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The Charms of The Takamine Jasmine Classical Guitar Series

Takamine Jasmine Classical Guitar

The Takamine Jasmine classical guitar series is well-regarded in the world of budget-friendly classical guitars. They were introduced by a Japanese company called Takamine, which has been making guitars since the 1960s. Although Takamine sold Jasmine to KMC in recent times, the build quality has remained as good as it ever was.

Designed by the Japanese maestros to be comfortable and lasting, Jasmine guitars have been made for different types of music and players over the years. Steel strings, dreadnoughts, cutaways, nylon strings, orchestra bodied; they’ve been made in a wide array of shapes and sizes, so there’s one for everyone.

The Appeal of The Jasmine Classical Guitars

Why would you buy one? Jasmine guitars have a strong appeal because they sound nice, are easy to play, and they don’t cost too much. This has made them popular with beginners, students, and even seasoned players.

While the Jasmine series has quite a few steel string acoustic models, it also boasts a collection of nylon string classical guitar models. Stay with me as I go through the features of each model of the Takamine Jasmine Classical Guitar series from their website!

Takamine Jasmine Classical Guitar – Pure acoustic models:

The pure acoustic nylon guitar models from Jasmine that are currently in production are the Jasmine JC23, Jasmine JC25, and Jasmine JC27.

Jasmine JC23

Jasmine JC23
Jasmine JC23

The Jasmine JC23 is a 3/4 size classical guitar that delivers excellent nylon string tones in a perfectly sized package. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking an effortlessly playable guitar with superb sound, the JC23 is an ideal choice.

Build Quality

The Jasmine JC23 boasts a carefully chosen spruce top with Jasmine’s Advanced Classical Bracing, coupled with Sapele back and sides for exceptional tonal quality. 

The slim satin-finished neck and shorter 23 3/8″ scale length offer a comfortable, smooth playing experience, allowing you to enjoy extended playing sessions. 

Additional features include a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, an attractive mosaic rosette, and a glossy top finish.


Classical guitars are prized for their warm and mellow tones, and the JC23 delivers a pleasant and resonant sound. The choice of tonewoods, like spruce for the top and mahogany for the back and sides, shows in the guitar’s tone.


Classical guitars usually have a wide neck and nylon strings, making them comfortable for fingerpicking and classical playing styles. As a classical guitarist, I found the neck quite comfortable and easy to navigate through.


One of the standout features of the Jasmine series is affordability. The Jasmine JC23 is an excellent choice for beginners or those on a budget who want a solid classical guitar without a premium price tag.

Finish and Design

Takamine typically pays attention to the aesthetics of their guitars. The natural finish of the JC23 showcases the wood’s beauty, and I’d describe the overall design as simple and elegant.

Reason to buy

The Jasmine JS23 is a ¾ sized guitar, making it ideal for players who tend to travel a lot or simply prefer a less bulky body. The tuning pegs are reliable enough, I rarely noticed dropped tunings.

The short scale length is easy on the fingers, and the comparatively brighter tone may also be attractive for many.

Jasmine JC25

Jasmine JC25
Jasmine JC25

The Jasmine JC25 is a pure acoustic, classical guitar that aims to strike a balance between affordability and quality, making it an option worth considering for guitar players at various skill levels.

Build Quality and Design 

The Jasmine JC27 is a full-sized classical guitar. Designed for musicians in search of a more robust and fuller tonal character, the Jasmine acoustic guitar JC27 showcases a carefully chosen solid cedar top with Jasmine’s Advanced Classical Bracing, complemented by Sapele back and sides. 

The slender neck and the complete 25 1/2″ scale length offer a comfortable and highly playable experience, allowing you to advance your skills with ease. Additional notable features encompass a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, an exquisite mosaic rosette, black-buttoned gold tuners, and a full gloss Natural finish. 

The design is simple and unassuming, offering a comfortable playing experience that can appeal to a wide range of players.

Tone and Sound

When it comes to tone, the Jasmine JC25 delivers a warm and mellow sound. The combination of a select spruce top and sapele back and sides contributes to its overall tonal character. Whether you prefer gentle fingerpicking or more robust strumming, the guitar consistently produces pleasing tonal qualities.


Classical guitars are generally known for their comfortable playability, and the Jasmine JC25 is no exception. The slim neck and moderate 25.5″ scale length made my fretting experience comfortable and navigation of the fretboard easy. Overall it offers an enjoyable playing experience.

Notable Features

The guitar is equipped with some noteworthy features, including a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, an attractive mosaic rosette, and a glossy top finish. These details added to the guitar’s visual appeal to me. 


Perhaps one of its most appealing aspects is its affordability without compromising too much on quality. It’s positioned as an option for those looking for a dependable classical guitar that won’t stretch their budget too thin. 

Reason to Buy

One good reason to consider buying the Jasmine JC-25 guitar is that it offers a warm, full-bodied nylon string sound. This is a desirable sound for many classical guitarists, but it can also be used for a variety of other genres, such as folk, jazz, and pop.

Jasmine JC27 

Jasmine JC27
Jasmine JC27

Build Quality and Design

Takamine is known for its craftsmanship, and the JC27 reflects that. It features a well-constructed body, and I found the attention to detail respectable. The design is clean and classic, with a focus on simplicity and elegance.

Tone and Sound

Classical guitars are prized for their warm, mellow, and resonant tones. The JC27 delivers a pleasing and authentic classical guitar sound. The choice of sapele for the back and sides combined with the solid cedar top produces clear ringing notes that are, well, music to your ears.


The particularly slim but full-length fretboard of the JC27 – I found it comfortable for fingerpicking and classical playing styles. For players that go through a lot of fast chord switches or passages with a ton of movement, the guitar is especially suitable.

Additional Features

It may come equipped with features such as a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a decorative rosette, and a gloss finish on the top.

Reason to buy

One of the hallmarks of the Jasmine series is affordability without sacrificing quality. The long-scale length and darker tone of the acoustic guitar Jasmine JC27 might be exactly what a guitarist is looking for.

Takamine Jasmine Classical Guitar – Electric acoustic models:

The electric acoustic nylon guitar models from Jasmine that are currently in production are the Jasmine JC25CE and Jasmine JC27CE.

Jasmine JC25CE

Jasmine JC25CE
Jasmine JC25CE

The Jasmine JC25CE is built with the same materials as the JC25, with only two differences: A cutaway-shaped body and the presence of electronics.

Sound and Tone

The JC25CE offers a rich and warm nylon-string sound, characteristic of classical guitars. The spruce top and sapele back and sides contribute to a balanced and resonant tone, although the cutaway makes it less resonant when compared to the JC25.

The built-in electronics further enhance the tonal capabilities, making it suitable for both traditional classical pieces and amplified performances.


This guitar is designed with playability in mind. The slim neck and standard classical guitar scale length provide a comfortable and familiar feel for players, whether you’re transitioning from another classical guitar or just starting your musical journey.

It allows for smooth fretting and easy chord transitions, making it accessible for players of various skill levels.


The inclusion of electronics makes the JC25CE a versatile choice. The built-in pickup and preamp system allow for amplified performances, making it suitable for playing in larger venues or recording. The onboard Designed by B-Band® preamp system features a built-in digital tuner and four-band EQ, providing me excellent convenience and control.

Design and Build

The Jasmine JC25CE features an attractive design with a natural finish that showcases the wood’s beauty. The single-cutaway design enhances upper fret access, providing additional versatility in playing.

The addition of a cutaway is especially beneficial for those who like to venture into higher frets.

User suitability

The JC25CE is a great choice for musicians who appreciate the traditional classical guitar sound but also require the versatility of amplified performance. It’s suitable for classical players, fingerstyle enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a classical guitar with the added convenience of electronics

Reason to Buy

The JC25CE is also a great choice for beginners because it is relatively easy to play. The neck is slim and comfortable, and the strings are nylon, which are softer and easier on the fingers than steel strings.

Jasmine JC27CE

Jasmine JC27CE
Jasmine JC27CE

The Jasmine JC27CE is an electric-acoustic alter ego of the JC27 pure acoustic model. Keeping the materials the same, a sleek cutaway is introduced, and electronics are installed in this model.

Sound Quality 

What truly stands out with this guitar is its exceptional sound quality. The solid cedar top, known for its warmth and resonance, produces a rich and full-bodied tone. 

Whether playing classical compositions or exploring various styles, the JC27CE consistently delivers a delightful sound.


Playing the JC27CE is a pleasure. The slim neck and the standard 25 1/2″ scale length provide a comfortable and familiar feel, allowing for smooth and effortless fretting. 

Whether you’re a classical purist or an adventurous guitarist, the playability of this instrument is versatile and accommodating.

Built-in Electronics

Here’s where modern convenience comes into play. The JC27CE is equipped with built-in electronics, making it a versatile choice for both practice and performance. 

The onboard controls for volume and tone allow for easy adjustments, ensuring your sound shines in any setting. This feature was particularly useful when I performed in a multi-instrument setup on stage.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond its exceptional performance, the JC27CE is visually appealing. The natural finish elegantly showcases the wood’s beauty, and the mosaic rosette adds a touch of sophistication. It’s a guitar that not only sounds great but also looks the part.


The JC27CE’s versatility is a highlight. The solid cedar top, with its unique tonal characteristics, makes it suitable for a variety of musical genres. Whether you’re a classical traditionalist or an explorer of different styles, this guitar has the versatility to complement your musical journey.

Reason to buy

Consider buying the Jasmine JC27CE for its affordability, playability, built-in electronics, versatility, and decent sound quality.

Which Takamine Jasmine classical guitar to choose

The answer depends on your playstyle if you prefer small-bodied guitars that are easy to carry around and want a short scale length, sure to go for the Jasmine JC23.

Want to go crazy on the upper register playing? Go for the cutaway models Jasmine JC25CE or JC27CE. These models are also for you if you do a lot of plugged gigs or just like to fidget around with tones, customizing them.

Or if you’re the type to turn the air heavy with booming, full-bodied, resonant sound, the Jasmine JC27 is the pick.

And if you want resonance but a bright tone, by all means, go for the JC25!

In case you’re not sure about all the theory and stuff, just go to a shop, try out each Takamine Jasmine Classical guitar model, and find the one that just feels right in your hands. 


Pran Jawty Khanam

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