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Takamine EF381DX 12-string Dreadnought

EF381DX 12-string

The Takamine EF381DX popular 12-string guitar that has gained recognition among professional musicians and guitar enthusiasts. It is from the Takamine 12-string legacy series. The aesthetics of the guitar make it stand out effortlessly!

With the presence of a solid spruce top, maple back and sides, and exceptional playability, this instrument delivers a rich and resonant tone. This makes it suitable for a wide range of musical genres. Let me specify some of its features.

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Takamine EF381DX 12-string
Images By Takamine
Made InJapan
Model EF381DX
Body Dreadnought Cutaway
Scale 644mm
Nut Width 47.5mm
Fingerboard ROSEWOOD
ElectronicsCT-4B II
InlaysDelicate Takamine Diamond Inlays
Truss RodYes
CaseHardshell Case

Fine Aesthetics of the Takamine EF381DX

Abalone Purfling

The guitar boasts a band of colorful abalone purfling. It wraps the body in luxury. The colors shimmer, adding depth and allure.

Abalone Rosette

At the heart of the guitar, an abalone rosette encircles the soundhole. It gleams with a spectrum of colors. Each angle offers a new shade.

Gotoh Tuners with Pearloid Buttons

Up top, Gotoh tuners with pearloid buttons sit elegantly. They keep tunes stable. Their pearloid buttons shine with a soft luster.

Takamine Diamond Inlays

Along the fretboard, Takamine diamond inlays mark the positions. They are simple yet sophisticated. Each inlay is a stamp of Takamine craftsmanship.

Superior Quality Tonewoods

Classic Solid Spruce Top

The Takamine EF381DX features a solid spruce top known for its excellent projection and resonance. Solid spruce top guitars tend to have better sustain than laminate top guitars. This means that the notes will ring out longer and sound fuller. 

Superb Articulation of The Back and Sides

The maple back and sides are faithfully articulated, providing a crisp and defined sound. Maple is a dense tonewood that offers excellent note separation and clarity. When used for the back and sides of a guitar, it helps enhance the instrument’s overall articulation.

The combination of a spruce top and maple back and sides results in a balanced and rich tone.

Dreadnought Body Shape

The EF381DX boasts the popular dreadnought body shape, known for its strong low end and ample volume. This body shape is particularly well-suited for strumming and chord-heavy playing styles.

The dreadnought body is larger than most other guitar body shapes, which gives it a fuller, richer sound. This makes it a good choice for strumming and playing with a pick. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the EF381DX delivers a full-bodied sound that cuts through the mix.

The Legendary CT-4BII Electronics

Equipped with the legendary CT-4BII electronics, the EF381DX ensures optimal amplified sound. The CT-4BII system features a three-band EQ volume control. These allow you to fine-tune the guitar’s tone to suit different playing styles and performance environments.

Why Is It Special?

The CT4B II preamp empowers you to shape your sound according to your preferences. From boosting the bass for a more pronounced low-end presence to adjusting the treble for added brightness and clarity. This level of control ensures that your guitar’s amplified tone complements your playing style and fits well within a band mix.

The Onboard Tuner Is Amazing

The onboard tuner is an invaluable tool for staying in tune on stage. It’s incredibly convenient to have a tuner built right into the guitar. During live performances, It’s accurate and responsive, allowing for quick and precise tuning adjustments between songs or during breaks.

Image by Takamine

Combining Mahogany And Rosewood For The Neck

To complete the overall design, Takamine incorporates a neck made of mahogany and a fingerboard constructed from rosewood. These carefully chosen tonewoods contribute to the guitar’s resonance and produce a delightful attack.

Result Of The Combination

The resulting tone is characterized by a pleasant balance with a subtle emphasis on the midrange frequencies and a powerful punch that shines through during aggressive strumming. It also has pearloid buttons and delicate design work.

Image by Takamine

This resonant quality adds depth and warmth to the guitar’s overall sound, making it particularly well-suited for genres that demand a smooth and expressive tonal character.

Pros of Takamine EF381DX

  1. Rich and Resonant Tone: The combination of the solid spruce top and maple back and sides produces a well-balanced and resonant tone. This allows the EF381DX to deliver warm and clear sound, making it suitable for various musical styles.
  1. Versatility: The EF381DX excels in different genres, including folk, rock, country, and more. Its powerful projection and excellent playability make it suitable for both strumming and fingerpicking, providing versatility for various playing styles.
  1. Reliable Electronics: The CT-4BII preamp system ensures accurate and natural amplified sound. Its three-band EQ and onboard tuner allow for easy tone shaping and tuning adjustments, making the EF381DX a reliable choice for live performances.

Cons  of Takamine EF381DX

  1. Size and Weight: The dreadnought body shape of the EF381DX may feel bulky for players accustomed to smaller-sized guitars. It might require some adjustment in terms of handling and comfort, especially for those with smaller frames.


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