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Promising Yamaha FG820 12 String Acoustic Guitar

YAMAHA FG820 12string

Yamaha FG820 12 Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic Guitar

Let’s dive into the world of the Yamaha FG820 12-String Acoustic Guitar, a true gem for guitar enthusiasts. Imagine the rich, resonant tones of a 12 string acoustic guitar filling the room, each note shimmering with clarity and depth. That’s the magic of the Yamaha FG820 12, a guitar that combines Yamaha’s renowned craftsmanship with the unique charm of a 12-string acoustic. 

I’m someone who enjoys playing the guitar and places a premium on both quality and affordability. I was looking for a 12-string acoustic guitar that embodied Yamaha’s traditional excellence on a budget, and when I came across the Yamaha FG820 12 string, I was immediately captivated by it and how it is an awesome guitar for the money. 

This Yamaha FG proved that a great acoustic guitar has many valuable features that make it appealing to guitarists of all skill levels. In this article, I will discuss the Yamaha FG820 12 in greater detail, including its characteristics, benefits, and some considerations.

Yamaha FG820 12
Made InChina
Model FG820 12
Body Dreadnought
TopSolid Spruce
Neck Nato
Scale 25″
Nut Width 1.8125″
Weight7 lbs
Fretboard Rosewood or Walnut
BridgeRosewood or Walnut
Truss RodDual Action
CaseSold Separately
DesignNon-cutaway, Traditional Western

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The FG820-12 adheres to the traditional Western body shape, specifically the dreadnought style. This classic design not only contributes to the guitar’s iconic appearance but also plays a pivotal role in shaping its stronger sound. It will not need to cost a fortune to buy this 12 string guitar.

The FG820 twelve string is inspired by the FG180 6 string guitar. The original FG180 quickly became a classic with countless reviews, introduced in 1966. It was a home-run for Yamaha known for the durability of the top board, body binding, sound of the guitar, and fingerboard binding with cream plastic. The FG820 has a similar upgraded look and a shape that is easy to play.

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With a body length of 505mm (19 7/8″), a total length of 1072mm (42 3/16″), and a body width of 412mm (16 1/4″), the FG820-12 offers a comfortable playing experience without compromising on tonal depth and volume. Thanks to cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology developed by the Yamaha guitars. 

The body’s depth, ranging from 100mm to 118mm (3 15/16″ to 4 5/8″), further adds to the guitar’s ability to deliver a robust acoustic presence.

Solid Spruce Top

While this guitar falls into the lower price range and is considered Yamaha’s standard acoustic model, Yamaha has not done any misery in adding some high-quality features. The Yamaha FG820 12-String solid top acoustic guitar is made of spruce, which might come as a pleasant surprise to players more accustomed to seeing only laminate guitars in this price range.

This top wood is known for its exceptional ability to age gracefully, enhancing the guitar’s tonal richness over time. The solid spruce top ensures a clear and balanced projection, allowing each string to resonate harmoniously making it an excellent guitar for beginners. 

Whether strummed gently or played with fervent intensity, the FG820-12 responds with a remarkable tonal palette, making it an instrument that’s equally suited for delicate fingerpicking and vigorous strumming.

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Yamaha-FG820-12 back and side

Mahogany Back and Sides

Choosing mahogany for the FG820-12’s back and sides brings in some extra warmth and resonance making it a great sounding and playing guitar. Mahogany is well-known for giving acoustic guitars a rich and textured tone. It makes a beautiful guitar, also the midrange notes sound great while still keeping the high notes clear.

This wood choice works well with the solid spruce top, giving the great guitar a balanced sound that’s perfect for all kinds of music. Whether you like playing soft folk tunes with your fingers or strumming powerful ballads, the mahogany back and sides make the Yamaha fg820-12 12 string versatile and deep-sounding.

Yamaha FG820 12 playability

Easy-Playing Rosewood Fingerboard

As a guitarist, the feel of the fingerboard of the musical instruments under your fingertips can significantly influence your playing experience. The FG820-12’s rosewood fingerboard is a treat for players who value comfort and ease of playability and a guitar that they can keep. 

The smooth texture of rosewood makes fret transitions effortless, allowing you to explore the 12-string territory without feeling overwhelmed. 

Additionally, the fingerboard’s radius of R400mm (23 5/8″) strikes a harmonious balance between facilitating chord changes and accommodating intricate fingerstyle techniques.

Excellent Tonewood

The Yamaha FG820-12 guitar is crafted with meticulous attention to tonewoods, a critical aspect of its exceptional sound quality. Yamaha has chosen solid spruce for the top, which contributes to the guitar’s ability to produce clear, articulate notes, particularly in the higher registers. Solid spruce is known for its ability to produce precise top-end clarity and excellent projection, making it an ideal choice for 12-string guitars.

Yamaha FG820 12 tonewood

This clarity is crucial for 12-string guitars, as they inherently have more strings and, therefore, a more complex sonic spectrum. With solid spruce, each string’s distinct voice can be heard with precision, allowing for a harmonious and well-balanced sound.


The Yamaha FG820 12 sounds undeniably good among 12-string acoustic guitars, especially considering its affordability. Even though it doesn’t quite reach the level of its more expensive peers, it does a great job of capturing the essential qualities of a 12-string marvel. 

The extra strings add interesting levels to the sound of this instrument, giving it a lot of different sounds. Its tonal range, which is mostly bright and has a slight shimmer from the solid spruce top, never goes too far into shine. Instead, it hits a balance between brightness and a warm, comforting sound.

Again, I think the decision to utilize mahogany for the back and sides was brilliant. It balances out the brightness of the spruce and gives the sound a much-needed warm cocoon. 

Astonishingly, the FG820-12 maintains impeccable note definition and clarity, regardless of the player’s chosen style or technique. The tone is soft and rich, making it perfect for supporting vocals. The notes remain distinct and eloquent, offering a unique sonic signature to grace any performance.

Check out the link below and find out the sound quality of this guitar.


Made of vibrating rosewood, the bridge is one of the most important parts of a guitar that affects how it sounds. The rich, warm sound of the FG820 comes from the way the dense rosewood feeds string vibrations into the body. 

The shape of the bridge makes sure that the strings are stable and in tune, which is a key part of staying in tune across the fretboard. Urea is used to make the nut and saddle. It is not as good as bone, but it is better than most plastics.

The perfect playing of a Yamaha is guaranteed by the way it is built and where the bridge is put. Overall, the FG820’s bridge is a big part of what gives it its well-known brilliant tone and makes it fun to play.

Scalloped Bracing Customer Review

The Yamaha FG820 12 features scalloped bracing, a structural design element that contributes to the guitar’s impressive resonance and projection. They use technology that simulates an ideal acoustic structure that maintains and vibrates louder and stronger sound. Engineers have achieved this sound by utilizing analysis and simulation to arrive at the best bracing design without depending on tradition.

The new scalloped bracing pattern involves carefully carved braces that allow the top wood to vibrate more freely, resulting in a richer and more pronounced sound. This is a design structure that maintains the durability and enhances the guitar’s ability to respond to your playing dynamics. This ensures that every strum and pluck is infused with remarkable depth and expressiveness.

Yamaha FG820 12 string dreadnought


Yamaha has been known for a long time to make beautiful acoustic guitars that sound great and are well-made without breaking the bank. New guitars are now products of the Yamaha R&D division where Yamaha’s engineers have achieved a natural sound to make a better guitar.

Entry-level 12 string guitars are crafted to make a better instrument. They are painstakingly cured and dried woods to beautiful hand-sprayed finishes and detailed quality control for every FG is made to be a lifelong companion for the musicians.

The FG820-12 is a great example of how much this company cares about value and quality. As a 12-string acoustic guitar, it opens up a world of acoustic rich sound without charging a high price. 

It is a great starter guitar for both beginners looking for an instrument to learn with and more skilled players who want to add a fresh sound to their collection.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha FG820 12-String Acoustic Guitar


Rich 12-String Sound

The FG820-12’s 12-string configuration opens up a world of lush, resonant tones, adding depth and dimension to your playing.

Affordable Quality

Yamaha’s reputation for producing high-quality instruments at accessible prices is fully evident in the FG820-12.

Classic Aesthetics

The traditional Western body shape, combined with thoughtful details like the cream body binding and tortoise pattern pickguard, lend the guitar a timeless visual appeal.


Electronics Not Included

While the FG820-12 is an exceptional acoustic instrument, it lacks built-in electronics for those who wish to amplify their sound.


The Yamaha FG820 12 exemplifies the company’s dedication to making high-quality acoustic guitars.

Incredibly well-made for its low price, this 12-string acoustic guitar opens up a world of lush, enveloping tones to its players. Every detail of the FG820-12 has been carefully crafted to enhance your musical experience, from the solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides to the comfortable rosewood fingerboard and scalloped bracing.


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