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6 Best Alvarez Classical Guitars

Alvarez Classical Guitars

Welcome to the guide on Alvarez classical acoustic guitars an instrument line that pairs centuries-old craftsmanship with modern innovation. From their hand-built origins to their unparalleled range, Alvarez classical guitars are a testament to their quality, versatility, and attention to detail. Whether you’re a strumming novice making the leap to a custom Fender or a fingerpicking virtuoso contemplating the frets on a Taylor, you’ll find something to admire in this iconic brand.

Stick around as we delve into the history, range, and unique features that set Alvarez classical guitars apart. Ready to strum your way through the Alvarez experience? Let’s get started!

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The Premium Alvarez Classical Guitar Choices 

Alvarez Yairi CY75 Standard Series Classical Acoustic Guitar – Natural

Image by Alvarez


  • Top Wood: Solid A+ Western Red Cedar
  • Back & Sides: Rosewood
  • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro
  • Finish: Satin


  • Like its electric-acoustic sibling, the CY75 brings a blend of quality and performance but focuses solely on the acoustic experience.
  • Its satin finish gives it a more muted but equally elegant aesthetic.

Alvarez CYM75 Yairi Masterworks Classical Acoustic Guitar – Natural

Image By Alvarez


  • Top Wood: Solid Western Red Cedar
  • Back & Sides: Solid Rosewood
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Finish: High Gloss


  • The acoustic counterpart to the CYM75CE, this model offers the same extraordinary craftsmanship but in a purely acoustic format.
  • Its high-gloss finish not only adds to the visual appeal but also enhances the guitar’s natural resonance.

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Mid-range and Budget-friendly Alvarez Classical Guitars

Alvarez CC7HCEAR Cadiz Classical Hybrid Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Image by Alvarez


  • Top Wood:  Solid AA Sitka Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Black Walnut
  • Electronics: Chrome with Ebony Style ButtonsTuner
  • Fingerboard: Indian Laurel/Rosewood

Here is a list of the most accurate tuners to tune your guitar perfectly.


  • Hybrid Classical Design combines classical guitar elements with a narrower neck and radiused fretboard for versatile playing styles.
  • Classical-style neck with 14th fret neck join is familiar to classical players yet allows easier access to higher frets..
  • The Solid A+ Sitka Spruce top provides excellent projection and clarity.

Alvarez AC65 HCE Artist 65 Classical Hybrid Acoustic-electric Guitar – Natural

Image by Alvarez


  • Top Wood: Solid Western Red Cedar
  • Back & Sides: Mahogany
  • Tailored for a perfect tune, the electronics include SYS250 3-band EQ w/ Tuner, just like many Fender gears.
  • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro


  • This hybrid acoustic-electric model allows for more versatile playing styles.
  • A slim neck and narrower nut width make it ideal for players who transition between classical and non-classical music.
  • The SYS250 3-band EQ with tuner adds another layer of adaptability.

Alvarez AC65 CE Artist 65 Classical Acoustic-electric Guitar – Natural

Image by Alvarez


  • Top Wood: Solid Western Red Cedar
  • Back & Sides: Mahogany
  • Tailored for a perfect tune, the electronics include SYS250 3-band EQ w/ Tuner, just like many Fender gears.
  • Connectable to an amp
  • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro


  • Similar to the AC65HCE, this model also incorporates the SYS250 3-band EQ and tuner for great sound flexibility.
  • It focuses on traditional classical elements, making it a solid choice for purists.

The New 2023 Model from Alvarez Classical Guitars

Alvarez CF6CE Cadiz Series Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Image by Alvarez


  • Top Wood: Solid A+ Sitka spruce
  • Back & Sides: Cypress
  • Electronics: L.R. Baggs StagePro EQ and Element Pickup
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood/Pau Ferro


  • This hybrid acoustic-electric model allows for more versatile playing styles.
  •  Provides exceptional strength and stability while maintaining a lightweight feel for effortless playing.
  • LR Baggs StagePro EQ and Element Pickup System delivers natural and amplified sound with precise control.

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How are Alvarez Classical Guitars Crafted?

Hand-Built Guitars

The remarkable thing about Alvarez guitars, especially those from the Masterworks and Yairi series, is that they are handcrafted. The level of detail and expertise invested in each piece is astonishing, from the precise wood selection to intricate inlay work.

Expertise at the Yairi Factory

This craftsmanship takes center stage at the Yairi factory in Japan. Luthiers here are often multi-generational craftsmen whose families have been building guitars for decades. This factory is almost a sacred space where ancient traditions meet modern technology.

What are the variations of Alvarez? 

Alvarez offers a wide range of guitars to cater to diverse musical tastes and styles. They have everything from dreadnoughts and jumbo to specialized 8-string, 12-string, ukuleles, and flamenco guitars.

Tailored Options for Every Player

Whether you’re a casual strummer or a virtuoso finger picker, Alvarez has a guitar model designed specifically for your playing style.

The Artist Series

Features and Diversity

The Artist Series by Alvarez is their flagship line of budget-friendly guitars that don’t compromise on quality. They often feature solid tops, premium tuners, bone nuts, and saddles. They offer an amazing bass and volume, comparable to a Martin or Taylor, that everyone will enjoy.

The cedar tops and mahogany back guitars enhance the tone of the instrument. They feature both heel neck joint and tapered joint and tapered fan bracing in their soundboards. The feedback of playing these instruments is really good. The overall feel of the grain and raw material takes these guitars’ balance and volume to the next level. 

Image By Alvarez

Unparalleled Value and Performance

The series offers a range of features often found only in high-end guitars, offering incredible value for the money. They are perfect for both beginners and gigging musicians alike. They have an amazing neck profile that has been appreciated by many.

The build quality and consistent stability deliver a revolutionary player experience. The fretboard is very easy to play and is appropriate for small hands of youngsters and experienced players. 

The Artist Elite Series

Upgraded Features

The Artist Elite Series is comparable to custom lines offered by Fender and Martin. takes the Artist Series up a notch with luxurious woods like flamed maple and exotic acacia.

Image By Alvarez

Focus on Comfort

Signature features like beveled armrests provide additional comfort, making extended playing sessions a breeze.

The Cadiz Series

This series is a homage to traditional flamenco and classical guitars. Crafted using traditional methods, these guitars have an authentic, unique sound that’s hard to find in modern instruments.

Image By Alvarez

Authentic Feel and Sound

The Cadiz Series incorporates traditional Spanish heel neck joints and classical bracing patterns for a vintage sound and feel.

The Jazz & Blues Series

Tribute to American Music History

This line, just like the Martin or Taylor series, has received rave reviews. It pays homage to classic American Jazz and Blues music.

Modern Manufacturing Meets Vintage Aesthetics

The series combines modern production techniques with vintage finishes to offer a piece of American musical history with modern reliability.

The Masterworks Series

Japanese Inspiration

These guitars are designed for professionals, incorporating all-solid construction and features like real bone nuts and saddles.

Image By Alvarez

Attention to Detail

The craftsmanship is top-notch, with meticulous attention to details like bracing and binding.

The Masterworks Elite Series

Premium Features

This series offers upgraded woods and aesthetics, like mother-of-pearl inlays and gold tuners.

Live Performance Features

Notably, these guitars often come equipped with industry-leading LR Baggs electronics for exceptional live performance.

The Intricate Specialities of Alvarez Guitars

From the neck carve to the bi-level bridge and unique bracing systems, every detail in an Alvarez guitar is a result of careful research and design.

Model-Specific Bracing

Significance and Types

Internal bracing in Alvarez guitars—like FST2, MST1, and FS6—significantly influences the instrument’s overall tone and projection.

Contributions to Sound

The right bracing can add warmth, clarity, or focus to a guitar’s sound, depending on the intended style of the instrument.

Original Bridge Designs by Kazuo Yairi

These original designs have a profound impact on the guitar’s sound, enhancing sustain and resonance.

One-Piece Bi-Level Bridge

This unique feature contributes to the guitar’s overall tonal quality, setting Alvarez guitars apart in a crowded market.

Alvarez Guitars in the Modern Era

Alvarez continues to lead the pack in innovation and quality, always adapting to the modern player’s needs while staying true to its heritage.

Financing and Pricing Options

The price range of Alvarez Classical Guitars is from $3000 to $600. Many retailers offer various financing options for Alvarez guitars, making it easier to own one of these exceptional instruments.

Alvarez Classical Guitar FAQ

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