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The Great John Jorgenson’s JJ Takamine 12-String

Takamine JJ325SRC-12

The JJ Takamine is the signature guitar of John Jorgenson. It is a true gem for versatile guitarists. The Takamine JJ325SRC-12 stands out with its innovative tonewood combination, a solid spruce top for power and clarity, and Bubinga back and sides for distinct character.

Whether you’re into country, gypsy jazz, or rock ‘n’ roll, this guitar will faithfully express your artistry in any setting. A true gem for live performances and recordings alike. Let’s take a look at what makes this guitar so unique.

JJ Takamine
Image by Takamine
Made InJapan
Body Dreadnought
TopSolid Spruce
Neck Mahogany
Scale 25.375″
Nut Width 1.875″
Weight18 lbs
Fretboard Rosewood
ElectronicsCT4B II Preamp with Palathetic Undersaddle Pickup
InlaysDots and JJ inlay on 12th fret
Truss RodTwo Way Truss Rod
CaseHardshell Case
DesignCutaway, Acoustic Electric
ColorsGlossy Red Stain


What I absolutely love about the JJ Takamine is its unique twist on the usual acoustic guitar design. When I strum those strings, the solid spruce top just explodes with power and clarity, making it my top choice for acoustic guitars. But that’s not all – the bubinga back and sides give it a special touch. The wood’s coloring and grain are truly one-of-a-kind, and the tone it produces is so distinct and pronounced. The red stain gloss finish looks stunning, and I can easily reach the higher frets with the cutaway style.

Takamine JJ325SRC 12-string
Image by Takamine

It’s a right-handed dreadnought with a smooth mahogany neck. Whether I’m performing for a crowd or recording in the studio, this guitar makes sure every nuance of my playing shines through. It’s like my music gets a voice of its own with the Takamine 12-string JJ, and I couldn’t be happier with it.


The fingerboard of the Takamine JJ 12-string feels so smooth and looks elegant in rosewood. With a scale length of 25.375″, it’s just right for me. I strung it up with steel strings for that bright and lively sound.

I must admit, I was a bit worried about the number of frets, but with 20 frets, it’s been a breeze exploring new melodies and chords. The inlays are a nice touch, with dots and the JJ inlay on the 12th fret, making my guitar feel special. And the glossy red stain color? It’s eye-catching and stands out on stage! Plus, the X-bracing gives it stability and great resonance. 

Every time I play on this fingerboard, the sound is rich and vibrant, making it a joy to create music.


The JJ Takamine acoustic-electric guitar impresses with its excellent electronic features, making it a versatile and reliable instrument for both stage and studio performances. Its Gotoh Chrome Tuners ensure precise and stable tuning, keeping the 12 steel strings in perfect harmony.

Image by Takamine

Equipped with the CT4B II Preamp and Palathetic Undersaddle Pickup, this guitar offers a powerful and natural amplified sound. The CT4B II Preamp system provides convenient control over the guitar’s tone, featuring a 3-band EQ for fine-tuning the bass, middle, and treble frequencies. This grants the player the freedom to shape their desired sound with ease. 

The inclusion of a volume control allows adjustments to the output level, making it compatible with various performance settings. Additionally, the possible presence of a notch filter enhances the guitar’s resistance to feedback issues, especially when playing at higher volumes or near loudspeakers.

To top it off, the potential built-in tuner feature further adds to the convenience of the JJ Takamine, enabling players to keep their instrument perfectly tuned at all times without relying on external tuners.

Image by Takamine

Pros of the JJ Takamine

  1. Exceptional Electronic Features: The 3-band EQ and volume control allow for easy tonal shaping and level adjustments, while the potential onboard tuner ensures precise tuning at all times.
  1. High-Quality Construction: With a solid spruce top, ovangkol back and sides, and a mahogany neck, the Takamine Red Stain Dreadnought offers a well-crafted and resonant instrument.
  1. Versatility for Live Performances: The notch filter combats feedback issues, providing a seamless and professional experience for musicians and audiences alike.

Cons of the JJ Takamine

  1. Limited Color Options: While the Takamine Red Stain finish exudes elegance and uniqueness, some players may desire a wider range of color choices to suit their personal preferences. Additional color options could attract a broader audience of guitarists seeking different aesthetics.

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