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15 Famous Bass Songs you must checkout

Famous Bass Songs

By Bass songs, I mean songs that have a dominant bass line that stands out. Though they were few at first, as time went on they became more widespread. This can be a list of songs to pick up and play and improve your technique as a bass player.

There are even entire genres almost entirely focused on bass and heavy bass songs, such as hip-hop and electronic music such as EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

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Without much further ado, here are some of the most iconic bass songs ever made:

Come Together – The Beatles

Released in 1969 as the opening track of their album Abbey Road, Come Together stands as one of The Beatles’ most iconic compositions. McCartney’s playing in this track is characterized by its inventive use of syncopation and melodic phrasing.

The bass provides a driving force that anchors the song, contributing to its irresistible groove. Come Together remains a beloved classic, celebrated for its enigmatic lyrics, memorable bassline, and captivating musical arrangement.

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The Lemon Song – Led Zeppelin

Also released in 1969, The Lemon Song is a blues-infused rock classic by the legendary British band Led Zeppelin, featured on their 1969 album Led Zeppelin II. John Paul Jones’ masterful bassline is both dynamic and intricate, demonstrating his ability to seamlessly blend into the band’s powerful instrumentation.

The bassline provides a driving rhythm that anchors the song, allowing for the explosive guitar work of Jimmy Page and the impassioned vocals of Robert Plant to soar.

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Roundabout – Yes

Released in 1971 by Yes as part of their fourth studio album, Fragile, Roundabout is an iconic progressive rock song known for its intricate instrumentation, complex song structure, and distinctive vocal harmonies.

Chris Squire’s bass work in “Roundabout” is both melodic and dynamic, featuring intricate runs and memorable motifs that add depth and complexity to the composition.

The song features complex time signatures and seamless transitions between different musical motifs, exemplifying Yes’ progressive rock prowess.

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Money – Pink Floyd

Released in 1973 on their album The Dark Side of the Moon, Money is one of Pink Floyd’s most iconic and enduring compositions. The song’s distinctive bassline, played by Roger Waters, is instantly recognizable and serves as the driving force behind the track’s infectious groove.

Money remains one of Pink Floyd’s most enduring and relevant tracks, not only for its musical innovation but also for its incisive social commentary.

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I Wish – Stevie Wonder

Released in 1976 by Stevie Wonder as a part of his album Songs in the Key of Life, I Wish is a vibrant and infectious funk song celebrated for its upbeat tempo, lively horn arrangements, and Stevie’s dynamic vocals.

Its driving bassline, played by Nathan Watts, serves as the foundation for the song’s infectious rhythm. It has stood the test of time, continuing to be a staple on radio playlists and a favorite among fans of funk and soul music.

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Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

A contender for being the most iconic rock song of all time and one of the most celebrated and frequently played tracks by Queen, Another One Bites The Dust was released in 1980 as part of their album The Game. Written by bassist John Deacon, the song has instantly recognizable and infectious bass lines.

Its repetitive, funky pattern, achieved through a combination of fingerstyle playing and selective use of effects, gives the track a distinctive and irresistible rhythm.

This, combined with Freddie Mercury’s powerful vocals, Brian May’s guitar work, and Roger Taylor’s drumming, creates a sonic powerhouse that’s hard to forget.

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YYZ – Rush

YYZ is an instrumental masterpiece by the iconic Canadian progressive rock band Rush, featured on their 1981 album Moving Pictures.

Geddy Lee’s mesmerizing bassline serves as the song’s rhythmic backbone supporting Neil Peart’s dynamic and complex drumming. It also features a jaw-dropping bass solo by Geddy Lee, characterized by lightning-fast runs and melodic exploration of the bass guitar’s range.

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Billie Jean – Micheal Jackson

Released in 1983 as part of his album Thriller by Michael Jackson, Billie Jean features an unmistakable bassline that has become legendary. characterized by its deep, pulsating groove, it serves as the foundation for the entire track, driving the song forward with its infectious rhythm.

The bassline’s distinctive sliding notes give the song a sense of urgency and create a hypnotic effect that is instantly recognizable. The production of Billie Jean was groundbreaking for its time.

They incorporated innovative recording techniques and the use of synthesizers to enhance the bassline’s impact.

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Orion – Metallica

Released in 1986 by Metallica as a part of their groundbreaking album Master of Puppets, Orion is an instrumental masterpiece by the legendary heavy metal band Metallica which contains not one, but three different bass solos, all of them unique to each other.

Composed by all members of the band, “Orion” showcases Metallica’s exceptional musical prowess and their ability to create intricate, multi-layered compositions. It remains a standout track in Metallica’s illustrious discography, revered by fans and musicians alike for its timeless brilliance.

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Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Though originally written and performed by Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ cover of Higher Ground, was released on their 1989 album Mother’s Milk. It has become an iconic rendition and a staple of their repertoire. Flea’s innovative use of the slap-and-pop technique, combined with his rhythmic precision.

The song has an infectious groove. His bass work not only provides a solid foundation but also serves as a driving force that propels the track forward.

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Bullet in the Head – Rage Against the Machine

Released in 1992 on the eponymous debut album Rage Against the Machine, Bullet in the Head is an incendiary track with a searing critique of political manipulation and propaganda, a theme central to much of the band’s discography.

Bullet in the Head features one of Morello’s signature guitar effects, the “kill switch,” which creates a staccato, machine-gun-like sound that perfectly complements the song’s intense lyrics.

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Around The World – Daft Punk

When talking about songs with good bass, Daft Punk is one of the first names that come to mind. Released in 1997 as a single from their debut album Homework by Daft Punk, Around The World is one of Daft Punk’s most iconic bass songs.

The bassline in “Around the World” is characterized by its repetitive and hypnotic nature. It serves as the rhythmic backbone of the song, providing a solid foundation for the layers of electronic melodies and beats that Daft Punk is known for.

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Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

Released in 2005 as a lead single in the album Demon Days by Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. is a fusion of alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic elements, showcasing the eclectic style that Gorillaz are renowned for. But at its core, the song is propelled by a pulsating bassline that provides a hypnotic and infectious groove.

The bass work lays the foundation for the track’s distinctive sound. The juxtaposition of the deep, resonant bass with the airy, floating melodies creates a unique sonic landscape.

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Panic Attack – Dream Theater

Also released in 2005, Panic Attack was a progressive metal tour de force on their album Octavarium. Its heart lies in John Myung’s thunderous bass performance. His intricate basslines serve as the song’s rhythmic anchor, providing a powerful foundation for the rest of the band.

Guitarist John Petrucci delivers blistering solos, while keyboardist Jordan Rudess adds layers of atmospheric textures. Drummer Mike Portnoy’s thunderous percussion work drives the song’s relentless energy.

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Released in 2011 by AWOLNATION, Sail is an electrifying alternative rock anthem characterized by its pulsating bassline, infectious beats, and Aaron Bruno’s powerful vocals. The driving force behind “Sail” is its heavy bass, which anchors the song with a deep, resonant rhythm.

This bassline provides a solid foundation for the layers of electronic elements and guitar riffs, creating a dynamic and immersive sound. The contrast between the brooding bass and the soaring vocals contributes to the song’s emotional intensity.

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Megalovania – Toby Fox

As all the bass songs mentioned so far were from album releases by dedicated musicians and bass players, this one is a bit of an odd one out. However, it has still earned its place as one of the most recognizable songs and a great bass song in its own right, with over a hundred million views on YouTube alone and a firm place in meme culture.

Released within the wildly popular indie video game Undertale in 2015 as a boss theme, Megalovania is an electrifying piece of music composed by Toby Fox.

The sheer complexity and intricacy of “Megalovania” demonstrate Toby Fox’s skill as a composer, as he masterfully combines various musical elements to create a track that is both exhilarating and memorable.

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Learn How to Play These Bass Guitar Songs Online

Check these websites out for easy guitar tabs:


Songsterr is a user-friendly platform offering an extensive collection of guitar tabs for various skill levels. Its interactive interface allows you to play along with the tab, making it a valuable tool for beginners.


GuitareTab is a user-contributed tablature website with a vast database of tabs. You can find tabs for easy acoustic guitar songs by searching their extensive catalog.


Ultimate Guitar is one of the biggest databases for guitar chords and tabs for all genres of music. They offer various formats for tabs too, such as Tab Pro, Guitar Pro, etc.

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Get Going With The Groove

The best way to learn bass is learning bass songs with the metronome or drum machine turned on. Bass adds depth and resonance that gives it a sense of groundedness. The bass adds tonal richness and texture to a composition. Its lower frequencies add warmth, weight, and resonance, complementing the higher-pitched elements of a piece.

Yet, many only notice its existence by its absence, and it goes sadly unappreciated. These songs are an appreciation and celebration of the role bass has played in shaping music throughout the ages.

Iconic Bass Songs FAQ

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