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6 Unique Guitar Picks That Will Blow Your Mind

unique guitar picks

Exploring the World of Unique Guitar Picks

A pick is, quite literally, what connects a player to their guitar. There’s a world of unique guitar picks out there with an array of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from.

Some are conventional, and some are not so much. Many interesting picks offer fresh perspectives and possibilities for many guitarists across the spectrum. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries – your ideal pick awaits, waiting to become your partner in sonic exploration. 

In this article, come with me on a journey of discovering the fascinating array of choices of these unique guitar picks that stand out from the crowd.

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Talon Guitar Picks – 40$

Talon Guitar Picks is not your run-of-the-mill pick manufacturer. They’ve taken an innovative approach to crafting unique guitar picks, and the result is a range of strikingly unconventional, yet highly functional, options that have gained popularity among players looking to redefine their unique sound and technique.

Talon Guitar Picks

Key features


Talon picks are designed with a focus on comfort and efficiency. The typical flat, uniform shape of conventional picks is reimagined in Talon’s design. Its carefully contoured profile conforms to the natural curvature of the fingers and thumb.


The ergonomic approach ensures secure and comfortable grip picks, reducing the chances of slippage. It allows for precise control over picking dynamics, making it easier to switch between light strumming and aggressive riffing. The unique shape can also facilitate intricate techniques such as hybrid picking and fingerstyle playing.


The materials used range from traditional nylon to acrylics. This diversity empowers players to tailor their tone to match their unique playing experience, whether it’s the warmth of wood or the brightness of acrylic.

Available choices

Talon Light, Medium & Heavy Series are available. Each series is available in different thicknesses T1 to T4, T1 being the thinnest and T4 being the thickest. The feel and tone changes depending on the thickness.

Imperial Series Picks – 20$

Imperial Series Picks

The unique guitar picks Imperial Series Acrylic Picks have emerged as a remarkable choice, offering a fresh take on pick design and material. With their unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, they’ve captured the attention of guitarists seeking extraordinary.

Reasons to Choose an Imperial Series Acrylic Pick

  • Premium Acrylic Material
  • Crystal-Clear Tonal Response
  • Ergonomic Design
  • This pick is surprisingly versatile and comfortable to hold.
  • Ideal for both acoustic and electric Guitars
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Available varieties 

  • Archon
  • Legatus
  • Imperator
  • Xiphos
  • Aegis

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Snake Picks

SnakePick’s unique design of combining traditional pick shape with a coiled finger grip, and material offers a fresh perspective on plectrum performance. One of the most unique guitar picks out there, Snakepicks grants players greater control, comfort, and clarity in their playing.

Reasons to choose a SnakePick

  • Unique Shape and Material
  • Enhanced Grip and Comfort
  • Tone and Articulation
  • Longevity and Durability
  • Customizable Options
  • Artistic Designs

Available varieties and their features

  • Original Medium (Blue)
  • Original Soft
  • Purple X-Hard Gauge

Size chart for SnakePicks

  • Small (13mm) is for the kids
  • Medium (15mm) for the bigger kids and smaller hands
  • Large (17mm) and Extra Large (19mm) are generally adult sizes

Honey Picks

Honey Picks are not just an accessory; they’re a statement of environmental responsibility and artistic expression.  It’s considered one of the most cool guitar picks available. Their sustainable material, artistic designs, and tonal warmth set them apart as a worthy choice in the world of unique guitar picks.

Image by Honey Picks

Reasons to Choose a Honey Pick

  • Environmentally Friendly Material
  • Artistic Designs
  • Warm and Bright Tone
  • Durable and Resilient
  • The way the pick feels Comfortable in the Grip
  • A Packed Arsenal
  • Handcrafted

Shapes of Honey Picks

Honey Picks currently offers 6 various shapes. Some shapes have pointed tips like our Honey Bee and Hornet which resemble a jazz style. Other picks like as the Beehive and Smoker offer a more rounded tip.



Honey Bee

Honey Jar



All shape images from the Honey Picks website

Sizes of Honey Picks

Honey Picks come in 3 different sizes.


This size is most similar to the Jim Dunlop Jazz iii which are very popular for lead-style players. 


The medium picks are very similar in size to the Dunlop Flow and Jazz XL picks. This is a great starting point for players not knowing which pick size to choose. This is also the most popular selling size for Honey Picks.


This site is just a tad longer than the most popular pick shape of all time, the standard 351.

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Juppe Engraved Guitar Picks


Specializing in Metal picks, custom guitar picks in various shapes, engravings, bevels, and anything design. The skillfully handcrafted guitar picks are lasting, durable, and a treat to the eyes. JUPPE uses different metals to craft picks.

Reasons to choose Nici’s Metal Picks

  • Durable material
  • Unparalleled Attack
  • Customizable Design
  • Cosmetic value

Varieties available 

  • Aluminum Picks
  • Copper Picks
  • Bronze Picks
  • Sterling Silver Picks
  • Gold Picks

Plectone Double Pulse

Plectone’s innovative creation, the Double-Pulse, redefines the realm of guitar picks. It’s one of the best guitar picks. and I tell you why? Unlike conventional picks that are single units, the Double-Pulse offers a double-plectrum experience, effectively doubling the sound output for guitar players. 

This unique design introduces a novel approach to pick construction, allowing musicians to wield two guitar picks simultaneously. The design of the Double Pulse makes it one of the most bizarre and unique guitar picks out there.

Image by Plectone

Reasons to Pick the Plectone Double Pulse

  • Double Sound Amplification
  • Light Gauges for Acoustic Brilliance
  • Lead Playing Challenge

What sets apart thin and thick guitar picks

Image by Dunlop

The thickness of a guitar pick, often referred to as the “gauge” or “thickness,” plays a significant role in shaping the sound and the guitarist’s playing experience. Different pick thicknesses can affect various aspects of the sound and feel of the guitar. Here’s how the difference in pick thickness affects both guitarists and the sound:

Tone and Attack

Thin Picks (1mm or lower)

Thin picks produce a brighter, more treble-heavy tone with a softer attack. They can be ideal for strumming and creating a jangly or clean sound. Thin picks tend to produce less friction against the strings, resulting in a smoother, less percussive sound.

Thick Picks (1.5mm or higher)

Thick picks provide a warmer, fuller, and more rounded tone with a sharper attack. They are suitable for achieving a more pronounced, defined sound. Thick picks offer greater control and precision, which can be especially useful for lead playing and intricate picking.

Extra heavy picks

Picks ranging from 2.5mm to 3mm are considered as heavy thick picks.  Dunlop put a sincere effort and made Flow Jumbo 2.5mm Pick. With their latest product updates, the company ensures that their picks cater to both acoustic and electric guitarists, blending versatility with precision. It is a popular option known for its large size and grip. You can use it in many creative ways, it’s good for strumming and aggressive picking.


Thin picks are flexible and bend easily. They require less effort to play. The flexibility allows for a gentler touch on the strings.

Thick picks are more rigid. They require greater finger strength to control but offer increased stability and accuracy. They are particularly useful for players who need to articulate notes with precision.


Thin picks are generally less durable and may wear down or break more quickly, especially when used with heavy strumming or aggressive playing.

Thick picks are sturdier and last longer. They can withstand extended playing without showing signs of wear and tear.

Speed and Articulation

Thin picks can help achieve faster picking speeds due to their reduced resistance against the strings.  Whether you’re looking to play rapid sequences or arpeggios you should consider thin picks in your mind. 

Thick picks may require more effort for high-speed playing but can provide greater control and articulation, making them suitable for complex phrasing and precise picking.

Genre and Playing Style

The choice of pick thickness often aligns with the genre and playing style. Thin picks are commonly preferred for acoustic strumming and genres like folk and pop, while thick picks are favored in rock, metal, and jazz for their precision and tonal richness.

How the size and shape of picks affect playability

Image by Dunlop

The size and shape of a guitar pick have a notable impact on playability, affecting a guitarist’s ability to execute techniques, produce certain tones, and adapt to various playing styles. Here’s how the size and shape of a pick influence playability:


Small Picks

Smaller picks, often referred to as “jazz picks,” offer a more focused and precise playing experience. They are particularly suited for intricate picking, complex chord voicings, and playing with precision. Due to their smaller surface area, they allow for greater control when navigating strings and individual notes.

Large Picks

Larger picks, sometimes called “teardrop” or “standard” picks, are popular for their versatility. Their larger size provides a broader picking surface, making them suitable for strumming two strings, rhythm guitar, and producing a fuller, rounder tone. They are favored by many acoustic and rhythm guitarists.


Certain shapes make up most of the guitar picks out there, though there are many unique guitar picks out there that have shapes that differ.

Standard Shape

Most guitar picks have a triangular or teardrop shape with rounded edges. This standard guitar pick shape is versatile and widely used for various playing techniques. these shapes offer guitar players a balanced mix of precision and versatility.

Pointed Picks

Picks with pointed or sharp tips are excellent for achieving a bright and articulate tone. They are ideal for lead guitar playing and fast-picking techniques. The pointed shape allows for precise note articulation and clear string separation.

Rounded Picks

Picks with rounded tips are known for their smooth and warm tone. They are often chosen for strumming, as the rounded beveled edge glides across the strings, producing a mellower sound. These picks are favored by acoustic guitarists and rhythm players.

Grip and Comfort

The size and shape of a pick also affect how comfortable it is to hold and manipulate. Some guitarists prefer larger picks for ease of grip, while others favor smaller, more nimble picks for intricate playing.

Tone and Sound Production

The size and shape of the pick significantly impact the tone produced. Smaller, pointed picks may yield a brighter, more articulate sound, while larger, rounded picks can produce a warmer, mellower tone. The pick’s shape and material also affect the attack, sustain, and dynamics of the sound.

Playing Style

The size and shape of the pick can be tailored to a player’s specific style and technique. For example, fingerstyle players may opt for smaller, pointed picks for greater control, while strummers often prefer larger, rounded picks for a fuller sound.

Overview of the materials used in making Unique Guitar picks

Guitar picks are available in a wide range of materials, each offering distinct playing characteristics and tonal qualities. Let’s get to know the various materials used in crafting guitar picks better.

Plastic Picks

Plastic Guitar Picks


Plastic picks are the most common and affordable. They come in various thicknesses and colors. The most common plastic materials include celluloid, Delrin, and nylon.


Plastic picks are versatile and suit a wide range of playing styles. They offer a balanced feel, and their flexibility depends on the thickness. Thicker plastic picks produce a brighter, more articulated sound, while thinner ones provide a warmer, more mellow tone.


Plastic picks are durable and long-lasting, although they can wear down over time with extensive use.

Metal Guitar Pick

Metal pick


Metal picks are typically made from materials like stainless steel, brass, or copper. Metal unique guitar picks are known for their durability and unique tonal characteristics.


Metal picks have a stiff, rigid feel, which makes them ideal for precise picking and generating a bright, crisp tone. They are often favored for their ability to produce clear and articulate notes.


As they are made from high-quality material, metal picks are highly durable and can last a long time without significant wear. However, they can be abrasive on strings and may cause quicker string wear.

Wooden Guitar Pick

Wooden Guitar Pick


Wooden picks are carefully crafted from various types of wood, such as rosewood, ebony, or maple. They are often appreciated for their organic, warm, smooth tone and unique aesthetics.


Wooden picks have a natural feel and provide a warm, mellow tone. They are ideal for acoustic guitar playing and for those seeking a softer, more rounded sound.


Wooden picks are less durable than plastic or metal picks and may wear down faster. However, they can be an attractive option for specific playing styles.




Bone picks are unique guitar picks made from animal bones, such as cow bone. They are known for their distinct feel and durability.


Bone picks have a stiff feel and produce a bright and resonant tone. They offer good note articulation and are well-suited for fingerstyle playing and blues.


Bone picks are highly durable and resistant to wear, making them a long-lasting choice.

Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber picks are made from composite materials and are known for their lightweight and durable nature.


Carbon fiber picks offer a precise and articulate tone with a sharp attack. They are favored for their durability and the ability to maintain a consistent tone over time.


Carbon fiber picks are exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Rubber and Nylon

Jim Dunlop Picks


Rubber and nylon picks are softer and often used for specific applications like bass playing. They produce a soft, thumpy tone.


These picks are flexible and well-suited for bass guitarists seeking a smooth and round sound. They also minimize string wear on bass strings.


Rubber and nylon picks are relatively durable and can withstand prolonged use.



They’re made from clear or colored acrylic plastic. They are known for their rigidity, transparency, and smooth surface. Acrylic unique guitar picks can come in a variety of thicknesses and shapes.


Acrylic picks provide a stiff and unyielding feel, making them excellent for precision picking. They offer a bright and articulate tone with a clear attack. The transparency allows for a firm grip and precise string visibility.


Acrylic picks are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. They maintain their shape and tone over time and are less prone to breaking than some other materials.

Choosing your pick

The vast array of unique guitar picks offers an impressive range of utilities and features to choose from. We have mentioned some of them, there are plenty of options available like the stone pick, coin pick, casein, concave, and Jack Black are some of the unique guitar picks that are built with beauty and quality. The choice of picks is highly personal.

While it comes to guitar pick thickness and material affect guitar tone to an extent, it’s not significant enough to trade for comfort. Therefore, when looking for a unique guitar pick, it’s essential to consider factors such as size, shape, thickness, and grip, ensuring that it’s the perfect match for your picking style and a comfortable fit between your fingers.

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