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6 Most Weird And Different Guitar Body Styles

Different Guitar Body

Though there are many weird and different guitar body styles out there, we’re only counting production models in this list. Some of these are merely interesting while others are entirely bizarre.

These are without a doubt the most weird and different guitar body styles we’ve found!

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Gibson Flying V

Different Guitar Body Styles
Image By Wikimedia Commons

The Gibson Flying V stands out for its atypical design. The radical design, with sharp angles and futuristic aesthetics, challenged conventional guitar norms. Introduced in 1958, it was initially met with skepticism and suffered from poor sales.

While it’s one of the most iconic electric guitars of all time, its shape isn’t exactly what comes to mind when one thinks about electric guitars.

Specifications of the Gibson Flying V

This instrument typically features a mahogany body and neck, offering a rich and resonant tonal foundation. Equipped with dual humbucking pickups, the Flying V delivers powerful and punchy tones.

This unique and different guitar body style is a favorite among rock and metal guitarists. The 22-fret fingerboard is typically made from rosewood or ebony, ensuring smooth playability and a comfortable fretting experience

Famous Players

The guitar gained immense popularity after it graced stages with legends like Jimi Hendrix and Albert King. Other famous players known for their mastery of the Gibson Flying V include Lenny Kravitz and Michael Schenker. Hendrix’s iconic performance with a Flying V at the 1969 Woodstock Festival has solidified the guitar’s place in rock history.

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Gibson Explorer

Different Guitar Body Styles
Image by Wikimedia Commons

Yet another guitar design from Gibson that stands out from the norm, the Gibson Explorer was released in 1958 alongside the Flying V. It was also not really successful at first just like the Flying V.

It was discontinued in 1963 before it gained popularity later. Despite all, The Explorer has a unique body style with its elongated and angular silhouette.

Specifications of the Gibson Explorer

Typically, it features a solid body instrument made of mahogany, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard, contributing to its rich, resonant tone.

The Explorer is usually equipped with a pair of high-output humbucking pickups, such as the 496R and 500T, delivering massive sustain and distortion capabilities

Famous Players

Notably, guitarists like James Hetfield of Metallica, Allen Collins of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Edge of U2 have all embraced the Gibson Explorer, showcasing its versatility across various music genres and its iconic, cutting-edge appearance.

Strandberg Boden

Different Guitar Body Styles
Image By Strandberg

The Boden by Strandberg is a guitar optimized for comfort. Every part of it stands out from other guitars, whether it be the headless neck design or the deep double cutaways along with two leg rest grooves on the bottom of the guitar.

This asymmetrical body was made to ensure that the player would be comfortable playing at any position. Being headless, these guitars are also really lightweight. Even the heaviest of them come under five pounds.

Specifications of the Strandberg Boden Series

The Boden series typically incorporates high-quality materials like solid wood bodies and roasted maple necks, contributing to its resonant and articulate tone. Popular models often come equipped with top-tier pickups from renowned manufacturers like Fishman, Seymour Duncan, or EMG, further enhancing tonal versatility.

The diagonal frets were designed for the best possible scale length for heavy music.

Famous Players

The Strandberg Boden’s unique design and exceptional playability have earned it favor among a diverse range of artists, including Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry, Plini, and Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders.

Relish Trinity

Different Guitar Body Styles
The Relish Trinity

At first glance, the Trinity doesn’t seem like it belongs here. While the teardrop shape with the cutout is different from the norm, it’s not that different from normal electric guitar bodies.

Not when you compare it to the other guitar models on this list. What truly sets it apart is its patented pickup swapping system. Its pickups are held in place by strong magnets on a solderless frame.

As a result, if you want to change from single coil pickups to humbucking pickups or vice versa, all you have to do is flip the guitar over, grab the pickup, pull it out, and then drop the new one in. This feature is what makes this guitar truly unique.

Specifications of the Relish Trinity

The model includes a solid aluminum frame with a sandwich construction for the body, resulting in exceptional resonance and sustain. Equipped with three specially designed Relish Bucker XV humbucking pickups, the Trinity delivers a wide tonal range from crystal-clear cleans to soaring overdriven tones.

The Trinity offers a carefully crafted set neck design with stainless steel frets for ultimate comfort and durability

B.C. Rich Warlock

B.C Rich Warlock
Image by B.C. Rich

An iconic guitar associated with the heavy metal scene, The B.C. Rich Warlock was first designed in 1969 by company founder Bernardo Chavez Rico. It was the only guitar he ever designed at a drafting table, using straight edges and French curves. 

He thought it was the ugliest guitar he’d ever designed, but was prompted into manufacturing it by guitarist Spencer Sercombe of the band Shark Island. It gained popularity within the heavy metal scene very soon after its introduction in 1981, beginning in B.C. Rich’s rise to iconic status in heavy metal.

Specifications of the Warlock

It typically features a solid mahogany body with a striking “warlock” shape, offering a dark and powerful tone with substantial sustain. The guitar often includes dual humbucking pickups. This contributes to a bold, high-output sound suitable for genres like heavy metal and hard rock.

With its 24.75-inch scale length and comfortable neck, the Warlock ensures smooth playability for players seeking both style and substance.

Famous Players

Over the years, this iconic guitar has been favored by prominent musicians, including Kerry King of Slayer, Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe, and Lita Ford, showcasing its versatility and appeal across a wide range of musical genres.

Bender Distortocaster

Bender Distortocaster
The Bender Distrotocaster

Looking like a Stratocaster as designed by Salvador Dali, this guitar was handmade by artist/luthier Brian Eastwood from the UK in 1994.

Due to so few being made in the first place, it isn’t easy to find a model. Despite how it looks, it’s surprisingly easy and comfortable to use. The guitar sounds great as well. You can see it in action here in this video.

Specifications of the Bender Distortocaster

The body is constructed from synthetic molded halves bonded to a full-length central core of obeche. This method provides strength, reduces weight, and ensures manufacturing consistency.

The all-maple neck incorporates a fully adjustable truss rod and, in addition to the various optical distortions, features a lateral twist to aid string-bending in the higher positions Armstrong ‘Vintage’ single-coils are fitted as standard, ensuring a faithful reproduction of the real thing.

Most weird and different guitar body styles are the product of the aesthetic choice of people who wish to stand out from the rest. While it’s safe to say they’ll never find a way into the mainstream, there will always be some people who choose those models. If you’re one of them, kudos to you! Check out acoustic guitar body styles.

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