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Unlocking the 8 Magical Guitar for Kids

Guitar for kids

The Ultimate Guide to Guitars for Kids

  Is your little one itching to rock out and make music? Selecting the right guitar for kids can make all the difference in their musical journey. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve handpicked the top 8 guitars for kids both acoustic and electric which are perfect for aspiring young musicians. They’re easy to play, built to last, and most importantly, designed to make learning fun and rewarding. So crank up the excitement and get ready to help your child on their musical adventure!

But before that don’t forget to check on the essential accessories you need with your guitar. 

Yamaha JR1 Mini Folk Guitar ($159)

The Yamaha JR1 Mini Folk Guitar, priced at a budget-friendly $159, is more than just a cute, pint-sized instrument. This 3/4-sized acoustic guitar packs a punch, offering quality, playability, and versatility that make it a compelling guitar for kids. 

Yamaha JR1 Mini


TopGenuine spruce
 Back and SidesMeranti
ScaleReduced 21-1/4″ scale
Fingerboard & BridgeJavanese Rosewood


  • The JR1’s neck and action are designed to facilitate ease of play, an essential factor for beginners and young beginners.
  • At $159, the Yamaha JR1 offers remarkable value, combining Yamaha’s craftsmanship, playability, and sound quality.
  • Also, these guitars come with a gig bag, making it an even more attractive package of guitars for kids, beginners, or as a secondary instrument for seasoned players.

Fender FA-135CE Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar ($249)

Don’t be afraid to give your kid a real guitar. The “Guitar for Kids” list isn’t just concerned about the guitar size only, it’s a list where you can find a guitar that is all-rounder and can perform all sorts of functions. Well, this Fender FA-135CE Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar is one of them.  It’s designed to be an all-encompassing option, suitable for various playing styles and musical scenarios, making it a top choice for a kid’s first guitar. 

Fender FA-135CE Concert Acoustic


Body typeConcert/O
Top woodLaminated spruce
Back and sidesLayered basswood
Scale length25.3″


  • The inclusion of built-in electronics, including a preamp and tuner, is a significant advantage.
  • The concert-sized body of the FA-135CE is ideal for children, offering a comfortable fit that makes it easier for them to handle and play the guitar.
  • With its slim neck design, the FA-135CE caters to those with smaller hands, making it simpler for kids to form chords and navigate the fretboard. 

Taylor Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar($399)

The Taylor Baby Acoustic Guitar is widely regarded as one of the best guitars for kids, thanks to its unique combination of playability, size, and tonal quality. This mini acoustic guitar is designed with young learners in mind, this guitar embodies features that facilitate an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience. Here’s why the Baby Taylor stands out as one of the best acoustic guitars for kids.

Check out a less-expensive Taylor nylon string guitar, Taylor Academy 12EN for adults.

Taylor Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar


Body typeDreadnought 3/4-scale
TopSolid Sitka spruce
Back & sidesLayered walnut
Nut width1-11/16″ (42.8 mm)


  • Its compact-size guitar reduces the struggle of reaching over the body or stretching fingers across the fretboard, which can be challenging with full-size guitars.
  • With its professional look and feel, the young players won’t feel like a newbie, boosting their confidence and motivation to learn.
  • Its quality and design encourage proper playing techniques, which are vital for developing skills that can be transferred to larger guitars in the future.

Epiphone Les Paul Special-I Electric Guitar Player Pack

The Epiphone Les Paul Special-I Electric Guitar Player Pack is an excellent electric guitar for kids who are looking to start their journey into the world of electric guitar. The Player Pack includes the Epiphone Les Paul Special-I electric guitar, a portable and reliable Epiphone Electar 10-watt amplifier, a durable guitar cable, a clip-on headstock tuner, a guitar strap, medium picks, and a gig bag. 

Epiphone Les Paul Special-I Electric Guitar Player Pack


ShapeLes Paul
FingerboardEngineered hardwood
Scale length24.75″/628.65 mm


  • The included Epiphone Electar 10-watt amplifier is compact yet powerful enough for practice sessions at home or with friends. 
  • At the heart of the pack is the Epiphone Les Paul Special-I guitar, which features a classic Les Paul body shape made from solid wood, providing a robust tone and sustain.
  • Considering the quality of the instruments and accessories included, the Epiphone Les Paul Special-I Player Pack is one of the t best guitars for kids.

Ibanez PN12E Parlor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage ($199)

The Ibanez PN12E Parlor Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Vintage Mahogany Sunburst is an exceptional choice for kids for a myriad of reasons, from its compact size and playability to its versatile sound and aesthetic appeal. Also, it’s a great guitar for an acoustic beginner.

If your youngster is between two sizes or extremely close to the next size, choose the larger guitar size. Compared to full-size dreadnought guitars, the PN12E’s parlor body is more compact and lightweight, making it easier for smaller children to hold comfortably and reach the frets without stretching. This can improve their playing experience and encourage practice.

Ibanez PN12E Parlor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage


BracingX bracing
Back and sidesNyatoh
PickupIbanez Under Saddle


  • Many reviewers mention the PN12E has a comfortable, low action out of the box, which means the guitar strings are closer to the fretboard and require less pressure to press down. This made the guitar make it fun to play.
  • Despite of being a small guitar, the PN12E boasts a full-size fretboard, allowing them to learn to play techniques and proper hand positioning that can translate to other guitars later.
  • Mahogany construction contributes to a warm, rich sound that’s pleasant for both playing and listening making it a fantastic guitar for kids.
  • This guitar for kids is both the affordable and worthy guitar available in the general acoustic guitar market.

Squier Affinity Mini Stratocaster V2 Electric Guitar ($189)

The Squier Affinity Mini Stratocaster V2 Electric 6-string Guitar presents itself as an outstanding choice for parents looking to introduce their children to the world of electric guitar. Its design and features cater specifically to the needs and challenges faced by younger players, making it a practical and inspiring guitar for children. 

Squier Affinity Mini Stratocaster V2 Electric Guitar


Body shapeDouble cutaway 
Body typeSolid body 
Neck woodMaple
Scale length22.75 in


  • Thanks to its manageable size and slim neck profile, the Mini Strat V2 helps in developing proper guitar technique from the start. Kids can easily reach across the fretboard.
  • This six-string guitar’s durability ensures that this is a perfect option as a beginner guitar can accompany the child.
  • Three single-coil pickups deliver the iconic Fender Strat sound, versatile enough for kids’ play.

Ibanez GRX70QA Electric GuitarFor Kids ($199)

The Ibanez GRX70QA Electric Guitar is a standout choice for players seeking quality, and value in an electric guitar. Part of the esteemed Ibanez GRX series, this model is known for its exceptional playability and eye-catching aesthetics, making it a favorite among beginners and experienced guitarists alike.

Ibanez GRX70QA Electric Guitar


BodyPoplar body
InlayPearl dot inlay
FingerboardTreated New Zealand Pine
Neck MaterialMaple


  • The GRX maple neck is thin and fast, making it ideal for shredding and other fast-paced playing styles.
  • The 5-way pickup selector switch allows you to choose between the neck, middle, bridge, neck + middle, and bridge + middle pickups making it one of the best guitars for kids.
  • It’s versatile enough for many genres of music. 
  • The mahogany body provides a warm tone, while the quilted maple top adds a touch of class.

Mitchell TD100 Short-Scale Electric Guitar ($149) 

This is the cheapest guitar on our list. The Mitchell TD100 Short-Scale Electric Guitar is an excellent option for parents considering the first guitar for their child. Its design and features cater specifically to the needs of young or beginner players to enter guitar music. It makes the learning process both enjoyable and effective. Here’s why the Mitchell TD100 stands out as a top choice.

Hey, since we are talking about cheap guitars, why don’t you check out our list of budget classical guitars?

Mitchell TD100 Short-Scale Electric Guitar


Design3/4-size offset double-cutaway 
scale length22.5”
 Truss rodDual action
 Frets 22 medium-jumbo


  • The guitar’s body is lightweight and comfortable to play and hold for extended periods, reducing fatigue and making practice sessions more enjoyable.
  • Perfect guitar size for kids to play.
  • Provides options for selecting bridge, neck, or both pickups, allowing children to explore different tonal variations and experiment with their creativity.
  • Offering great features at an accessible price point, the Mitchell TD100 provides excellent value for parents.

Donner 30 Inch Kids Electric Guitar Beginner

Check out this exclusive pack containing everything a kid needs to get started on the journey of playing the guitar. It comes with a 30-inch long Donner DSJ-100 guitar, a tuner, a strap, extra strings, an L adjustment key, cables, picks, a Donner amp, Guitar bag.

Donner DSJ-100 Guitar Pack

Electric/Acoustic: which one is More preferable?

The choice between an electric and acoustic guitar for kids depends on the child’s interests, ease of play, and the music they’re inspired by. Acoustic guitars are great for simplicity and learning foundational skills, suitable for folk, country, and classical music.

However, one thing you should remember is that nylon strings might hurt less than steel string guitars. Steel strung, the guitar takes a bit longer to adjust in hands. 

Kids can also start with an electric guitar. Electric guitars, with low string action and versatile sounds, are ideal for kids interested in rock, pop, or jazz, offering easier playability and volume control. Ultimately, the best choice is the one that aligns with the child’s preferences and motivates them enough that they want to play guitar and explore music.

Check out the beginner acoustic guitars of 2024 here!

Fantastic Deals are Here

Every guitar mentioned in our list can be found at any guitar market, but you can also find them at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend online. But it’s not just these guitars; you can explore a wide range of classical and steel string guitars, guitar tuners, strings, and various other musical instruments on their websites.

Plus, they’re currently offering free shipping across the United States. So, don’t hesitate to browse their selections and take advantage of these deals.

Final Words

The world of children’s guitars extends far beyond traditional electric and acoustic options. Here are some additional choices to consider. Mini guitars like Loog mini acoustic guitars, Squier Mini Strat, little  Martin, and ukuleles are some examples.

Whether it’s a rock guitar buzzing with Rockstar dreams or a gentle acoustic strumming campfire melodies, consider their size, interests, and learning goals. Let them explore different options, hold various models, and most importantly, listen to their excitement. Remember, it’s not just about the strings and wood, but about igniting a passion for music that can last a lifetime.

FAQs of Guitar for Kids

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