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The Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-electric 12-String Wonder

Takamine EF381SC Legacy Series

The Takamine EF381SC 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans at Takamine. Premium materials and craftsmanship are all brought together with a high-gloss black finish that looks stunning under the glow of stage lighting.

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Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-electric 12-String
Image by Takamine 
Made InJapan
Model The Takamine EF381SC
Body Dreadnought
TopSolid Spruce
Neck Mahogany
Scale 25.375″
Nut Width 47.5mm
Weight5.7 lbs
Fingerboard Rosewood
ElectronicsCT4B II
Truss RodN/A
DesignSpecial Cutaway, Gloss Black Finish


Takamine’s Pro Series workshop has been making high-quality guitars for over 50 years, and that’s where the EF381SC 12-String dreadnought is made. It’s a handcrafted 12-string acoustic-electric guitar. 

Does the sturdy spruce top affect the tone?

With its sturdy spruce top, resonating with rich and deep tones, every strum and chord resonated with unparalleled warmth and clarity. The maple back and sides perfectly complemented the soundboard, adding a touch of sweetness and resonance to each note.

What is the Takamine EF381SC’s neck made of?

The Takamine EF381SC guitar has a solid mahogany neck and very strong and durable wood. This means that the neck is less likely to warp or twist over time, which can affect the guitar’s playability.

The mahogany neck is also joined to the body with a traditional dovetail joint, which is another very strong joint that helps to keep the neck straight and true.

Does it have a good neck and body joint?

The mahogany neck, skillfully connected to the body with a traditional ultra-strong dovetail joint, ensured unwavering stability and enhanced sustain.

Image by Takamine


The Takamine Legacy EF381SC 12-string acoustic guitar features a dreadnought body shape. The Dreadnought is one of the most iconic and popular acoustic guitar body shapes, known for its bold and powerful sound. 

What makes the dreadnought body shape unique is its combination of large body size and a specific bracing pattern. The EF381SC has a deep and wide body, providing ample resonance and volume. This results in a rich, full-bodied sound with a strong bass response and excellent projection.

Takamine EF381SC Dreadnought

What Makes This Guitar Special?

One of the standout features of the EF381SC is its unique cutaway design, which not only adds a touch of visual appeal but also provides easy access to the upper frets. This design feature allows guitarists to explore the higher registers of the instrument without any hindrance, making it ideal for melodic leads, intricate chord voicings, and solos. 

This is particularly beneficial when navigating the 12-string configuration, as it provides sufficient spacing for each string, enabling better control and accuracy while playing.

I found that the slightly wider nut width of the EF381SC contributes to the overall playability and enhances my ability to execute complex chord voicings and fingerstyle techniques.

Takamine EF381SC Preamp and Pickup

The inclusion of the CT4B II preamp system paired with a Palathetic under-saddle pickup ensures that the EF381SC is ready for amplified performances. The CT4B II preamp offers a three-band EQ and volume adjustment, allowing you to shape your sound to perfection. 

Also, the integrated tuner provides convenient on-the-fly tuning, eliminating the need for external tuning devices. Combining these electronics ensures a superb amplified output, making the EF381SC an excellent choice for live performances and studio recordings.

Image by Takamine

Pros of Takamine EF381SC

  1. Comfortable playability: The EF381SC has a comfortable neck and a well-set-up action, making it easy to play for long periods. The cutaway design also allows for easy access to the upper frets, making it ideal for fingerstyle playing.
  1. Versatile performance: The EF381SC is a versatile instrument that can be used for various musical genres. It is perfect for strumming, fingerpicking, and even solo work. The CT4B II preamp system with Palathetic under-saddle pickup also allows for amplified performance.
  1. Beautiful appearance: The EF381SC is a beautiful guitar with a gloss-black finish. The cutaway design and elegant headstock make it a stylish instrument that will look great on stage or in the studio.

Cons of Takamine EF381SC

  1. Price: The EF381SC is a relatively expensive guitar. However, it is made from high-quality materials and construction techniques, so it is a good investment for serious musicians.

Check out this video to find out how it sounds.

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