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Exploring the Takamine EF400SC TT 12-string Guitar

Takamine EF400SC TT

With the Takamine EF400SC TT, you can get the top-quality vintage 12-string sound but with cutting-edge electronics.

The EF400SC TT’s solid rosewood back and sides, solid thermal spruce top, and CT4B II electronics produce a rich, resonant tone suitable for a wide range of musical styles. The guitar is also very playable, with a comfortable neck and smooth fretboard.

Read further for a more detailed review of the Takamine EF400SC TT.
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Takamine EF400SC TT 12-string
Image by Takamine
Made InJapan
Model EF400SC TT
Body Rosewood
Scale 25.35″
Nut Width 47.5mm
Weight18 lbs
Fingerboard ROSEWOOD
ElectronicsCT4B II
Truss RodYes
CaseGC200 case included

Why Is The Thermal-Top Technology Special?

The thermal-top technology is a way to season the wood used to build the top of the guitar. This unique process involves baking the spruce wood used for the guitar tops in a vacuum-sealed setting.

The outcome? A rich, mature sound that you’d typically associate with an instrument that’s been around for decades, all in a brand-new guitar. The new TT series delivers this sought-after sound quality, coupled with the exceptional ease of play you’d expect from a freshly crafted instrument.

Why is Rosewood the primary choice for Takamine

Complementing the solid thermal spruce top, the EF400SC TT features a solid rosewood back and sides. Hardwoods such as rosewood are renowned for producing excellent sustain and a robust presence making the body more stable.Not only does the solid rosewood back and sides contribute to the guitar’s exceptional tone, but it also adds to its visual appeal, displaying attractive grain patterns and a stunning natural finish.

Why Combining Mahogany and Rosewood Makes the Best Neck Wood?

Combining mahogany and rosewood for a guitar neck offers the best of both worlds in terms of tonal quality and durability. Mahogany provides a warm, rich sound and is known for its lightweight yet sturdy nature. Rosewood, on the other hand, adds complexity to the tone and is highly resilient, making it less susceptible to wear and tear.


In terms of playability, the fusion of mahogany and rosewood results in a smooth, comfortable feel under the fingers. Mahogany’s porous structure allows for excellent resonance, while rosewood’s dense grain contributes to sustain and projection.

EF400SC TT 12 string
Image by Takamine

Natural Gloss On The Neck

The neck itself is finished in a natural gloss, ensuring easy movement and eliminating any hindrance to your playing.

The Cutaway Design

The EF400SC Takamine’s cutaway design allows for seamless access to the upper frets, enabling lead playing and the formation of intriguing chord voicings higher up the neck.

CT4B II Electronics

The exceptional CT4B electronics system includes a preamp with a three-band EQ, volume control, and an onboard tuner.

Takamine EF400SC TT 12-string
Image by Takamine

The CT4B electronics deliver a transparent and dynamic sound reproduction. The EQ allows you to control all three ranges with a slider that raises or decreases the response by +/-5dB on each. Also, one thing that is helpful is that the tuner is located on the top of the preamp, and it is easy to read even in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, an overall volume control allows you to fine-tune your stage loudness. The onboard tuner ensures accurate and convenient tuning adjustments, making it an invaluable tool for live performances.

Exquisite Aesthetics and Protection

The EF400SC TT guitar has a shiny, natural finish that looks great. It also comes with a sturdy GC200 case for safe storage and travel. This makes sure your guitar stays in good condition, ready for any musical adventure.

Takamine EF400SC TT
Image by Takamine

Pros of Takamine EF400SC TT

Exceptional Tone:

The combination of the solid thermal spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides produce a rich, resonant, and well-balanced tone. The guitar exhibits a full-bodied sound with shimmering highs, robust lows, and a pronounced midrange, making it ideal for both strumming and fingerpicking.

High-Quality Construction:

Takamine’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the EF400SC TT. The use of premium tonewoods and attention to detail in the construction result in a guitar that not only sounds great but also offers long-lasting durability and stability.

Versatile Electronics:

The CT4B electronics system provides versatile control over the amplified sound of the guitar. The three-band EQ allows you to shape the tonal response to suit different playing styles and venues while the onboard tuner ensures precise tuning adjustments for consistent performance.

Cons of Takamine EF400SC TT

Size and Weight:

The dreadnought body shape and 12-string configuration of the EF400SC TT may feel bulky and require some adjustment, especially for players accustomed to smaller-sized guitars. It is worth considering the physical demands and handling preferences associated with a larger instrument.


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