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Amazing Taylor 150e 12 String Guitar

Taylor 150e

Let me tell you about this awesome guitar that’s easy on the wallet but feels incredible to play the Taylor 150e 12 string. This guitar is something special. It’s got that perfect mix of expert craftsmanship, innovative design, and just amazing sound. Whether you’re a pro musician or just starting, this guitar is a real showstopper, showcasing Taylor’s dedication to top-notch acoustic guitars.

The 150e 12-string has some pretty cool features and specs that make playing it an experience you won’t forget, no matter what kind of music you’re into. Let’s explore its features. 

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Taylor 150e 12-string
Made InMexico
Model 150e 12-string
Body Traditional Dreadnought
TopLayered Walnut
Neck Maple
Scale 25-1/2″
Nut Width 1.875”
Weight5 lbs
Fretboard Ebony
BracingScalloped bracing
ElectronicsTaylor’s Expression System ® 2 Electronics
BridgeAfrican ebony
Truss RodDual Action
CaseGig Bag

Top-notch Tonewoods

The Taylor 150e 12-string guitar is something else when it comes to craftsmanship. They’ve put a ton of care into picking just the right woods for it.

So, the top part of this guitar is made from this solid piece of Sitka spruce. What’s cool about that is it makes the sound super-even and flawless, giving you a consistent vibe across all the notes you play.

The mid-tones on this guitar? They have this expressive, rich quality that adds a whole new layer to your music. And the high notes, oh man, they’re just stunning. They have this warm, resonant sound that’s captivating. This guitar has a way of making every note sound magical.

Taylor 150e tonewoods

Premium Ebony Fingerboard

The Taylor 150e 12-string guitar embraces craftsmanship with its premium ebony fingerboard

The fingerboard is adorned with classic dot inlays. Ebony’s smooth texture contributes to comfortable fretting.

Beyond its tactile benefits, the ebony fingerboard also shapes the guitar’s sonic character. 

Taylor 150e dreadnought

Known for its density and resonance, ebony adds a touch of brightness and clarity to the overall tonal spectrum. This tonewood choice ensures that each note rings out with precise articulation.

Solid Spruce Top

The foundation of the Taylor 150e 12-string guitar’s exceptional tone is its solid Sitka spruce top with a matte finish

Sourced for its superior acoustic properties, Sitka spruce is a revered tonewood that imparts a balanced tonal response with clear projection. 

Due to its capacity to increase the guitar’s volume and dynamic range, this premium wood is a symbol of quality and is a favorite among guitar makers.

Taylor 150e back and side

The solid spruce top’s capacity to age gracefully over time makes it an indispensable element in crafting a stand-out guitar.

Fast, Slim Maple Neck

Complementing the tonal excellence of the Taylor 150e 12 string guitar is its fast and slim maple neck. The neck’s profile is designed to accommodate both intricate fingerstyle techniques and swift chord transitions.

The use of maple for the neck imparts a touch of brightness to the overall tonal palette. The smooth ebony fretboard, with its 20 well-placed frets and dot inlays, facilitates effortless navigation.

The combination of the layered walnut top and the fast, slim maple neck creates a harmonious balance between tonal richness and playability. 

Taylor 150e neck profile


The Taylor 150e 12 string guitar is generally considered to be a very playable instrument. It has a comfortable neck with a low action, which means that the strings are not too high off the fretboard. This makes it easy to fret notes and chords, even for players with smaller hands.

The guitar also has a narrow nut width, which means that the strings are spaced closer together. This can be helpful for players who have difficulty stretching their fingers across the fretboard. Check out how to setup a 12 string guitar.

The Taylor 150e 12 string guitar comes with a Fishman Expression System 2 pickup, which is designed to be as transparent as possible. This means that the pickup does not add any coloration to the guitar’s natural sound. The pickup also has a built-in tuner, which is a convenient feature for live performance. 

When you pick up this guitar, it just feels inviting, a quality that’s regrettably uncommon in many other 12-string guitars.

Taylor 150e 12 String fretboard

Image from Taylor Guitars


The Taylor 150e 12 string guitar is famous for its outstanding sound quality, which attracts both players and listeners. Its tonal balance combines a robust low-end response that perfectly complements the sparkling octave strings, making it versatile across various playing styles, from chord strumming to intricate fingerpicking.

Notably, the guitar boasts exceptional projection, delivering impressive volume and clarity with minimal compression. This ensures its sound remains vibrant in diverse performance settings, making it an ideal stage-ready companion that effortlessly maintains its rich, full-bodied sound. I played the 150E through a Pendulum preamp just to see what would happen. The sound was even better and more realistic, which is what I would expect from an expensive acoustic preamp. 

Additionally, the 150e accommodates alternate tunings with ease thanks to its smoothly operating tuners, preserving the lushness and clarity of its sound. Its dynamic and responsive nature across various styles and tunings makes it a versatile and expressive instrument, ideal for musicians seeking a high-quality 12-string acoustic guitar to elevate their musical journey.

The Expression System 2

At the heart of the Taylor 150e 12 string guitar lies the Expression System® 2 (ES2) electronics. Taylor’s ES2 is a proprietary pickup system renowned for its ability to faithfully capture the natural acoustic sound.

The Expression System 2 utilizes a trio of strategically placed sensors that are expertly calibrated to capture the guitar’s top. This translates them into an authentic amplified sound. 

Taylor 150e preamp

These sensors are thoughtfully positioned behind the saddle, ensuring optimal pickup of both the string and soundboard vibrations. This unique placement contributes to the faithful reproduction of the guitar’s rich tonal characteristics.

One of the standout features of the ES2 electronics is their discreet design. The unobtrusive placement of the controls ensures that the guitar’s elegant appearance remains uncompromised; while still providing convenient access to volume and tone adjustments.

Taylor 150e 12 String bridge

Ongoing Battle Between Martin & Taylor

Martin and Taylor are two of the most respected acoustic guitar brands in the world. Both companies have been making high-quality guitars for over a century, and they both have a loyal following of players.

Martin is known for its classic, warm tone. Martin guitars are often used by bluegrass and country musicians, but they are also versatile enough for other genres. Where Taylor is known for its modern, crisp tone. Taylor guitars are often used by pop, rock, and fingerstyle musicians. 

So, which is better, Martin or Taylor? The answer really depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer a classic, warm tone, then Martin is a good choice. Taylor is a good choice if you prefer a modern, crisp tone. Also, if you want a traditional feel and sound, you should go for Martin, and if you want a guitar that feels easy on your hand, you should go for Taylor.

Pros and Cons of Taylor 150e 12 string


  • Rich Tonewood Combination:

The Sitka spruce top and layered walnut back and sides create a harmonious tonal blend, offering a balanced sound with clear highs and resonant lows.

  • Expression System 2 Electronics:

The included ES2 electronics ensure a faithful reproduction of the guitar’s acoustic sound when played through amplifiers or recording systems.

  • Comfortable Playability:

The fast and slim maple neck, along with the ebony fretboard, provides a comfortable playing experience suitable for intricate fingerstyle techniques and swift chord changes.


  • Non-Cutaway Design:

The non-cutaway design may limit access to higher frets, which could be a consideration for players who frequently venture into the upper registers.


In summary, the Taylor 150e 12 string guitar is a stunning masterpiece crafted with top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology.

Its sound is rich and robust, thanks to the combination of a Sitka spruce top and stacked walnut back and sides. Plus, with the Expression System 2 electronics, its performance is truly exceptional.

While it may lack a cutaway, it remains an attractive option for 12-string guitar enthusiasts seeking versatility and remarkable resonance.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Taylor 150e 12 string guitar:

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