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Cordoba C5 CET Thinline Guitar

Iberia Series Cordoba C5 Nylon String Acoustic Classical Guitar

I am going to share my experience with the Cordoba C5 CE nylon string guitar. Cordoba has been making nylon-string guitars since 1997 and is a well-known company. They make everything from exclusive Luthier Select Series to beginner guitars. 

The C5 is perfect as the first nylon-string guitar for beginners. It has a warm, stable sound thanks to its solid Canadian cedar top, mahogany back, and sides. Overall, the Cordoba C5 CET Thinline is a great choice for classical guitar players who want something a little more modern. Let me explain its features to you.

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Image By Cordoba Guitars

Made InChina
Model: C5 CET 
Top:Canadian Cedar
Neck: Mahogany
Scale: 25.6”
Nut Width: 2”
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Frets: 19
Electronics:Fishman Presys II
Pickup:Undersaddle Piezo, Onboard tuner
Bridge: Pau Ferro
Finish: Gloss Polyurethane
Fingerboard Material:Pau Ferro
Tuning MachinesCordoba Gold with Pearl Buttons

The C5 classical is one of the great entry-level options that can also be suitable for experienced players. Its hand-inlaid wood rosette and mahogany back and sides to produce a clear and incredible sounding guitar is one of Cordoba’s specialties. Right out of the box, this is a really great guitar at an affordable price.

Cordoba C5 Fretboard

The C5 CET Thinline guitar’s fretboard is made of Pau Ferro wood. This wood, often used in the construction of musical instruments, is very similar to rosewood. Pau Ferro has a rich, mellow tone and seamless feel similar to rosewood fretboards. Pau Ferro has been used as an alternative to rosewood in guitar making for many years. 

What I love most about this guitar is the frets. The fretboard on the C5 CET is 19 frets long, which gives players plenty of range to explore. It is also equipped with a comfortable C-shaped neck, making it easy to play for long periods of time.

Overall, the fretboard of the Cordoba C5 CET is a high-quality component that is well-suited for the guitar’s warm and balanced sound. It is also comfortable to play and durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Handmade Traditional Spanish Style Body of Cordoba C5 Guitar

The Cordoba C5 CET Thinline, a solid beginner’s guitar, has the traditional Spanish style Classic Body with the single cutaway style. The guitar has a glossy PU finish. The gorgeous grain of the Canadian solid cedar top, with the hand-inlaid rosette gives it a touch of natural elegance. With intricate Indian rosewood binding, the lightweight model is built to be easy on the hands. 

It’s not just about looks, though. Can’t say enough about how this guitar feels with its cedar top and mahogany back. The Thinline design keeps it lightweight and easy to hold, thanks to a body depth of around 2.6 inches.

Its mahogany back and sides offer durability and a warm, rich tone. The neck, also made from mahogany, is on the thinner side, which is great for those coming from electric guitars or who prefer a sleeker profile.

The Pau Ferro fretboard, built with a solid design, adds a comfortable touch. The neck, built with a solid dovetail joint, contributes to the overall strength of the guitar. The C5’s carved headstock is handmade with amazing craftsmanship.

The cutaway makes reaching those higher frets easier. So, whether you’re into classical or modern playing, the Cordoba C5-CET has the looks and playability to match. It comes in a natural finish and jet-black finish.

How does the Cordoba C5 CE  Nylon-String acoustic Guitar sound?

The Córdoba’s C5-CE has a lovely sound. It’s warm and well-balanced, which is pretty typical for classical and nylon-string guitars. That solid Canadian cedar top, pau ferro bridge gives it a rich, midrange-heavy tone with beautiful sustain that’s just right for classical and fingerstyle playing.

The mahogany back and sides add considerable depth to the sound of the Cordoba C5 CD, making it warm and mellow. Overall, it’s a sweet and clear sound that’s great for a variety of music styles.

Of course, how it sounds can also depend on your playing style and the strings you use, but in general, the C5 CET delivers a pleasing and resonant sound.


The Cordoba C5 CET guitar has the Fishman Presys II, which is an acoustic guitar preamp and tone process control. This preamp has a convenient interface with volume, bass, middle, and treble knobs. It enables players to quickly and effortlessly adjust their tone according to the situation. The thin body style with the Fishman Presys II reduces feedback on stage and has a good output.

This Fishman Presys II with the under-saddle piezo pickups enhances the natural sound of the guitar, resulting in a more well-balanced and precise tone. It is also a low-cost fix for guitarists who want to enhance their sound quality.


In this Cordoba C5 CET Thinline Guitar, they have used under-saddle piezo pickups. 

Undersaddle piezo pickups are well-known for capturing the genuine sound of acoustic nylon string guitar, offering a precise and clear interpretation of the device’s tone. These pickups produce less feedback than other types of pickups, which makes them the perfect fit for live performances.

These pickups are compatible with a variety of guitars, as well as acoustics, electrics, and classical. Undersaddle piezo pickups are built to be long-lasting and capable of withstanding the use and tear of everyday use. They produce a natural sound by sensing the sound waves of the acoustic nylon-string and the soundboard of the guitar. To learn more about classical guitar pickups, click here.

Cordoba Guitar
Image By Cordoba Guitars


The Cordoba C5 CET, a solid beginner’s guitar, weighs about 3.5 pounds. Classical guitars typically weigh around 4 pounds. However, there is a  weight range of 3-5 lbs. According to this range, we can say that the weight of this guitar is on the lighter side.

This allows players to perform for longer periods of time while remaining comfortable. When compared to other guitars, we can say that this one is quite easy to handle. Even novices can easily practice with it.

About Cordoba Iberia Series

The Cordoba C5 nylon string acoustic guitar has two variants the Cordoba C5 Ce (Cedar top) and Cordoba C5 Sp (Spruce top). Both guitars with custom gig bags are delivered to the customer for safe travel.

The Canadian cedar top and mahogany back produce a warm and great-sounding tone. It is a really nice guitar for classical players. The acoustic electric guitar resonates well with its bone nut and saddle and pau ferro binding.

Pros & Cons


Comfortable Thinline Design: The thinline body of the Cordoba C5 CET makes it easy to hold and play for extended periods, reducing player fatigue during long practice or performance sessions. It’s more like a portable mini guitar or on a scale travel guitar.

Balanced Sound: The guitar offers a warm and well-balanced sound, particularly suitable for classical and fingerstyle playing. The use of a solid Canadian cedar top along with mahogany back and sides enhances its delightful tonal characteristics.

Soft Cutaway for High Fret Access: The soft cutaway design provides easy access to the higher frets, allowing you to explore a wider tonal range and play more complex melodies.


Laminate Back and Sides: The use of laminate mahogany for the back and sides, while durable, may not produce the same depth and resonance as solid wood alternatives.

FAQs of Cordoba C5 CET

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