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Jasmine Guitar S35: Your Ultimate Budget-Friendly Guitar

Jasmine guitar s35

When seeking an affordable guitar without sacrificing quality, the Jasmine by Takamine S35 emerges as an outstanding option. This acoustic guitar has established itself for its superb sound, ease of play, and overall worth.

This discussion will delve into the reasons behind the Jasmine Guitar s35’s status as a top-tier choice, examining the aspects that render it a prime selection for both novices and seasoned players.

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Jasmine S35

Made InIndonesia
Model S-35 
Body Dreadnought
TopSitka Spruce
Neck Nato
Scale 25.5″ (648mm)
Nut Width 1 3/4″ (44mm)
Weight5.73 pounds
Fretboard Rosewood
BracingJasmine Advanced “X” Bracing
InlaysPearloid Dots
Truss RodAvailable

How does it look? 

The Jasmine Guitar s35 is so beautiful that you can’t take your gaze away from it. It presents a classic and resonant dreadnought shape, adorned with a matte satin finish that exudes understated elegance. This budget-friendly gem features a select spruce top, which harmoniously contrasts with the mahogany back and sides, lending a visually appealing dimension to its design.

The finishing is one of the most noticeable contrasts between costly and cheap guitars. Normally, with a cheap guitar, you can feel the harsh edges, but my experience with the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar was completely different. It is so well-made that you would never guess you were holding an inexpensive guitar.

How does it sound?

The Jasmine Guitar s35 has an outstanding sound profile. Exhibiting a rich and resonant tone, this guitar delivers exceptional clarity, whether played through fingerpicking or strumming. 

We know that the materials used to make the guitar, the construction of the guitar, and the quality of the components all play a major role in the sound of the guitar. Thanks to Jasmine s35, it serves it all. Its dreadnought body shape ensures a potent and clear volume, complemented by a hint of warmth that adds character to your musical journey. Guitarists who play bluegrass and country music like dreadnoughts because they sound full and round.

From my experience, I’ll describe it as “smooth to touch and smooth for the ears.”  The instrument’s notes are well-balanced, boasting a robust and bold sound that holds its own. While it may not be suited for professional recordings, it excels within its intended realm. Within its price range, finding a model that surpasses the  S35’s sound quality seems unlikely.

Check out this YouTube video to find out how it sounds.

Playability and Comfort

The playability of this guitar is amazing. From a personal perspective, I had the pleasure of trying out the S35’s slim neck and 12-radius fretboard. This feature is especially helpful for those like me, who may initially struggle with complex chords. Thanks to its thin neck, it’s easy and quick to fret, making it a great choice for guitarists of all skill levels.

This guitar effectively solves the problem of bulkiness often encountered by individuals with smaller bodies, providing a lightweight and easily playable instrument. The slender neck and reduced weight also make it an excellent option for kids and teenagers, as it’s not as cumbersome as some larger acoustic guitars.

Quality and Durability

The S35 offers surprisingly high quality for such an affordable option. I was surprised by how amazing this guitar sounds right out of the box. Though the action is generally low, it is good for beginners. And if you don’t like it, you can easily modify the truss rod

Once you hold this guitar, you will see that the instrument is extremely light and almost frail. Complementing this, the inclusion of X bracing enhances both sound quality and structural robustness.

Even though it is a cheap guitar, it does not have a cheap feel to it, which is unusual for instruments in this price bracket. The quality is good, and it’s an instrument that will take you from a beginner to an intermediate-level player.  

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Is the Jasmine S35 truly an acoustic super beginner guitar?

Yes, the Jasmine S35 is a great choice for someone who is just starting to play the guitar. It’s affordable, sounds really good, and is easy to play. It’s made in a way that beginners will find it comfortable to use and learn on. 

There are hundreds of reviews online that say the Takamine Jasmine S35 by Dreadnought acoustic guitar is worth five stars, and it just needed a little adjustment to be perfect.

Comparison between Jasmine Guitars and other guitars,

The Jasmine S-35 stands out for its exceptional features among budget-friendly guitars like the Yamaha FG800, Epiphone DR-100, and Fender FA-100 Acoustic. It’s a portable and reasonably priced guitar. The combination of a spruce top and mahogany back and sides produces a balanced, versatile sound that surpasses the tonal capabilities of the Epiphone DR-100 and Fender FA-100. 

The Jasmine S-35’s solid construction ensures durability, outmatching the occasional inconsistencies found in the Fender FA-100. Additionally, it provides higher value with its impressive sound and playability compared to the Yamaha FG800. Its adaptability across playing styles gives it an edge over its peers, making the Jasmine S-35 a superior choice for those seeking a budget-friendly yet high-quality acoustic guitar.

Pros & Cons of The Jasmine Guitar S35


  • Impressive sound quality with a balanced tonal profile.
  • Solid construction and build quality for longevity.
  • Excellent value for its price.


  • Some users might find the stock strings to be a weak point.


Pran Jawty Khanam

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