard Fishman Presys Blend electronics system featuring controls for volume, bass, middle, treble, notch, mic blend, and phase switch.

Pros & Cons of the Cordoba GK Studio


  • Versatile Electronics: The GK Studio is equipped with Fishman Presys Blend electronics, offering a wide range of controls and features. With built-in tuners, tone-shaping controls, and a microphone blend option, this guitar provides versatility and allows players to achieve their desired amplified sound in various playing situations.
  • Quality Construction: The GK Studio boasts a solid European spruce top and cypress back and sides, contributing to its excellent tone and projection. The use of high-quality tonewoods, combined with traditional construction techniques such as a fan bracing pattern, ensures a well-balanced and resonant instrument.
  • Cutaway and Electric Design: The GK Studio’s cutaway design provides easy access to higher frets, enabling players to explore the guitar’s full range comfortably. Additionally, the electric capabilities of this instrument make it suitable for amplified performances, whether in a live setting or studio. It offers the best of both worlds for classical guitarists seeking expanded playability and versatility.


  • Limited Fret Access: While the cutaway design enhances upper fret access compared to traditional classical guitars, it may still have limitations for advanced players who require extensive access to the highest frets. The number of frets to the body is limited to 12, which may restrict the range for certain advanced playing techniques.

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