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Best Budget Acoustic Guitars of 2024

budget acoustic guitars

Best Budget Acoustic Guitars

The best budget acoustic guitars can be found within the range 100 to 500$. These cheap acoustic guitars are the best way to go without breaking the bank. You can find the best budget guitars from Yamaha, Epiphone, and many other brands in the world of acoustic guitars within this price range quite easily.

Many of us need to pick out guitar models for ourselves with tight budget restraints. If you’re at the same party, then you’ve come to the right place to check out the best acoustic guitars and know your best options!

Let’s take a look at the models that strike the best balance between price and quality.

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The Best Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to acoustic guitars, there is a wide array of guitars available to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re an experienced musician or a beginner guitar player looking for a new guitar, there are plenty of guitars you can buy that offer exceptional quality and sound. If you’re looking for the best cheap guitar, there are still plenty of options available that offer great value for the price. 

Brands like Yamaha, Fender, and Taylor offer a range of affordable acoustic electric guitars that don’t compromise on quality. The Yamaha F335 is one example of a great entry-level acoustic guitar that offers a rich and balanced sound, making it a perfect guitar for the price of beginners. On the higher end of the spectrum, the Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium acoustic-electric guitar is a versatile and high-end acoustic that delivers exceptional tone and is easy to play. 

Fender offers a range of acoustic guitars in various price ranges, providing options for both budget-conscious buyers and those looking to invest in a top-tier instrument. The Fender offers the best All-Mahogany acoustic guitars that are a great example of a mid-range option that offers a warm and full-bodied sound, perfect for both strumming and fingerpicking styles. 

Overall, the best acoustic guitars offer a combination of great craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and exceptional sound, making them a desirable choice for any musician. Whether it’s your first guitar or adding to your collection, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs to find the best budget guitar. 

Yamaha F335 – 190$

The Yamaha F335 is a traditional acoustic that is a well-regarded and affordable guitar with a reputation for its quality construction and balanced sound. As a part of Yamaha’s F Series, this guitar is designed to offer a cost-effective option for beginners and intermediate players compared to other guitars on the market.

best cheap guitars Yamaha F335
Image By Guitar Center

Key features

Classic Dreadnought Design

The F335 showcases a classic dreadnought body, known for its well-balanced acoustics and ample volume. This full-size acoustic design is favored by many for its versatility.

Tonewood Construction

The guitar features a solid spruce top paired with laminated mahogany back and sides, contributing to a warm and clear tone.


The nato neck with a rosewood fingerboard offers comfortable playing with smooth fret transitions.

Sturdy Hardware

The F335 comes with stable die-cast chrome tuners, ensuring consistent tuning stability.


One of the standout features of the Yamaha F335 is its affordability. It’s a great option for beginners or budget-conscious buyers who want the best cheap acoustic guitars and reliable instruments without a significant financial investment.

Pros and Cons of the Yamaha F335


  • Rich and warm tone
  • Rarely goes out of tune
  • Comes with lasting factory strings


  • Wood may deform over time, especially in humid weather

Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 – 170$

The Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 is one of the best cheap acoustic guitars known for its affordability, quality construction, and warm, resonant sound. It’s a popular choice among beginners and experienced players looking for a dependable and accessible instrument.

Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 best budget guitars
Image By Epiphone

Key features

Classic Dreadnought Design

The DR-100 boasts a timeless great guitar body design, constructed with a select spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This combination results in a balanced tonal profile with a strong projection and warm, rich sound. This traditional acoustic guitar is incredible value for money.

Comfortable Playability

The mahogany neck features a slim-taper profile and a 14-inch fretboard radius, making it fun to play for a wide range of styles. It is a great choice for beginners.


The rosewood fingerboard offers excellent durability and adds to the guitar’s warm and articulate tonal characteristics.


A pickguard, 2-way adjustable truss rod, premium die-cast tuning machines, and strap buttons on both sides are implemented into the guitar.

Variety of Finishes

The DR-100 is available in a range of finishes – Natural, Ebony, and Vintage sunburst.

Pros and Cons of the Epiphone Songmaker DR-100:


  • Great projection, Punchy tone
  • Well-balanced tone – not too bright or muddy
  • Beautiful glossy finish


  • Factory-pressed frets may be too sharp for some
  • Tuning pegs requires a lot of rotation

For more details about tuning pegs, click here!

Tanglewood Crossroads TWCR o – 229$

The Tanglewood Crossroads series is a line of acoustic guitars that meticulously reimagines vintage design principles while adhering to contemporary craftsmanship standards. These instruments typically feature a traditional body design and showcase meticulous attention to detail and construction techniques reminiscent of the early 20th-century American luthiers. These guitars are one of the best cheap acoustic guitars out on the market.

Tanglewood Crossroads TWCR o affordable guitars
Image by Tanglewood Guitars UK

Key features

Tonewood Selection

The Crossroads guitars utilize a hand-selected mahogany top paired with laminated mahogany for the back and sides. This tonewood combination is chosen for its ability to produce a balanced tonal spectrum, with a focus on a warm mid-range and excellent projection.

Bracing Patterns

These guitars feature X-bracing, a traditional bracing pattern associated with vintage acoustic guitars. This bracing structure enhances the guitar’s responsiveness and resonance.

Neck Profile

The necks are typically constructed from mahogany and exhibit a comfortable “C” shape profile, making them suitable for various playing styles.

Explore and get better with different guitar playing styles just by clicking here.  


The tech wood fingerboards contribute to a smooth and consistent playing experience. They’re often adorned with vintage-style dot inlays.


Tanglewood often employs vintage-style tuning machines to enhance the overall retro appearance of the Crossroads series.

Pros and Cons of the Tanglewood Crossroads TWCR


  • Vintage Whiskey Barrel Burst finish
  • Well-defined mid-range
  • Very lightweight for its size
  • Amazing quality for the price


  • Fretboard is prone to deterioration in the absence of regular maintenance
  • No pickguard to resist scratches

Takamine GN11M-NS – 250$

The Takamine GN11M-NS is an acoustic guitar that belongs to Takamine’s G11 series. It emphasizes quality tonewoods, meticulous construction, and ergonomic design. It is one of the best budget guitars for every beginner and immediate musician. It stands as an ideal choice for discerning players seeking a versatile, affordable travel guitar with exceptional tonal depth and clarity.

Whether for studio recordings, live performances, or practice sessions, these budget guitars are poised to deliver impressive top-end results.

best guitar on a budget Takamine GN11M-NS
Image By Takamine

Key features

Mahogany Body

The GN11M-NS features a body constructed with mahogany for the back and sides, which imparts a warm and mellow tone. This tonewood combination offers a rich midrange, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. Without any headache, you can choose the best beginner acoustic guitars at this price range.  

Solid Spruce Top

The solid Sitka spruce top enhances the guitar’s projection and responsiveness, ensuring a well-balanced sound with a clear and articulate tone.

Slim Neck Profile

The slim neck profile and 20-fret laurel fingerboard provide comfortable playability, making it an excellent choice for extended playing sessions.

Compact Grand Auditorium Body

The GN11M-NS is built in a compact Grand Auditorium body shape, offering a comfortable playing experience and a versatile sound, well-suited for fingerpicking, strumming, and various playing techniques.

To learn more about guitar body shapes, click here!


The GN11M-NS is competitively priced, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking a dependable and well-crafted acoustic guitar.

Pros and Cons of the Takamine GN11M-NS


  • Wide 42.5 nut
  • Quality all-mahogany body
  • The compact Grand-Auditorium body sits nicely on your lap


  • No finish may not be to everyone’s liking

PRS SE P20 Parlor – 500$

The PRS SE P20 Parlor is a compact parlor guitar that’s part of PRS’s SE (Student Edition) series. It is one of the top picks for those who appreciate the comfortable, intimate feel of a parlor-style guitar and seek the renowned PRS craftsmanship in an accessible package. This guitar produces an amazing sound and texture.

best budget guitar PRS SE P20 Parlor
Image By PRS Guitars

Key features

Parlor Body

The P20 boasts a smaller size body with a solid mahogany top and mahogany back and sides, resulting in a warm, balanced tone. Its small size offers comfortable playability while maintaining a respectable sound at this price point.

Tonewood Combination

The solid mahogany top contributes to the guitar’s rich, warm sound with pronounced mid-range frequencies. This, combined with the mahogany back and sides, offers a sweet and responsive tone.

PRS Hybrid “X”/Classical Bracing

The unique “X”/classical hybrid bracing pattern enhances resonance and volume, providing a vibrant and expressive sound.

Comfortable Neck

The mahogany neck with a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard offers a comfortable and familiar feel, facilitating smooth fretboard navigation for both chord progressions and intricate lead work.

Fishman GT1 Pickup System

The PRS SE P20 comes equipped with the Fishman GT1 pickup system, providing a natural amplified sound for live performances and recording.

Pros and Cons of the PRS SE P20 Parlor


  • Great portability
  • Elegant vintage design
  • Fishman pickups included


  • One of the pricier models out there
  • The small body may not project the volume required by some

Cort Core Mahogany Dreadnought Black Burst – $630

The Cort Core-OC Mahogany is a technical marvel, combining a solid mahogany build quality, scalloped X-bracing, and Fishman electronics to create a guitar that excels in projection, responsiveness, and tonal clarity. It is the best budget single cut guitar.

Whether in the studio, on stage, or during intimate practice sessions, the Core-OC Mahogany delivers a remarkable playing experience for those who appreciate the technical nuances of acoustic guitar craftsmanship.

Cort Core Mahogany  best cheap guitars
Image By Cort

Key features


The Core-OC Mahogany features a solid mahogany top, back, and sides. Mahogany is known for its warm, balanced tonal qualities, which make it an excellent choice for a wide range of playing styles.

Body Shape

The guitar sports a traditional Orchestra Model (OM) body shape, which strikes a balance between comfort and projection, making it suitable for fingerstyle and strumming.

Neck Construction

The mahogany neck is designed with a dovetail joint for enhanced sustain and resonance. It is topped with a rosewood fingerboard featuring 20 frets.

Scalloped X-Bracing

The Core-OC Mahogany incorporates scalloped X-bracing in its internal bracing pattern. This optimizes the balance between responsiveness and structural stability, improving projection and resonance.

Fishman Electronics

The guitar is equipped with Fishman electronics, typically featuring a pickup and preamp system. This allows for amplified performance and studio recording while preserving the natural acoustic tone of the instrument.

High-Quality Hardware

The Core-OC Mahogany comes with high-quality tuning machines, ensuring precise and reliable tuning stability.

Natural Satin Finish

The guitar often sports a natural satin finish, which not only enhances the instrument’s aesthetic but also allows the wood to breathe and resonate more freely.

Pros and Cons of the Cort Core-OC Mahogany


  • Genuine water buffalo bone nut and saddle
  • Open pore finish creating lightweight body
  • Long 25.3” scale length


  • Mid-range heavy sound

Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar – 400$

The Seagull Guitars Entourage Dreadnought is one of the best budget acoustic guitars out there. Its design and construction cater to both beginners and experienced players who seek a well-crafted instrument with versatile tonal characteristics. It stands out among the best value for money guitars.

best budget acoustic guitar
Seagull Entourage

Key features


The guitar features a solid top of cedar and wild cherry back and sides, contributing to a unique tonal blend. Cedar offers warm, mellow tones with a quick response, while wild cherry enhances brightness and projection.

Dreadnought Body

The dreadnought body shape is known for its robust projection and rich, full-bodied sound. It’s a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of playing styles and musical genres.

Double-Function Truss Rod

The integrated double-function truss rod ensures optimal neck stability, allowing for precise adjustments to maintain ideal string action and playability.

Tapered Headstock

The tapered headstock design enhances tuning stability, which is vital for consistent performance during extended play.

Silver Leaf Maple Neck

The silver leaf maple neck is carved into a comfortable slim profile, providing ease of access to the upper frets and facilitating comfortable hand movement.

Custom Polished Finish

The guitar is finished with a custom semi-gloss finish that enhances both the instrument’s aesthetics and its ability to resonate freely.

Pros and Cons of the Seagull Guitars Entourage Dreadnought


  • Reliable truss rod
  • Dreadnought’s body projects a loud volume
  • Wide 43.69mm nut


  • Heavyweight, 8lbs without any accessory


The Fender FA-235E Concert is equipped with a combination of tonewoods, versatile electronics, and thoughtful design elements. It offers a guitar player seeking an electro-acoustic guitar that delivers a rich and dynamic tonal range, both unplugged and amplified. It has an affordable price tag coming with an acoustic guitar pickup that you’re looking for. It is one of the top-end affordable guitars.

best guitars for the price FENDER FA-235E CONCERT
Fender FA-235E

Key features

Concert Body Shape

The FA-235E is a Fender acoustic that features a concert-sized body made with a laminated flame maple top, back, and sides. This wood combination imparts a bright, clear, and resonant tonal character, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. Compared to other acoustic guitars on the market this one is quite special. The body design is easy to play.


This model is equipped with a Fishman-designed preamp system, which includes a built-in tuner and a three-band EQ, allowing for precise tonal adjustments and easy tuning during performances.

To tune your guitar properly, here is a list of the most accurate tuners for you. 

Mahogany Neck

The guitar boasts a mahogany neck with a comfortable “C” shape profile, ensuring smooth playability across the 20-fret laurel fingerboard. The neck’s design facilitates easy chord changes and intricate fingerstyle playing.

Scalloped “X” Bracing

The FA-235E incorporates scalloped “X” bracing, a traditional design feature that enhances the guitar’s resonance and projection, contributing to a balanced and articulate sound.

Lacewood Headcap

The headstock is adorned with a striking lacewood head cap, adding a touch of elegance to the guitar’s appearance.

Nut and Saddle

The guitar features a synthetic bone nut and saddle. The weak point of the model, to be fair.

Rosewood Bridge

The rosewood bridge offers secure string anchoring and excellent intonation, ensuring accurate tuning across the fretboard.

Comfortable Cutaway

The cutaway design allows easy access to higher frets, making it a suitable choice for lead playing and soloing.

Pros and Cons of the Fender FA-235E Concert


  • Bright and clear upper register sound
  • High-end pickups
  • Cutaway designed for soloing


  • Synthetic nut and saddle prone to breakage
  • Stiff factory strings


If you want an acoustic guitar that sounds great and feels comfortable to play, The Ibanez PF15ECE is one of the best acoustic for you. It’s an acoustic-electric guitar that balances quality craftsmanship, playability, and electronics, making it great for beginners and experienced players who desire a versatile instrument for live performances and recording.

best cheap guitars IBANEZ PF15ECE
Ibanez PF15ECE Dreadnought

Key features

Body Construction

The PF15ECE features a full-size acoustic guitar with a dreadnought body, which offers a deep and resonant sound with excellent projection. The top is made of spruce, known for its bright and dynamic tonal characteristics, while the back and sides are constructed from mahogany, adding warmth and depth to the overall sound.

Cutaway Design

The cutaway body design provides easy access to higher frets, vital for lead and soloing.

Neck and Fingerboard

The mahogany neck is shaped in a slim and comfortable profile, and the laurel fingerboard features 20 frets, ensuring smooth and effortless playability.


The built-in Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez AEQ-2T preamp system allow for precise amplification and tone control when plugged into an acoustic amplifier or sound system. It features a 3-band EQ, volume control, and a built-in tuner, ensuring versatile sound shaping and accurate tuning.

Bridge and Hardware

The rosewood bridge and synthetic bone saddle provide stable intonation and resonance transfer. The chrome die-cast tuners offer reliable and precise tuning stability.

Body Finish

The PF15ECE is available in a variety of finishes like Black High Gloss, Natural High Gloss, and Transparent Blue Sunburst High Gloss.

Pros and Cons of the Ibanez PF15ECE


  • Clear low-end sound
  • Cutaway Dreadnought body with booming sound
  • Built-in tuner, EQ, and volume control


  • Low-quality saddle

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst – 190$

The Gretsch G9500 is a resonator acoustic guitar known for its distinctive design and vintage-inspired tone it is at an affordable entry point. Part of Gretsch’s Roots Collection, this guitar pays homage to the classic resonator instruments of the past while incorporating modern craftsmanship and playability. And, undoubtedly it’s one of the best travel or couch guitars.

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy best guitar on a budget
Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy

Key features

Resonator Design

The G9500 boasts a classic single-cone resonator design, which provides a distinctive and unmistakable tone with exceptional projection and volume.

Body Materials

It features a mahogany body and neck, contributing to a warm and rich sound. The body is finished in a sunburst for a vintage look.

Fishman Nashville Pickup

Equipped with a Fishman Nashville resonator pickup, the G9500 offers the option for amplified performance, allowing the guitar’s unique voice to shine through in a variety of settings.

Round Neck

Unlike square-neck resonators, the G9500 features a round neck design, making it comfortable for traditional fretting and slide playing.


The rosewood fingerboard with 19 frets ensures comfortable playability for a wide range of playing styles.

Vintage Styling

The guitar’s vintage styling, including the F soundholes, tailpiece, and aged pearloid headstock overlay, adds to its retro charm.

Want to know more about headstock? Click here!

Pros and Cons of Gretsch G9500


  • Round neck design
  • Vintage aesthetics
  • Long frets


  • No cutaway and short scale length

Now, it’s up to you to judge which model wins the prize for being the best budget acoustic guitar for you. Remember, prices aren’t indicators of how good a guitar is – the features they offer are.


It’s tough to get a great guitar in the acoustic guitar world. And if you are looking for the best budget acoustic guitar that suits your vibe you need to consider some factors.

Inexpensive Tonewoods

Budget guitars often use less expensive tonewoods for the body and neck, such as laminated or lower-grade wood. While these may not produce the same tonal richness as high-end tonewoods, they can still provide a decent sound.

Simplified Construction

Budget guitars typically have simpler designs and construction methods, reducing labor costs. This can make them more affordable to produce.

Factory Production

Mass production techniques are often used as opposed to handcrafted expensive guitars, allowing manufacturers to achieve economies of scale and reduce labor costs.

Hardware Quality

Budget guitars may use low-end hardware components like plastic tuners, bridges, and cheaper pickups. While these components may not be the most hi-fi, they can still function adequately and provide reliable performance.

If you are interested in classical music, we suggest you check out our list of best-budget classical guitars. It might help you. 

Simplified Electronics

Some budget guitars have simplified electronics, using basic wiring and control configurations. Sometimes omitting tone controls or tuners. This simplification reduces production costs.

Stringent Quality Control

Even budget guitar manufacturers implement quality control processes to ensure that their instruments meet basic standards. This helps prevent major issues and ensures that the guitars are playable and reasonably reliable.

Lower Labor Costs

Budget guitars are often produced in regions with lower labor costs, which can significantly reduce the overall production expenses.

Lower Marketing Costs

Budget guitar brands may not invest as heavily in marketing, sponsorship deals, or endorsements, saving on promotional expenses.

Less Established Brands

Smaller or less-known brands might offer good-quality budget guitars as a way to gain recognition in the market without charging a premium for their name. 

Higher Production Volume

The production of budget guitars often involves larger quantities. This higher volume allows manufacturers to negotiate better deals with suppliers and further reduce costs.

Limited Customization Options

Budget guitars may not offer as many customization options compared to high-end models. This standardization can help streamline production and reduce costs.

Lower Profit Margins

Manufacturers of budget guitars often operate on thinner profit margins, relying on the sale of a larger volume of instruments to make a profit.


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