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10 Jasmine Guitars: Quality Ensured on A Budget

jasmine Guitar

While you are searching for affordable guitars, Let’s talk about Jasmine Guitars today. Jasmine has been making beginner guitars since 1962. It used to be a sub-brand of Takamine, they began in 1962 and, by 1978, were offering acoustic-electric models. They’re easy on the wallet, and they sell high-quality instruments that resemble the feel of premium guitars. Even elite performers use them for performances.

There are 22 models and four body types in Jasmine’s Acoustic Guitar Series, which focuses on great sound and looks.  Jasmine guitars are a great option for budget-minded guitarists. In this article, Bettemuseek has compiled a list of the top 10 Jasmine guitars.

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The Best Jasmine Guitar: Our Choice 

There are a lot of choices here, but we recommend the Jasmine S35. There is a reason this instrument is so well-known. Among other Jasmine guitars, it is easily distinguishable.  Its unique selling points include its low price, ease of play, and all-around high-quality sound. Other models of jasmine guitars will, of course, be shared with you. However, this is the one we suggest you get.

Let’s start with the most popular one, the S35.

Jasmine S35

Jasmine guitar S35
Jasmine S35

Build Quality

The S35 boasts a layered spruce top, a key factor in delivering a budget-friendly guitar with the sound quality of a higher-priced model. The sides and back are constructed from mahogany wood, and the neck showcases elegant Nato mahogany. 

The Jasmine S35 incorporates X-style bracing, a feature typically reserved for its more expensive counterparts. Forming a distinctive “x” near the soundhole, this bracing allows the spruce top to vibrate more freely. 

While some hardware components are chrome-plated and not top-tier, these cost-saving choices don’t compromise the guitar’s tone or playability.


The S35 impresses with its bright, open tone and remarkable volume for a budget acoustic guitar. Thanks to the combination of x-bracing and the spruce top, it produces clear tones, rich overtones, and ample natural sustain. 

While it may not match the premium brands in sound quality, it certainly holds its own against mid-priced alternatives.

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Reason to Buy

In terms of value, the Jasmine S35 is nothing short of exceptional. You can find a bundle pack on Amazon for well within your price range, that includes a gig bag, tuner, strap, strings, and guitar picks. 

This guitar serves as an excellent entry-level acoustic instrument, delivering the tone and playability of a more expensive model at an unbeatable price.

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Jasmine S34C NEX Cutaway

Jasmine S34C


While most beginner guitars feature simple dreadnought, full-body designs, they come with limitations as your playing skills progress. Accessing the higher frets becomes challenging.

If you’re interested in more complex playing styles, the deep Venetian-style cutaway on the S34C NEX might be just what you need to explore new heights in your music.


The materials used in this budget-friendly guitar are surprisingly impressive. It sports a laminated (layered) spruce wood top, known for delivering power and clarity in sound. While a solid top is preferred, the affordability of laminated spruce makes this guitar accessible to many.

Agathis, often unfairly criticized, can shine when treated with care and quality. Jasmine does just that with the S34C. Its Agathis complements the spruce, enhancing the low and high ends of the sound. 

Overall, the guitar produces a clear and deep tone. It can’t be compared to pricier models, especially in the middle overtones, but who’s paying that much?

To know more about Jasmine S34c acoustic guitar, click here.

Reason to Buy

If the S34C NEX were priced at $1000, it might not be a recommendation. However, Jasmine offers this guitar for under $200, which is a remarkable deal. 

While you may outgrow it after a few years of improvement, if you’re content with an intermediate playing style, this guitar can be a lifelong companion.

Jasmine JC-27

Jasmine JC-27CE


Equipped with a Fishman Isys III with a Built-In Tuner, this guitar is ready for amplification. The Fishman Isys III ensures accurate sound reproduction and durability.

It also features an Active onboard preamp, a chromatic tuner with an on/off switch, and essential controls for volume, bass, mid, and treble.


Thanks to its bracing pattern, this guitar vibrates freely, contributing to its decent, well-balanced tone. 

While it may not have the loudest volume in its class, it offers great value for its price. Experimenting with medium gauge strings can enhance their sound.

Reason to Buy

Whether you’re a beginner learning about guitars or an acoustic enthusiast transitioning to acoustic-electric models, the Jasmine JC27CE-NAT J-Series offers an affordable starting point. 

It provides decent sound and functional electronics, making it suitable for those on a budget. 

Remember, your first guitar doesn’t have to be perfect; what matters is that it’s functional and comfortable, especially if you’re a beginner.

Jasmine JD36CE

Jasmine JD36CE


The JD36-CE boasts a Dreadnought body shape for a rich, full sound ideal for both strumming and fingerstyle play. Its cutaway design offers easy access to the upper frets, catering to modern players. 

Crafted with quality materials, it features a spruce top, a Sapele back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. The shortened scale length enhances playability, making it suitable for beginners, those with smaller hands, or players seeking modern techniques.


The “CE” indicates the cutaway and the onboard electronics. It includes a B-Band M-450t under-saddle piezo pickup, offering plug-and-play convenience. 

The system includes a three-band EQ, a presence knob, and a tuner, ensuring great sound control and tuning on the go.


The shorter scale and narrower frets make the JD36-CE easy to play, reducing the initial learning curve for beginners. It’s versatile for soloing and comfortable throughout the fretboard while maintaining a full-bodied tone.

Reason to Buy

This guitar is recommended for beginners and experienced players alike. It’s affordable, crafted with quality materials, sounds good, and features onboard electronics. The shorter scale and cutaway add convenience, making it an excellent choice for various players’ needs.

Jasmine JD39CE

Jasmine JD39CE

Build Quality

The Jasmine JD-39CE boasts impressive craftsmanship at its price point. Its dreadnought body features a select spruce top with Advanced “X” Bracing, Sapele back and sides, and a comfortable slim neck. 

While initial setup adjustments may be needed, the guitar feels solid, and the build quality is outstanding. The included deluxe hard-shell case adds to its value. It’s available in glossy Natural, Sunburst, and Black finishes.


Initially, the guitar may have high action and dull tones, but a setup with lowered action and fresh strings can transform it. After adjustments, the JD-39CE offers a brighter tone, improved sustain, and excellent playability. 

While the rosewood may not match higher-end guitars, its overall sound quality is impressive for the price range.

Reason to Buy

For beginners and intermediate players, the JD-39CE is an excellent choice. It comes with a quality case and a guitar that can grow with you. 

While it may require some initial setup, the guitar offers a solid build and satisfying playability. It’s a fantastic option for those seeking a good-looking dreadnought guitar with a robust sound at an affordable price point.

Jasmine JD37CE-NAT

Jasmine JD37CE


The Jasmine JD37CE-NAT is designed for professionals seeking a reliable and performance-ready acoustic-electric guitar. It features a stable build with a spruce top, Sapele back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. 

The small headstock features chrome tuning pegs with a sealed system to prevent rust.

Notably, this guitar comes equipped with a preamp for live performances, featuring a three-band EQ for precise equalization when connecting to amps, pedalboards, or mixers.


The JD37CE delivers a professional-grade sound both on and off the stage. Its Advanced X bracing ensures natural acoustic tones, and the fretboard intonation is crisp. 

With a compensated saddle, you have the flexibility to adjust the action to your preference. This guitar captures a wide range of sound qualities, making it a versatile choice.

Reason to Buy

Despite its professional features, the JD37CE remains budget-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of musicians. Its stable and reliable build, along with the inclusion of premium electronics, offers excellent value for those seeking a versatile and performance-ready acoustic-electric guitar.

Jasmine JM-10 Mini

Jasmine JM-10 Mini

Compact Build

The Jasmine JM-10 Mini is a travel-friendly compact guitar, perfect for on-the-go musicians and individuals with a smaller body type. 

Featuring typical Jasmine acoustic technology, the JM-10 Mini boasts a laminated spruce top and advanced X bracing for enhanced sound without compromising volume projection. The use of Sapele for the back and sides, along with chrome tuners and a glossy finish, adds to its appeal. 

This guitar stands out with its six steel strings, setting it apart from entry-level guitars and offering a unique playing experience.


Falling into the mini acoustics category, this guitar is larger than a child’s guitar but smaller than traditional jumbo or dreadnought models. The short neck scale length and slim neck profile make playing a breeze. 

Plus, the built-in truss rod allows for neck and string height adjustments just above the fretboard.

Reason to Buy

The Jasmine JM-10 Mini offers exceptional value, combining portability, quality construction, and a reasonable price. 

At the current price, this guitar provides an affordable and enjoyable playing experience. Its durability alone ensures it can handle different environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for music enthusiasts on a budget.

Jasmine JO37CE Orchestra

Jasmine JO37CE


The Jasmine JO-37CE Orchestra guitar stands out with its solid spruce top, a departure from the laminate tops often seen in this price range. This choice ensures better aging, enhanced resonance, and superior sound projection.


The sound quality is impressive for its price, offering clarity, a balanced tone, and intricate nuances that appeal to beginners and intermediates alike. This model features Jasmine’s advanced “X” bracing, designed to strengthen the top, improve integrity, and maximize vibration.

Quality Materials

Elegance abounds with the Rosette Abalone and pearl dot decorations, adding to its charm. Synthetic bone saddles aid tuning for optimal sound quality. The orchestra cutaway design enhances comfort and playability.


Equipped with a Fishman Isys III Preamp with a Built-In Tuner, this guitar offers volume, bass, middle, and treble controls, providing precise sound adjustments and consistent amplification.

Reason to Buy

Jasmine’s focus isn’t on crafting high-maintenance, expensive guitars. They excel at creating instruments for those on a budget, and they do it exceptionally well. The JO-37CE guitar they offer is a steal!

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It not only features quality tonewood (although Sapele may not be everyone’s top choice) but also reliable hardware and user-friendly electronics. These elements combine to fulfill a promise many companies struggle to keep – delivering an affordable yet high-quality guitar.

Jasmine JO36CE Orchestra

Jasmine JO36CE
Jasmine JO36CE


The Jasmine JO36CE-NAT is an acoustic/electric orchestra-style guitar with a sleek natural gloss finish. Equipped with a B-band preamp system, this guitar offers a built-in tuner and a 4-band EQ for amplified performances. 

It’s suitable for both solo acts and band settings. The rosewood fingerboard and bridge, along with chrome die-cast tuners, ensure stable and precise tuning.

Sound Quality

The JO36CE-NAT delivers exceptional sound quality thanks to its spruce top and advanced “X” bracing. It accommodates various playing styles, from delicate fingerpicking to robust strumming. The guitar comes with phosphor bronze light-gauge strings, and the setup is nearly perfect out of the box.

Reason to Buy

With clean and crisp detailing, this guitar offers a classic and elegant appearance. Its build and aesthetics at this price point make it a five-star choice. Consider upgrading the nut, bridge, pins, and strings for an even better experience.

Jasmine JC25CE-NAT

Jasmine JC25CE
Jasmine JC25CE

Warm Classical Sound

The Jasmine JC25CE-NAT, a full-size budget classical guitar, brings the warm, full-bodied tones of nylon strings in an elegant package. Crafted with a select spruce top and Jasmine’s Advanced Classical Bracing, it delivers a responsive, warm, and pure sound. The Sapele back and sides complement the tonal quality.


The JC25CE-NAT offers a mellow sound with its nylon strings, perfect for various playing styles. When connected to an amp, the preamp’s four-band EQ lets you fine-tune your sound. It’s suitable for genres like Spanish and fingerstyle.

Click here if you want to know more about guitar fingerstyle.

Reason to Buy

The JC25CE-NAT offers an exceptional balance between price and quality. It provides great sound, playability, and craftsmanship at a fraction of the cost you’d expect for a guitar with these features. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Final Words

Finding the right Jasmine acoustic guitar may be difficult, especially for new players. I wanted to give you useful information about Jasmine guitars. You may outgrow them as you learn more, but they have the basics covered to get you going.

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While these guitars may not generate the most beautiful tones, they function as affordable entry-level instruments to get you started. For me, that is the most important feature of a beginner-friendly guitar. And I think Jasmine nails that task. 

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