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Yamaha CGX122MCC Classical Electro-Acoustic Guitar

This Yamaha CGX122MCC is a type of guitar that can be played plugged and unplugged. A true example of classical electro-acoustic guitar. It is a traditional-style classical guitar with a glossy natural finish and a single cutaway. It’s a perfect guitar for all of the different styles of music. Let’s explore the features of this guitar.

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Yamaha CGX122MCC Classical Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha CGX122MCC

Made In:USA
Model: Yamaha CGX122MCC
Body: Classical, Single Cutaway
Top:Solid Western Red Cedar top
Neck: Nato
Scale: 25.56″
Nut Width: 2.06”
Weight: N/A
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 19
Tailpiece: N/A
Electronics:ART 2-Way System 61
Bridge: Rosewood
Design: Mandala type Design around the strings 

What Does CGX122MCC Mean?

Do you know what “CGX” and “MCC” mean? So, the CGX belongs to Yamaha’s CG series, where the “CG” stands for “Classical Guitar,” and the “X” indicates that it is an acoustic-electric version. 

The MCC at the end is also significant as the M stands for “Matte finish,” the first “C” stands for cedar top, and the second “C” stands for a sick kind of way. The CGX122MCC is a high-quality instrument that is appropriate for both novice and experienced players.

Cutaway Body of CGX122MCC

This Yamaha CGX122MCC guitar has a classic body shape and a single cutaway. The body of this guitar is made of two types of wood. The top is made of solid western red cedar, and the back, sides, and neck are made of Nato, also known as Mora.

This makes it perfect for players who strum gently or fingerstyle players searching for a less dynamically complex and difficult instrument. 

Nato wood is a wood that is commonly used for guitar necks. It is a very robust and long-lasting wood, which makes it perfect for the construction of a guitar neck. 

The back and sides of this guitar were also made with NATO. As NATO isn’t too heavy, it helps to resonate well and be easy to play, especially in the classical style.

Playability of CGX122MCC

When I first picked up the Yamaha CGX122MCC, it just felt right. It’s very easy to play this guitar. The neck is comfy, not too chunky, and the strings sit just right above the frets – not too high, not too low.

Plus, that smooth rosewood fingerboard? It’s like butter under your fingertips. It has a comfortable neck profile with a wide nut and string spacing, which makes it easy to play classical guitar techniques such as arpeggios, rasgueados, and tremolos. 

Even if you are an entry-level player, you’ll find it easy to make beautiful music on this thing. And with that handy cutaway, you can reach those high notes without breaking a sweat.
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How Does Yamaha CGX122MCC Sound?

When I strummed the Yamaha CGX122MCC, it was a treat for the ears. It’s got this warm and inviting sound. The solid cedar top gives it a bit of that rich, woody character, and the nato back and sides add some depth to the mix.

But the cool part is this guitar can crank up the volume. It’s got this nifty pickup and preamp thing going on, so if you ever want to go loud and proud, you can plug it into an amp or sound system. Even when amped up, it manages to keep that warm, clear vibe, letting your unique playing style shine through.

Rosewood Bridge

The Yamaha CGX122MCC features a classical guitar bridge, which is a standard design for classical and nylon-string guitars. This bridge-style typically has a flat, wide shape and is made from rosewood. It’s where the strings are anchored to the guitar body and the saddle. Usually, the saddle is made of bone or similar material and sits on top of it to transmit the string vibrations to the guitar’s soundboard.

To make the CGX122MCC’s bridge strong and reliable, the strings are tuned correctly, and the movements of the strings can be transferred to the soundboard more easily. This improves the guitar’s overall tone and projection. It’s an important part of how the guitar is made and how it works.

How Much Does it Weigh

The Shipping weight of the Yamaha CGX122MC guitar is around 3 Kg or 6.6 lbs. Classical guitars weigh approximately around 4 pounds. However, there is a minimum to maximum range, and that is 3-5 lbs. 

As a result, lighter classical guitars weigh around 3 lbs, while heavier ones weigh around 5 lbs. We know that classical guitars are generally lighter and smaller than others. But, we can see an exception here. This guitar weighs more than 6 lbs which crosses the maximum weight range. So, we can say that it is a much heavier classical guitar and also an exceptional one.

Powerful Pickup of CGX122MCC

This Yamaha CGX122MCC guitar has the ART pickup system, which stands for Acoustic Resonance Stress Technology. And this guitar has a couple of transducer pickups inside. 

Specifically, this guitar has a 2-way ART pickup system. So, what is it? Basically, when a guitar has separate volume knobs for the bay side and the treble side, that is called a 2-way ART pickup system.


The Yamaha CGX122MC has a single cutaway body. What is a cutaway anyway? A cutaway is a slightly curved recess in the body of the guitar positioned next to the neck. The primary purpose of using a cutaway is to allow the player to play the upper frets of the guitar. 

Without a cutaway, it is possible to play the top frets, but it is exceptionally hard. Your hand is unable to gain any leverage behind the guitar’s neck. Except for a few extra notes here and there, and fret that is enclosed by the body of the guitar is essentially decoration. Also, a cutaway guitar is slightly lighter if weight is an issue.

Though some of you may think that it is not that big of a benefit but, the cutaway is slightly easier to handle because there is less body, especially for some players. Some players don’t like the boomy sound. So a cutaway removes some of the basses.

Pros & Cons of Yamaha CGX122MCC


  • Playability: Very playable with a comfortable neck profile, wide nut and string spacing, and low action.
  • Excellent Design: The cutaway body gives players access to the higher frets.
  • Sound: Excellent sound quality, both acoustically and amplified.


  • Plugging Issue: Some users have said that the guitar can have echo issues when it is plugged in.

FAQs Yamaha CGX122MCC

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