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Getting to know Jasmine Acoustic Electric Guitars 

Jasmine Acoustic Electric Guitar 

Jasmine acoustic electric guitars are well-known for combining quality and affordability. Though the brand was bought by KMC in 2005 and isn’t affiliated with Takamine anymore, it hasn’t lost any of its qualities. Even now, they produce some of the best guitars for beginners and budget-conscious enthusiasts alike.

Jasmine guitars currently offers 5 acoustic-electric guitar models across two different body types: 3 Dreadnought models and 2 Orchestra and Auditorium models.

Let me sail you through the overviews of the Jasmine acoustic electric guitar models out there!

The many faces of Jasmine Acoustic Electric Guitars 

Though their most popular model the S35 is an acoustic guitar, Jasmine guitars is also well-known for their acoustic electric guitars. They currently have 5 different models listed on their site: 

The Dreadnought models JD-36CE, JD-37CE, and JD-39CE, and Orchestra models JO-36CE and JO-37CE. All of them boast excellent sound quality for their price, as is typical of Jasmine guitars. 

The CE on the model numbers indicates that not only are all the models electronic acoustic, but they all feature cutaways for easier access to the bottom frets as well. They all also have slim necks for better playability.

What makes them stand out?

An interesting feature all Jasmine acoustic electric guitars share is that they all have a scale length of 24.75 inches, which is shorter than the usual length of 25.5 inches, leading to slightly narrower frets.

This makes these models perfect for beginners, people with smaller hands, and players interested in more modern playing that requires dextrous left-hand techniques.

Jasmine JD-36CE

Build Quality 

The JD-36CE boasts quality materials, including a laminated spruce top, Sapele back and sides, a Nato neck, and a rosewood bridge. The use of Jasmine Advanced “X” Bracing and a pearloid rosette enhances its structural integrity.


This guitar is designed for comfort and ease of play with its factory-installed Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge 012-053 strings. The Nato neck and full gloss natural finish contribute to a smooth and enjoyable playing experience.

Tone & Sound

The JD-36CE delivers a beautiful tone, thanks to its well-crafted materials and construction. The laminated spruce top and Sapele back and sides contribute to a balanced and resonant sound, making it suitable for various playing styles and genres.


The JD-36CE’s standout feature is its Designed by B-Band® preamp system with a built-in tuner. This system allows for easy amplification, making it an excellent choice for live performances and studio recording. With a four-band EQ, it offers versatility and the potential for outstanding live sound quality. 

Reason to Buy

If you’re seeking a well-built guitar with great playability, tone, and the convenience of built-in electronics, the JD-36CE is a compelling option.

Jasmine JD-37CE

Build Quality

The Jasmine JD-37CE is well-built and durable. It features a solid spruce top, sapele back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The frets are well-polished, and the neck is straight and sturdy. The overall fit and finish of the guitar is excellent.

How is the Playability of JD-37CE?

The JD-37CE is very comfortable to play. The slim neck and short scale length make it easy to reach all of the frets, and the strings are spaced nicely. The guitar is also well-balanced and lightweight, making it easy to hold for long periods of time.

Tone & Sound

The JD-37CE has a warm, rich sound that is perfect for a variety of musical genres. The solid spruce top gives the guitar a bright, clear tone, while the sapele back and sides add warmth and depth. The Fishman Isys III preamp system also helps to amplify the guitar’s natural sound without adding any artificial coloration

Reason to Buy

The Jasmine JD-37CE is a top-tier choice due to its versatile sound, impeccable build quality, and comfortable playability. The Fishman Isys III preamp system amplifies the guitar’s natural sound without adding any artificial coloration. You should pick this guitar for it’s sound quality.

Jasmine JD-39CE


The Jasmine JD-39CE has a solid build quality for its price point. The body is made of Sapele, which is a durable and resonant wood. The top is made of select spruce, which is known for its bright and clear sound. The neck is made of mahogany and has a rosewood fingerboard. The fretwork is well done, and the guitar is easy to play up and down the neck.

How Does It Feel to Play This Guitar?

The Jasmine JD-39CE is a very playable guitar. The neck is slim and comfortable, and the action is low and easy to play. The guitar also has a good balance, so it doesn’t feel too heavy or too light.

How does Jasmine JD-39CE Sound?

The Jasmine JD-39CE has a full, robust sound. The dreadnought body style gives the guitar a lot of volume and projection. The spruce top gives the guitar a bright and clear sound, while the Sapele back and sides give the guitar a warm and rich sound.

Reasons to Buy

The Jasmine JD-39CE is a great guitar for beginners and experienced players alike. It is well-built, playable, and has a great sound. It is also a very affordable guitar, making it a great value for the money. This model also comes with a Deluxe Hard Shell Case included alongside it, a sweet deal, I must say.

Jasmine JO-36CE

Visual Appeal

The Jasmine JO-36CE has a sleek and elegant appearance. The natural gloss finish highlights the natural beauty of the wood, and the pearloid rosette adds a touch of luxury. The Venetian cutaway provides easy access to the higher frets, and the chrome die-cast tuners add a touch of class. 


The Jasmine JO-36CE is a very playable guitar. The slim neck and short scale length make it comfortable to play for extended periods of time. The action is low and easy to play, and the fretwork is well done.

Whether you’re delicately fingerpicking or strumming with intensity, this guitar’s ergonomic design encourages fluid and precise playing. The Venetian cutaway provides easy access to higher frets, expanding your playing possibilities.

Tone & Sound

The Jasmine JO-36CE has a balanced and versatile sound. The spruce top gives the guitar a bright and clear sound, while the Sapele back and sides give the guitar a warm and rich sound. The guitar has a good amount of volume and projection, making it suitable for a variety of playing situations.

Reason to Buy

The Jasmine JO-36CE is a compelling choice for musicians seeking an orchestra-style acoustic/electric guitar.

Jasmine JO-37CE

Design & Build Quality

The Jasmine JO-37CE is a masterpiece of design and build quality. It shares its foundation with the JD-37CE, boasting solid spruce topwood, sapele back and sides, a Nato neck, and a rosewood bridge. Jasmine’s Advanced “X” Bracing and Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge 012-053 strings ensure a robust build and articulate tone. 

There are, however, two main differences in this model. The first is that the JO-37CE is an Orchestral guitar instead of a Dreadnought guitar. The second is that it has a nut width of 1 11/16” compared to the 1 3/4″ on every other CE model acoustic guitar Jasmine makes that we’ve seen so far


The Jasmine JO-37CE has a full and rich sound. The solid spruce top gives the guitar a bright and clear sound, while the sapele back and sides add warmth and depth. The guitar projects well, making it ideal for solo performances and playing with a full band.


The Jasmine JO-37CE is equipped with a Fishman® Isys III preamp system. This preamp system includes a built-in digital tuner and a 3-band EQ. The preamp system allows you to amplify the guitar without sacrificing sound quality.

Reason to Buy

The Jasmine JO-37CE is a compelling choice for guitarists looking for an acoustic-electric orchestra-style guitar. With its exceptional design and build quality, it offers a visually striking and well-constructed instrument that’s built to last.

Which Jasmine acoustic-electric guitar to choose

Even though all of the above types are good, my favorite is the JD-37CE. If we compare JD-37CE with other models, it stands out the best of them. JD-37CE is very similar to the JD-39CE in terms of its specifications. The main difference is that the JD-37CE has Advanced X-bracing, while the JD-39CE has X-bracing. 

The JD-37CE is also similar to the JO-36CE and JO-37CE, but it has a few advantages. For example, the JD-37CE has a Fishman Isys III preamp system, while the JO-36CE and JO-37CE have Designed by B-Band preamp systems. The Fishman Isys III preamp system is generally considered to be a higher-quality preamp system.

Another advantage of the JD-37CE is that it has a slightly shorter scale length than the JO-36CE and JO-37CE. This makes it easier to play for some people, especially those with smaller hands.

Overall, the Jasmine JD-37CE is a great choice for an acoustic-electric guitar. It is well-built, has premium features, and offers a great balance of tone, playability, and versatility. If you are looking for a guitar that can do it all, the JD-37CE is a great option to consider.


I know Deciding which Jasmine Acoustic Electric Guitar to buy is tough; all of them are great. Ultimately, it depends on your preference for wood, taste in visual aesthetics, and need for functionality (electronics, I’m talking about you). No pick is a bad one, that I can say in the least.


  1. Who makes the Jasmine Guitar?

-Initially, Jasmine guitars were manufactured by Takamine. But, after 2005, KMC took over maintenance of the Jasmine acoustic product range.

  1. Is there a guitar that is both acoustic and electric?

-Yes. A hybrid guitar is an electric guitar with the ability to produce a signal with the tonal quality of an acoustic guitar in addition to a typical electric signal from a magnetic pickup, allowing a wide tonal palette.

  1. What is Jasmine by Takamine?

-Jasmine by Takamine was the name of the low-end sub-brand of the guitar manufacturer Takamine before it was bought by KMC in 2005.

  1. Are Jasmine and takamine the same?

-No, they are not the same. While Jasmine started as Takamine’s budget brand, it was bought out by KMC in 2005 and is no longer affiliated with Takamine.

  1. Is Jasmine a good beginner guitar?

-The Jasmine S35 is widely considered to be one of the best beginner’s guitars. The electric acoustic models reviewed in the article are also great budget-friendly guitars for beginners.

  1. How often should I change the strings on my Jasmine Guitar?

-You should change your guitar strings every few months or whenever they start to lose their brightness and clarity. However, the frequency of string changes may vary depending on how often you play and your personal preference.

  1. Can I use a Jasmine Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar for recording?

-Yes, they can be used for recording. Their built-in preamps and pickups allow you to easily connect to recording equipment or audio interfaces, making them suitable for recording sessions.

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