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Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Guitar

Cordoba Dolce

With a scale length of 630mm, the Cordoba Dolce is an excellent choice for adults who want to try out a classical guitar for the first time. The top of the Dolce is solid cedar without lamination. Solid woods are primarily used in expensive instruments, but you will find this model at a very affordable price. 

That’s a sure win because the top wood directly affects the sound. Let’s explore more about this guitar.

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Image by Cordoba

Made InChina
Model: Iberia C5 Dolce
Body: Solid Western Red Cedar
Top:Solid Canadian Cedar
Neck: Mahogany 
Scale: 630 mm
Nut Width: 50 mm
Weight: 1.36 kg
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 19
BracingSpanish fan bracing
Bridge: Indian Rosewood
Inlays:Maple & Ebony top purifying inlay
Truss Rod:Dual Action
Case: N/A
Design: N/A

Body of Cordoba Dolce 7/8

The body is made of solid western red cedar, and the neck is made of Mahogany, which is a common wood choice. Like most other Cordoba’s, the Dolce has Spanish fan bracing and wooden struts under the top wood.

A two-way truss rod lets you change the angle of the neck on the Cordoba Dolce. 
The fact that the nut and saddle are made of bone instead of plastic is another sign that it is well-made. These are good features for the price, and the guitar will be a good friend to a beginner for a long time.

These are good features for the price, and the guitar will be a good friend to a beginner for a long time. To ensure that your Cordoba guitar is well taken care of there are a few simple care techniques.


For fingerboards, Cordoba decided to use Rosewood, one of the most popular materials. It is the most common wood for fingerboards because its larger pores and natural oils make it smoother and give it a warmer sound.

And this handmade 7/8-sized Cordoba Dolce has rosewood for the fretboard. Rosewood is medium-density, so it doesn’t reflect light much like harder woods with tighter rain. The tone produced by an instrument with a rosewood fingerboard is really recognizable for its richness and warmth.

Rosewood sounds much better than maple when it comes to sound quality. A rosewood fingerboard makes it easy to bend the strings most of the time. Additionally, the nylon strings and slightly shorter scale length make it easy to press down on the strings.


The Cordoba Dolce was carefully made with a focus on sound and playability without breaking your budget. Cordoba has developed this instrument for those who prefer a lighter model and easier handling. So, they chose rosewood as the bridge material. 

Some experts think that the difference in tone quality between an instrument with an Ebony bridge and one with a Rosewood bridge is because of how dense the two materials are compared to each other. Rosewood really is brighter than the other one, and it stays that way.


The weight of the instrument is significant. People also argue about whether a lighter or heavier guitar sounds better. As the Cordoba Dolce 7/8  is smaller than other guitars, it only weighs 1.36 kg. It’s lighter and easier to play for long periods of time.

Most guitarists agree that a lighter instrument will respond better to the full range of string vibration and produce a more musical sound with brighter highs and a more “open” tone.

On the other hand, heavier guitars are usually praised for having a fuller, richer sound. This is because the wood is used to hold the pickups and strings, and in a way, the tone itself is usually much bigger.

What makes Dolce 7/8 Playable?

The truss rod on a guitar is one of the most important parts because it lets us adjust the neck to be comfortable to play and stay stable over time. Most classical guitars don’t have this feature, but Cordoba Dolce offers you a dual-action truss rod with a mahogany neck. You can use the truss rod in this guitar’s neck to change the strings’ height. 

The truss rod gives the guitar neck more strength and makes it less likely to bend. Necks are inherently given a slight bend called “relief,” which makes them easier to play. The relief can also be changed with a truss rod. 

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It is built with traditional Spanish building techniques and has a solid Canadian cedar top and back, The first thing that comes to mind discussing the soundboard is the top of the instrument.  and sides made of African Mahogany. The top is held together with a traditional Spanish fan system, which makes the sound warm and full.

Cedar’s tone is considerably different from the spruce top in that it responds to the player fast and percussively as well. Because of this, cedar-topped guitars are very popular with guitar students and people just starting out.


The Cordoba Dolce 7/8 guitar uses traditional Spanish fan bracing. This type of bracing is made up of seven wooden struts that are arranged in a fan-like pattern inside the guitar body. The fan bracing pattern helps to distribute the tension from the strings evenly across the top of the guitar, which helps to create a balanced and resonant sound.

The upshot of a design that permits the bracing to rest just beneath the string is significantly enhanced sustain, outstanding clarity in the upper resisters, and excellent projection. This design accentuates the pliability of the top, allowing for greater mobility and hence larger space. As a result, the guitar produces a warmer and more mellow sound.

Pros & Cons of Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Guitar


Comfortable Size: The 7/8 size of the Cordoba Dolce makes it ideal for players who find full-sized guitars a bit cumbersome. It offers a comfortable and ergonomic playing experience.

Rich Tonewood: Crafted with high-quality tonewoods, including a solid cedar top, the Cordoba Dolce produces a warm and resonant tone that’s perfect for various playing styles, from classical to fingerstyle.

Quality Craftsmanship: Cordoba is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and the Dolce ⅞ Guitar lives up to this reputation. It’s a well-built instrument that’s both visually appealing and sonically pleasing.


Limited Sound Projection: Due to its smaller size, the Dolce ⅞ may have slightly limited sound projection compared to full-sized guitars. It may not be the best choice for those seeking maximum volume in a performance setting.

FAQs of Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Guitar

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