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the Jasmine S34C Acoustic Guitar: A Musical Marvel

Jasmine S34C headstock

If you’re on the hunt for a guitar that’s as unique as your musical aspirations, you’ve come to the right place.

According to my experience with the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar, it’s a true gem for musicians seeking an unconventional yet impressive instrument. Let’s dive into the details of this musical wonder and explore what makes it stand out in the world of acoustic guitars.

Jasmine S34C Acoustic Guitar
Jasmine S34C

Made InIndonesia
Model Jasmine S34C
Body Spruce
Neck Nato
Scale 25.5″ (648mm)
Nut Width 1 3/4″ (44mm)
Weight‎5.07 pounds
Fretboard Rosewood
BracingAdvanced “X” Bracing
InlaysPearloid Dots
Truss RodAdjustable
DesignOrchestra style

Unconventional Guitar Body Design

The Jasmine s34c acoustic guitar has a unique body design and great sound. The S34 has a Grand Orchestra body shape, which is slightly smaller than a dreadnought but larger than a parlor guitar. 

The standard dreadnought body is bigger than the Grand Orchestra shape of the S34C. This unusual design gives players a lot of new ways to make music. Even though many people who are just starting choose the traditional dreadnought form, it can limit how you can play as you get better. 

I think that the dreadnought’s weakness is that it is hard to get to the higher frets near the body of the guitar, which makes it hard to play complicated styles.

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Image by Jasmine

The Jasmine s34c guitar also features a deep Venetian cutaway, which gives you easy access to the higher frets. This gives the S34 a balanced sound that is not too boomy or too bright. It is made with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, which gives it a warm, rich tone. It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which provide a smooth playing feel.

Impressive Features

The Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar offers impressive features. Despite its affordability, it combines quality materials and thoughtful design elements that make it stand out.

Soundboard and Tonewoods

The soundboard is solid spruce, a traditional tonewood that creates a warm, rich tone. Spruce is a commonly used tonewood known for its resonance and projection. Jasmine ensures the soundboard’s quality, which plays a pivotal role in producing a vibrant tone.

For the back and sides, the S34C employs sapele, a cost-effective alternative to mahogany. This choice maintains a warm and balanced sound akin to true mahogany. 

As for the neck, it’s skillfully crafted from nato wood. Nato not only offers exceptional durability but also imparts stability to the instrument.

My experience has shown me that the Nato neck ensures that the guitar stands up to the rigors of playing, all while maintaining consistent playability.

Fretboard and Bridge

The fretboard and bridge are impressive. Both are made of rosewood, a widespread material in guitar construction. Rosewood is known for its smooth texture. 

This made it easy to move my fingers around the fretboard, and I didn’t have any problems with chord transitions or fingerstyle playing. These components add to the guitar’s playability, providing a comfortable and familiar feel to the player.

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Scale Length and String Gauge

The S34C’s scale length remains consistent at 25.5 inches. This standard length provides firm string tension, delivering an ideal response for both strumming and fingerstyle techniques. The included .012-.053 gauge strings are user-friendly and feel comfortable to play.

Nut and Saddle

The nut and saddle are accurately seated and slotted, ensuring optimal string action and playability. The nut width on the Jasmine acoustic guitar s34c is 1 ¾ inches, slightly larger than that of an electric guitar. This dimension offers a bit more space for fingerstyle passages, enhancing versatility.

Quality Finishing

The guitar exhibits quality craftsmanship and finishing. The guitar was flawless, with no defects or blemishes. The wood was beautifully grained, and the finish was smooth and even.

I also appreciated the understated decoration of the guitar. The black bridge pins and black binding were a nice touch, and they added a touch of personality without being too flashy. Overall, I was impressed with the overall construction and appearance of the Jasmine S34.

Exceptional Sound and Playability

The sound and playability of the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar are truly remarkable. In my experience with the Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar, I’ve discovered that its smaller body size delivers a beautifully balanced tone.

 At first, you might notice that it sounds a tad more reserved compared to the booming bass of larger guitars, but this subtlety is its charm. After just a few minutes of playing, you’ll begin to appreciate the shimmering top-end clarity and intricate detail that this guitar offers.

One of the standout features of the S34C is its superb recording capability. Its tonal balance and inherent clarity make it an excellent choice for recording sessions. It effortlessly fits into a mix, often requiring minimal equalization adjustments, which is a boon for musicians and producers alike.

Playability is another strong suit of this guitar, thanks to its well-crafted neck and finish. The neck, which leans towards the thinner side, is not only comfortable but also well-suited for modern playing styles and techniques. 

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What Sets It Apart from Competing Guitars?

What makes the Jasmine S34C truly unique is its combination of affordability and quality. 

The Jasmine S34C appears to be a typical, bare-bones, uninteresting acoustic guitar that you can find just about anyplace. But you’d better not judge this guitar by its cover. Despite being inexpensive, you’ll be surprised by the guitar’s quality, especially the way it was built. Check out comparisons of Jasmine guitar price vs premium guitar prices

One significant factor that distinguishes the S34C is its affordability. It’s priced competitively, making it an attractive option for musicians of all levels, including beginners and those on a budget. Despite its accessible price point, Jasmine has not compromised on the quality of the tonewoods used. The solid spruce soundboard, Sapele back and sides, and nato neck are all carefully selected for their durability and tonal qualities.

From a playability perspective, the S34C excels. Its neck profile leans toward the thinner side, making it suitable for modern playing styles and techniques. The inclusion of a Venetian cutaway is essential for contemporary players, providing easy access to higher frets for more intricate playing. The ergonomic body shape rests comfortably against the body, ensuring that long playing sessions remain enjoyable.

Is This Guitar Worth Your Investment?

Absolutely. It can be challenging to find an excellent acoustic guitar that suits you properly. But with the Jasmine S34C, it’s like a bar of gold that you don’t have to dig.

The Jasmine S34C large acoustic guitar unquestionably checks all the boxes for a guitar that offers a cutaway, a respectable sound, and excellent build quality. The Jasmine S34C acoustic guitar is a good investment all around. And it offers much more than what it costs, far more.

Pros & Cons Jasmine S34C Acoustic Guitar


  • Affordable price point.
  • Balanced and resonant sound.
  • Useful cutaway design for versatility.


  • It may require occasional action adjustments.

Final Word

There are other models in the Jasmine line, but the S34C has always gotten good reviews and suggestions. As we look at the different types of acoustic guitars on the market, the Jasmine S34C comes out as a great choice because it is affordable, easy to play, and sounds great. 

You should think about getting the Jasmine S34C, whether you’re a beginner just starting to play music or an expert player looking for a reliable and affordable instrument.


Pran Jawty Khanam

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