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Jasmine Guitar Prices: Budget vs Premium

Jasmine Guitar Prices

While Takamine and both brands are renowned for their quality, understanding the differences in pricing can help you make an informed decision that harmonizes with your budget and musical aspirations.

Jasmine guitar prices are affordable compared to Takamine guitars. In this blog, we’ll talk about both brands and compare their various features.

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Jasmine Guitar Price Range

Jasmine Guitars offers a diverse range of options tailored to different budgets. These guitars are known for giving you a lot of bang for your buck. They’ve built a great reputation for delivering quality and performance that matches what you pay for.

  • Entry-level Jasmine guitars start at around $100 to $150. 
  • Mid-range Jasmine models fall within the range of $200 to $500. 
  • High-quality Jasmine guitars range from $500 to $1,000 and beyond. 

However, specific models and limited editions may have unique price points within these general ranges. 

Takamine Guitar Price Range

Takamine has an extensive catalog of guitars available at a wide range of pricing. The price range for Takamine guitars can vary depending on the model, and factors like the choice of tonewoods, electronics, and craftsmanship can also influence the price of a Takamine guitar. Here’s a general overview.

  • Entry-level Takamine guitars typically start at around $200 to $300.
  • Mid-range options fall in the range of $300 to $750.
  • High-quality Takamine guitars can range from $750 to $2,000 and beyond.

Specific models and special editions may have unique price points. Additionally, Takamine guitars are known for offering good value for their price, with a reputation for quality and performance within their respective price ranges 

Comparison between Takamine and Jasmine Guitars

Let’s compare Takamine and Jasmine guitars across different categories and highlight which one is more budget-friendly in each category.

Six-String Guitar

Takamine GD11MCE-NS

Takamine GD11MCE
Image of Takamine GD11MCE-NS

Takamine offers a wide range of six-string acoustic guitars, including models like the Takamine GD11MNS. Whatever your level of experience, the GD11MCE-NS has a lot to offer. It has a fantastic build quality, is highly playable, and has a pleasing tone.

I believe it will be a bit pricy if you are looking for a budget-friendly guitar. This will cost you around $250.

Jasmine S35

The Jasmine S35 is an affordable six-string Jasmine acoustic guitar known for its budget-friendly price while still providing decent quality and playability.

Jasmine S35


The Jasmine S35 price is the most affordable and a great option for a six-string acoustic guitar.

12-String Guitar

Takamine GD30CE-12NAT

Takamine provides 12-string acoustic guitars like the Takamine GD30CE-12NAT. This guitar tends to be more expensive because it has a solid spruce top, which is considered to be a better tonewood than laminate spruce. The Takamine also has a cutaway body, which makes it easier to reach the higher frets.

Takamine GD30CE
Image of Takamine GD30CE-12NAT

Additionally, the Takamine has a built-in Shadow II preamp with a tuner, which allows you to plug the guitar into an amplifier or PA system.

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Jasmine JD36

For a budget-friendly 12-string acoustic guitar, I will suggest the Jasmine JD36. It has a laminate spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a dreadnought body, a natural finish, chrome hardware, and provides good value for its jasmine guitar price. This guitar will cost you $200.

The JD36 12-string guitar is currently unavailable in various places. You can check out the JD36 6-string guitar below.

Jasmine JD36


The guitar Jasmine JD36 is the more budget-friendly option for a 12-string acoustic guitar.

Classical Guitar

takamine gc5
Image of takamine GC5

Takamine GC5

Although Takamine makes a variety of classical guitars, I’m only going to focus on the Takamine GC5.  This instrument is renowned for its tasteful and harmonious classical guitar design. It has a strong fan-braced spruce top with black walnut back and sides, producing a rich Takamine tone with nylon strings.

The instrument is made for guitarists looking for a top-notch classical guitar with exceptional tonal qualities.

Jasmine JC-23

The Jasmine JC-23 is characterized as a great-sounding, easy-to-play guitar that is ideal for beginning players and those looking for exceptional tone. It has a sapele back and sides and a select spruce top with Jasmine’s Advanced Classical Bracing. The Jasmine also comes with a grand concert body, which is a smaller body design with a pleasant, mellow sound.

Image of JC-23 from Jasmine


The Jasmine Jasmine JC-23 is the more budget-friendly option for a classical guitar. It will cost you only $250, while the Takamine will cost you $600!

Travel Guitar

Image of GX11ME-NS

Takamine GN11M Acoustic Guitar Satin Natural

Takamine offers travel-sized guitars like the Takamine GN11M Acoustic Guitar Satin Natural, which, while smaller and more portable, still maintains quality and features, typically at a mid-range price.

Takamine GN11M

The Takamine also has a cutaway body, which makes it easier to reach the higher frets. Additionally, the Takamine has a built-in C.E.C. II preamp with a tuner, which allows you to plug the guitar into an amplifier or PA system.

Jasmine JM-10

The Jasmine JM-10 is an economical travel-sized guitar noted for its low jasmine guitar price without sacrificing quality. It has a laminate spruce top, which is a good budget-friendly option. The Jasmine also has a dreadnought body, which is a popular body style for acoustic guitars. And It costs only $150.

Jasmine JM-10 Mini


The Jasmine JM-10 is the more budget-friendly option for a travel guitar.

Here is a table for better understanding.

Six-String GuitarS35: $150GD11MNS: $250
12-String GuitarJD36: $200GD30CE-12NAT: $550
Classical GuitarJC-23: $250GC5: $600
Travel GuitarJM-10: $150GX11ME-NS: $400

Factors Influencing Price Differences

Several factors can influence the price of a guitar, including:

Brand reputation and heritage

Takamine is a well-established and renowned brand with a strong reputation for quality and craftsmanship. This reputation often commands higher prices compared to Jasmine, which may be seen as a more budget-friendly option.

Materials used and craftsmanship

The materials used to make a guitar, as well as the craftsmanship involved, can affect the price. Solid woods are more expensive than laminate woods, and higher-quality craftsmanship will also increase the price. Takamine guitars often feature high-quality tonewoods, which can increase their cost compared to Jasmine’s more budget-friendly materials.

Also, people know that Takamine guitars are made with great care and attention to detail. This type of craftsmanship can lead to higher prices, while the way Jasmine guitars are made might be less expensive.

Country of origin

Takamine guitars are primarily manufactured in Japan, where labor costs are higher than in some other countries. Jasmine, on the other hand, may source manufacturing from countries with lower production costs, contributing to price differences.

Additional features and innovations

Takamine guitars often come with advanced electronics, preamps, and built-in tuners, enhancing their versatility for live performances. These features can add to the overall cost, whereas Jasmine models may have simpler electronics.

Jasmine and Takamine are both good brands of acoustic guitars, but they offer different features and price points. Ultimately, the best guitar for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


Pran Jawty Khanam

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