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Exploring 8 Taylor Classical Guitars: The Beauty of Nylon String Guitars

Tylor classical guitar

Top 8 Taylor Classical Guitars for Every Musician

The Taylor Classical Guitars are a wonderful mix of old and new.  They sound lovely and are easy to play, which is great for both longtime classical players and beginners. These guitars are special, keeping up with Taylor’s tradition of making really good instruments.

The people at BetterMuseek have looked at a lot of reviews and suggestions to make a list of Tylor nylon-string acoustic guitars. These guitars are good for both beginners and pros. Today, we’re going to talk about what’s special about each of these guitars and their features.

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Taylor 214ce-N Guitar

The Taylor 214ce-N is versatile and one of the popular nylon guitars that is well-suited for players of all levels. This hybrid guitar is a standout instrument in the lineup, known for its quality craftsmanship and beautiful sound.

Taylor Classical Guitars


TopSolid Sitka Spruce
Back & SidesLayered Rosewood
FretboardAfrican Ebony


  • The guitar’s grand auditorium body shape ensures a balanced tone, providing excellent projection that suits a range of playing styles.
  • This gear has an ES-N pickup system, designed specifically for classical performers. This system captures the natural acoustic sound of the guitar when amplified, making it an excellent choice for live performances or recording.
  • This Taylor classical equipped with nylon strings, which are softer to the touch and produce a rich, warmer, mellower tone compared to steel strings.

Taylor Academy 12e-N Nylon String Left-Handed Guitar 

Meet Taylor Academy 12e-N, a left-handed guitar that is perfect for beginner and intermediate performers. It’s a remarkable instrument known for its blend of classic and modern features. Let’s have a look. 


TopSolid Lutz spruce
Back & SidesLayered Sapele
FretboardAfrican ebony


  • This model comes equipped with ES-B electronics, which include a built-in digital tuner and provide a natural-sounding amplified tone, making it stage-ready.
  • Specifically crafted for left-handed players, this guitar addresses the playability needs and comfort of those who strum left-handed.
  • A unique feature of the Academy series is the built-in armrest on the lower bout, enhancing playing comfort during longer sessions.
  • This Taylor classical guitar is considered one of the most affordable guitars.

Taylor Academy 12e-N Grand Concert Nylon Acoustic-Electric Guitar

While the Taylor Academy 12e-N is a fantastic guitar with many attractive elements, it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call it “special” in a general sense. Its strength lies in offering exceptional value and versatility within its specific category. Here’s what enables it to stand out on its own:


TopSolid Lutz spruce
Back & Sideslayered Sapele
FretboardAfrican ebony


  • The ES-B electronic system includes a built-in digital tuner and preamp, offering excellent amplified sound for live performances or recording. 
  • The neck is built with a slightly shorter scale length that reduces string tension and simplifies fretting.  Players used to electric guitars or those with smaller hands particularly love this guitar.
  • The mellow tone of this gear is also well-suited for jazz fingerstyle, where complex chords and smooth transitions are paramount. 

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Taylor Special Edition 412ce-NR Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Buying the Taylor Special Edition 412ce-NR can be a wise decision for several reasons, especially if you’re looking for specific qualities in a guitar. The guitar is indeed a special instrument, boasting several distinctive features that set it apart in the realm of high-quality guitars. Let’s explore what makes this guitar particularly noteworthy:


TopSolid Spruce
Back & SidesSolid Rosewood
Fretboard Ebony
ElectronicsES-N under-saddle Transducer


  • With its rosewood construction, the 412ce-NR provides a rich, nuanced sound profile that is versatile enough for various musical genres. 
  •  This smaller, more intimate body style allows for a more nuanced and controlled playing experience, making it easier to articulate complex fingerpicking patterns.
  • The 412ce-NR often includes elegant aesthetic touches like detailed inlays, a sleek cutaway for easier access to higher frets, and high-quality finish options.

Taylor 414ce-N  Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

The Taylor 414ce-N Grand Auditorium Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a perfect example of its renowned craftsmanship and inventive build. It is specifically designed for players who value the subtle tone of nylon strings combined with the versatility of a modern acoustic bass guitar.

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TopSolid Sitka Spruce
Back & SidesSolid Indian Rosewood
Fretboard Ebony
Nut width 1.87″ (47.6 mm)
NeckTropical Mahogany
ElectronicsUndersaddle piezo pickup


  • The Grand Auditorium body style is a brand hallmark, renowned for its balanced tonal response and impressive volume.
  • The mahogany neck offers a smooth, contoured feel, while the ebony fingerboard provides a classic playing surface for effortless fretting.
  • The combination of a Sitka spruce top and Rosewood back and sides delivers a rich, well-rounded sound profile. 

Taylor 312ce-N Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

Taylor 312ce-N Grand Concert Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural is one of the best-selling products of their brand. This guitar is well-suited for both classical musicians and those who prefer the soft, mellow tones of nylon strings in other genres.


BodyGrand Concert/OO
TopSolid Sitka spruce
Back & SidesSolid Sapele
FretboardWest African ebony
ElectronicsUndersaddle piezo pickup


  • The smaller body size of the grand concert shape is especially comfortable for players of smaller stature or those who prefer a more manageable and intimate instrument.
  • The natural gloss finish and classic styling give the guitar an elegant and timeless appearance, appealing to everyone.
  • Like all Taylor guitars, the 312ce-N is expertly crafted to provide a premium, long-lasting instrument that can survive the demands of both the studio and the stage.

Taylor Academy 12-N Grand Concert Nylon String Guitar

Say goodbye to the myth that high-quality classical guitars come with hefty price tags. The Taylor Academy 12-N democratizes the world of premium instruments, making it accessible to beginners and budget-conscious people.


TopSolid Lutz Spruce
Back & SidesLayered Sapele
FretboardAfrican Ebony


  • Designed with affordability in mind, the Academy 12-N is an excellent option for beginners or those seeking a high-quality guitar without breaking the bank.
  • The varnish finish and streamline give the guitar a clean, understated look that focuses on functionality and playability.
  • Standard scale length, providing the classic feel of a traditional Taylor classical guitar.

Taylor 814ce-N Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

Taylor 814ce-N Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar is the most expensive guitar on this list. And it totally justifies this. Let’s explore how.


TopSolid Sitka spruce
Back & SidesIndian rosewood
Scale length25.5″
ElectronicsBehind-the-Saddle Transducer with Adjustable Sensors


  • It is part of Taylor’s 800 Series, which is the company’s top-of-the-line line of nylon-string guitars.
  • Unlike some other Taylor models, which may use laminated wood for the back and sides, the 814ce-N has premium tonewoods which make the guitar’s cost compared to models using laminated or less expensive woods.
  •  High-end guitars like the 814ce-N are often seen as investments. They are built to last and maintain their value over time, which can justify the initial higher cost for many buyers.

Taylor/Martin/Fender: Which guitar is better? 

When comparing Taylor classical guitars from three renowned brands like Martin, and Fender, it’s important to consider several key aspects. Here’s a table that provides a comparison based on general attributes often found in classical guitars from these brands

Feature    Taylor    Martin    Fender
Price RangeHigh-end to mid-rangeHigh-end to mid-rangeMid-range to budget
Body StylesGrand Auditorium, Concert, DreadnoughtDreadnought, Concert, OM, 00Concert, Auditorium, Dreadnought
Playability( neck & nut) C-shaped, 1-7/8″ nut width C-shaped, 1-7/8″ or 2″ nut width C-shaped, 1-11/16″ or 2″ nut width
ToneWarm, rich, clear, balancedWarm, complex, full-bodiedBrighter, articulate, crisp
Target AudienceProfessionals and serious enthusiasts seeking quality and innovationTraditionalists and professionals valuing heritage and classic tonesBeginners, casual players, and those seeking value for money

Get The Best Deal

Visit the websites of Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend to find the most attractive deals on these guitars. Both sites provide free shipping within the United States. For cost savings, select any guitar from this list and it will be eligible for free shipping.


In conclusion, these guitars demonstrate the brand’s dedication to quality, creativity, and musicianship. Throughout this blog, we’ve looked at what makes these guitars stand out in the field of classical music.

It’s clear that the selection of Taylor classical guitar is not just an investment in a high-quality instrument; it’s an investment in a legacy of musical excellence. Whether on stage, in the studio, or in the comfort of your home, a Taylor classical guitar is sure to enrich your musical experience and inspire your creative journey.

FAQs of Taylor Classical Guitars

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