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A Closer Look at Yamaha CG102 Classical Guitar

Exploring the Yamaha CG102 Classical Acoustic Guitar

Among the CG series models, the Yamaha CG102 stands out as a perfect guitar for beginners. Its spruce top and meranti back and sides contribute to a well-rounded sound and enhanced projection.

The CG 102’s comfortable neck profile and smooth fretboard make it easy for beginners to navigate and develop their playing technique. With its affordability and exceptional playability, the CG 102 enables aspiring guitarists to embark on their classical guitar journey with confidence. Let me walk you through its features. 

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Yamaha CG102

Made InChina
Model CG102
Body Nato Wood
TopSpruce Top
Neck Locally Sourced Tonewood
Nut Width 52 mm (2 1/16”)
Weight6.39 lbs
Fretboard Rosewood
BracingFan-Bracing Pattern
Truss RodN/A
DesignFlat Top, Hollow Body
FinishGloss body 

Build and Construction

The Yamaha CG102 is a remarkable entry-level classical guitar that boasts an exquisite build and construction. It features a traditional Yamaha CG shape, which embodies the essence of classical guitars.

The top of the CG102 is constructed with spruce, a tonewood known for its excellent sound projection and responsiveness. The spruce top naturally acts as the soundboard, vibrating in response to the strings and resonating to produce a rich, high volume, dynamic tone with clarity and warmth.

For the back and sides of the CG102, Yamaha has chosen nato wood, also referred to as Eastern Mahogany. Nato wood offers durability and contributes to the guitar’s overall tonal balance. It possesses similar tonal characteristics to mahogany, providing a warm, focused sound with a good amount of sustain.

The combination of spruce top and nato back and sides creates a harmonious balance between the guitar’s tonal elements, ensuring a well-rounded and pleasing sound projection. This allows beginners also skilled players to confidently explore various playing techniques and musical styles, as the guitar responds accurately to their touch and musical expression. 

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With its carefully crafted body design and the use of high-quality tonewoods, the Yamaha CG102 offers a delightful playing experience for beginners, enabling them to embrace the nuances of classical guitar and enjoy the rich, resonant tones that define this instrument’s beauty.


Yamaha CG102 has this amazing fingerboard made from rosewood. Rosewood is really durable and has this smooth feel that’s just a pleasure to touch. Plus, it sounds fantastic. It’s a popular choice for fingerboards because it’s so easy to play on. When I’m moving my fingers up and down the neck, hitting those frets, it just feels effortless and super smooth. It really makes playing the guitar a joy.

Yamaha CG102

The fretboard of the Yamaha CG102 features 18 frets, allowing for a wide range of musical expression and note variations. The fingerboard is attached to the neck of the guitar and extends from the nut to the body.

The fretboard is marked with position markers or inlays, typically located at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets. These markers act like visual guides on the fingerboard, helping musicians find their way around and spot specific notes or positions easily.

The fretboard is slightly curved, featuring a radius or a slight curvature that promotes ease of playing and facilitates techniques such as string bending and vibrato. This curvature is known as the fingerboard radius and can vary depending on the guitar model.

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Neck: The Wow Factor of The Guitar

The CG102 features a standard-sized neck that feels instantly familiar and comfortable in my hands. The nut width of the fingerboard measures around 52-54mm (approximately 2.05-2.13 inches), providing the perfect spacing between the strings. And this is one of the best features of this guitar. This precise width allows me to confidently press down on individual strings and effortlessly execute complex chord shapes with utmost accuracy. 

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The CG102 guitar has a rosewood bridge, which is great for a couple of reasons. First off, rosewood makes the guitar sound richer and deeper – something you really want in classical music. And because it’s so strong, it holds up well against the string tension, keeping the guitar in good shape and sounding great. 

The way the bridge sticks to the soundboard is pretty neat too. It’s glued on there real tight, which means the vibrations from the strings get passed to the guitar body really well, making the sound louder and clearer. 

Yamaha CG102

And it’s got this fancy tie-block style like the bridges on more expensive guitars. It looks classy and makes changing strings super easy. It keeps the strings nice and tight. This is a big plus for any guitar player who changes strings a lot or does their own guitar maintenance.

Pros & Cons of the Yamaha CG102

Pros of the Yamaha CG102

  • Exceptional Build Quality

I absolutely love the Yamaha CG102 for its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is evident that this guitar has been built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand the demands of regular practice and performances without compromising its integrity.

  • Rich and Balanced Tone

When I strum the strings of my CG102, I am mesmerized by the rich and vibrant tone it produces. The combination of spruce top, nato back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard create a beautifully balanced sound that truly captivates. It inspires me to explore different musical styles and brings out the best in my playing.

  • Comfortable Playability

The CG102 is an absolute joy to play. The standard-sized neck and well-proportioned fingerboard make it incredibly comfortable to navigate and fret notes. The precise nut width and smooth rosewood fingerboard contribute to a seamless playing experience, allowing me to focus on my technique and musical expression without any hindrance.

Pros of the Yamaha CG102

  • Limited Tonewood Selection

While the tonewood choices of the CG102, such as spruce, nato, and rosewood, offer excellent sound and playability, I sometimes find myself yearning for a wider range of tonal possibilities.


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