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Find The Best Classical Guitar For Beginners

best classical guitar for beginners

So you’re considering picking up the classical guitar? Excellent choice! we have listed the best classical guitar for beginners. Not just that! I have also gathered all my knowledge to help you with the nuances that make a classical guitar perfect for beginners. Let’s get right to it!

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Most Recommended Beginner Classical Guitars 2024

Epiphone E1 Classical Nylon String Guitar

Image by Epiphone


BodyCedar top with mahogany back and sides
FinishAntique Natural

Why Should You Buy It?

It has to be the best nylon string guitar for beginners. Its looks and feel combined with its sound make it appropriate for everyone.


If you’re on a budget but still eager to dive into the world of classical guitar, the Epiphone E1 Classic is one of the best classical guitars for the money. Priced affordably, it offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Ease of Play

The design of this guitar focuses on playability. With a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard, it allows for smooth transitions between chords. It’s built with the beginner in mind, ensuring learning is more joy than struggle.

Ideal Choice for Absolute Beginners

Never touched a guitar before? No problem. This Epiphone model is specifically tailored for those taking their first steps into playing guitar. The solid cedar top offers a warm sound that’s forgiving to newbie mistakes.

Are There Any Drawbacks?


It’s true; the Epiphone PRO-1 Classic isn’t going to win any design contests. If you’re looking for intricate inlays or a unique design, this may not be the guitar for you. Its aesthetics are simple, mirroring its entry-level status.

Cordoba CP100 Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Image By Cordoba


Body ShapeSpanish Classic
BodyNo Cutaway
Neck WoodNato
Nut Width2.04″
Fingerboard MaterialRosewood

Why Should You Buy It?

It is one of the best classical guitars for beginners to buy without hesitation.

Beautiful Finish

Aesthetically, this Cordoba guitar is a head-turner. With its satin, non-gloss finish, not only does the guitar look stunning, but it’s also practical; say goodbye to pesky fingerprints marring your instrument with one of the best beginner classical guitars.

Best Quality Materials

When it comes to materials, Cordoba Luthier doesn’t skimp. The nato neck and rosewood fingerboard ensure durability and sound quality. Its classic Spanish body shape adds an authentic touch, enhancing your musical journey.

Perfect for Small Hands

Got smaller hands? The Cordoba CP100 has a more narrow nut width of 2.04 inches, making it little easier to form chords and reach frets. Ideal for younger players or adults with smaller hands, it promises a comfortable playing experience.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Requires a stronger Pick

To bring out the full potential of this guitar, a stronger pick is advised. This allows for better projection and accurate tonality, especially if you’re striving for that perfect sound.

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Ibanez AEG50N Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

Image by Ibanez


Body WoodSpruce top with sapele back and sides
ElectronicsAEG-TTS preamp with tuner
FinishBlack High Gloss

Why Should I Buy It?

High-Quality Electronics

This Ibanez model comes equipped with an AEG-TTS preamp and an integrated tuner. If you’re considering amplifying your sound down the line, this guitar is already one step ahead.

Aesthetic Appeal

The black high gloss finish gives this great starter guitar a sleek and stylish appearance. It’s not just about sounding good; it’s also about looking good while you’re making it.

Versatile Wood Combination

The spruce top is excellent for clarity and projection, while the sapele back and sides add a rich tonal depth. The walnut fingerboard contributes to both durability and playability.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Potential Learning Curve with Electronics

For beginners who have never used preamps or tuners, there might be a slight learning curve to fully harness the guitar’s electronic capabilities.

Ibanez GA6CE Classical Guitar

Image By Ibanez


Body WoodMahogany
PickupUndersaddle piezo pickup
String Space11.6mm
ElectronicsIbanez 4-band EQ

Why Should You Buy It?

Unique Fingerboard Material

The Purpleheart wood fingerboard is not just eye-catching but also highly functional. As rosewood becomes increasingly scarce, rosewood offers a durable and visually appealing alternative.

Specialized Undersaddle Pickup

The undersaddle pickup in this model is designed to capture the strings’ sound with clarity and precision. It’s especially suited for fingerstyle and classical guitarists looking for a bright and punchy sound.

Focused Sound

The specialized under-saddle piezo pickup is great for specific styles and reduces external issues such as ambient noise.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Limited Traditional Appeal

If you’re a purist who prefers traditional materials like rosewood for the fingerboard, this guitar’s Purpleheart material might be a turn-off.

Washburn C5CE Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Image By Washburn


Body WoodSpruce top with Catalpa back and sides
PickupUndersaddle piezo pickup
StringD’Addario EJ46 ProArte Hard Tension strings
ElectronicsEQ4T preamp
FingerboardEngineered Wood

Why Should You Buy It?

Integrated Electronics

The Washburn C5CE comes with an EQ4T preamp and built-in tuner. This is particularly handy for beginners looking to experiment with amplification without needing to buy external devices.

Robust Material Choices

With its comfortable design and easy playability, this Yamaha model removes some of the initial barriers to learning, making it an excellent beginner guitar.

Gloss Finish for Longevity

A gloss finish not only enhances the guitar’s aesthetic appeal but also provides an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Engineered Wood Fingerboard

While engineered wood is durable, it may not offer the same level of resonance and tonal depth as traditional woods like rosewood or ebony. So, this might not be the guitar for the players who want to take their classical playing to the next level. 

Ibanez GA1 1/2 Size Classical Guitar 

Ibanez GA1 1/2 Size Classical Guitar 


Body WoodSpruce Top with Catalpa back and sides
FinishNatural High Gloss
FingerboardBK Hardwood

Why Should You Buy It?

Smaller size

This makes it ideal for children or adults with a smaller frame who might find a full-size guitar uncomfortable.

Warm Tone

The guitar produces a warm, pleasant classical tone that is suitable for the classical repertoire, fingerstyle playing, and practice sessions.

Affordable Price Point

One of the standout features of this model is its affordability. It delivers a solid performance without breaking the bank, making it accessible for those on a budget.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Limited sound

Due to its smaller size, the GA1 may not have the same sound quality and volume as a full-size classical guitar. This might be a concern for players who are looking for a richer, more powerful sound.

Yamaha CGS Student Classical Guitar Natural 3/4-Size

Yamaha CGS Student Classical Guitar


Body WoodSpruce top with Meranti back and sides
FinishUTF natural

Why Should You Buy It?

Nylon strings

These are easier on the fingers than steel-string acoustics, making it more comfortable for beginners to learn without experiencing finger pain. This is crucial, especially for children who are still developing finger strength and calluses.

Good Sound Quality

Despite its smaller size student guitar, the CGS classical guitar offers a warm, clear tone that’s encouraging for new players, making practice sessions more rewarding.

Easy Playability

Usually, this type of guitar comes with a neck profile that is comfortable for new players, reducing finger strain and making it easy to play.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Tuning Stability

Some users report that the guitar requires frequent tuning, a common challenge with nylon guitars, especially on more budget-friendly models.

Lucero LC100 Classical Guitar

Lucero LC100 Classical Guitar


Body Wood Laminated spruce top with Mahogany back and sides
FinishNatural gloss
FingerboardSelect hardwood

Why Should You Buy It?

Playable action

The action (string height) is generally reported to be good, meaning the strings are not too high off the fretboard, making it easier to press down and play.

Aesthetic Appeal

With a traditional classical guitar look, featuring a laminated spruce top and mahogany back and sides, traditional fan bracing, the LC100 is visually appealing and adheres to the classic aesthetic many classical guitarists appreciate.

Affordable price

This is a significant advantage for beginners or those on a tight budget. It allows you to try out classical guitar without a significant upfront investment.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Laminate construction

The LC100 uses laminated wood for the top, back, and sides. While this keeps the price down, it may not resonate as well as solid wood guitars, impacting the overall sound quality and sustain.

Yamaha C40 Gigmaker Nylon Classical Guitar

Image By Yamaha


Body WoodSpruce top with Meranti back and sides

Why Should You Buy It?

It is one of the best beginner classical guitars in the market that is sold and reviewed by thousands of people. It is one of the most sold starter classical guitars by Yamaha.


Yamaha has a reputation for quality and reliability that extends to the C40II. When you invest in this guitar, you’re investing in a product with proven track records.


With its comfortable design and easy playability, this Yamaha model removes some of the initial barriers to learning, making it an excellent choice for new players.


While being beginner-friendly, the Yamaha C40II is also budget-friendly. Its affordable price point makes it accessible to almost anyone interested in picking up the classical guitar.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

No Built-In Electronics

This guitar also lacks built-in electronics, which may limit your options for amplified performance.

Standard Design

The conventional look and feel of this guitar may not turn heads, but it aims for functionality over flashiness—a fair trade-off for most beginners.

Classical Guitar for Kids: 1/2 And 3/4 Size Classical Guitars

Cordoba C1M 1/2 Size Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar 

Image By Cordoba


Body WoodSpruce top with Mahogany back and sides

Why Should You Buy It?

Quarter-Size for Younger Players

The quarter-size design parlor guitar is specifically tailored for younger players or adults with smaller hands. This size makes it easier to navigate the fretboard, encouraging practice and learning.

High-Quality Woods

Constructed with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, this guitar boasts a rich and balanced tone. These high-quality woods make the instrument resonate well, contributing to a more fulfilling playing experience.

Matte Finish for a Natural Feel

The matte finish not only adds a touch of sophistication to the guitar’s appearance but also provides a more tactile and natural feel when playing, which many musicians find appealing.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Limited Sound Projection

Due to its smaller size, this guitar won’t produce the same volume or sound projection as a full-size model, which could be a limitation in certain settings.

Cordoba Mini II MH Acoustic Guitar

Image by Cordoba


Body WoodMahogany
Truss RodDual Action
Back and Sides WoodMahogany
Scale Length580mm (22 7/8″)
Overall Length873mm (34 3/8″)

Why Should I Buy It?

Better Than A Guitalele

If you’ve been eyeing a Guitalele but want something a bit more robust, the Cordoba Mini II has you covered. It offers the compactness of a Guitalele but with the tonal depth and features of a full-size classical guitar.

The Best Travel Guitar

Love to strum on the go? This guitar is your perfect travel companion. Its compact size makes it super portable without sacrificing sound quality, making it ideal for road trips, camping, or just some impromptu jamming.

All The Features Of A Classical Guitar

Don’t let the “Mini” fool you; this guitar features everything you’d expect from a classical guitar. From its dual-action truss rod to its mahogany body, it’s built to deliver a traditional classical experience in a smaller package.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

The Wide Nut May Feel Uncomfortable

If you have smaller hands or are accustomed to narrower nut widths, you might find the Cordoba Mini II a bit challenging at first. The wider nut could make certain chords and transitions feel awkward.

Alvarez Artist Series AC65HCE Classical Hybrid Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Image By Alvarez


Body WoodSolid Cedar top
ElectronicsL.R. Baggs StagePro preamp

Why Should You Buy It?

Excellent Tone Woods

The Alvarez Artist Classical Guitar is constructed with a solid Canadian Cedar top and Rosewood back and sides. These tonewoods provide a warm, resonant sound that is rich in overtones—ideal for the nuanced tones of classical music.

Comfortable Neck

The Mahogany neck adds to the guitar’s overall warmth while offering stability and comfort during prolonged playing sessions, enhancing the user experience for beginners.

Satin Finish

The satin finish offers a sleek, natural feel, making it a fingerprint-resistant choice that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

No Electronics

Like many classical guitars at this price point, this model lacks built-in electronics. If you’re looking to amplify your sound, additional gear will be necessary.

Cordoba Protege C1M Full-Size Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar 

Cordoba Protege C1M Full-Size Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar


Body Woodspruce top and mahogany back and sides
FinishMatte polyurethane

Why Should You Buy It?

Affordable price

This guitar falls within the budget-friendly range for beginner and student instruments, making it an accessible option for those starting their classical guitar journey.

Premium features

Despite its affordable price, the C1M includes some features typically found in higher-end guitars, such as Savarez strings and an adjustable truss rod. Savarez strings are known for their quality and playability, while the truss rod allows for neck adjustments, ensuring proper playing action over time.


Designed with beginners in mind, the C1M features a comfortable neck profile and action that make it easier for new players to form chords and navigate the fretboard.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Limited resale value

Due to its entry-level positioning, the C1M might not hold its value as well as higher-end classical guitars if you decide to upgrade in the future.

The List Goes On

There are plenty of classical guitars available right now, so choosing the first classical guitar is really tough. We made this list with what we believe to be the best classical guitars on the market.

But there are some other excellent guitars for guitar players in the world of nylon. Such as Cordoba C5, Fender CN-60S, Cordoba C9 etc. So, we suggest you find a guitar that sounds great, matches your style of music and is comfortable to play!

Features To Look For in Best Classical Guitar for Beginners

When shopping for a beginner’s classical guitar, it’s not just about the brand or the look. You’ve got to dig a little deeper. Here are some key aspects to consider.


Go for nylon. They’re easier on the fingers, especially for beginners. The top three strings are typically clear or rectified nylon, while the bottom three are wound with metals like silver.


The type of wood impacts both durability and sound quality. Cedar and spruce are popular choices for the top, offering warm and bright tones respectively. For the back and sides, consider rosewood or mahogany.

Best Classical Guitar For Beginners


Size matters, especially for younger players or those with smaller frames. Classical guitars come in full-size (4/4), 7/8, 3/4, and even half-size. The right size enhances playability and comfort.


Thinking about hitting the stage someday? Some classical guitars come with built-in electronics for easy amplification. But if you’re just starting a traditional, non-electric guitar will do just fine.


The budget is a big deal. Entry-level classical guitars can start as low as $100, but remember, you get what you pay for—a range of $200 to $500 offers decent quality for beginners without breaking the bank.

Remember, the best classical guitar for you will fit not just your hand, but also your musical aspirations. Ready to strum your first chord?

Classical vs. Acoustic Guitars

Let’s tackle the burning question first: classical or acoustic? Classical guitars usually feature nylon strings, and wider necks, and are crafted for fingerstyle techniques. They will not hurt your fingers as much as steel-string guitars.

On the other hand, steel-string acoustic guitars are versatile for strumming and picking. The former is ideal for genres like Flamenco and Classical music, while the latter is more suitable for Rock, Pop, and Country.

If you ask me, classical guitars are more delicate sounding and have a unique character than acoustic (steel string) guitars.

What is the difference between Gloss Finish and French Polish?

A gloss finish is usually a polyurethane or lacquer-based coating that provides a shiny, durable surface. It’s more resistant to damage but can slightly dampen the guitar’s natural resonance. French polish, on the other hand, is a traditional finish made from shellac and alcohol. It’s less durable but offers a more natural sound due to its thin, porous layers.

Does built-in electronics affect the sound of the guitar?

Built-in electronics like pickups and preamps can alter the acoustic qualities of a guitar when amplified. However, they generally don’t affect the guitar’s unplugged sound. It’s worth noting that the installation process might slightly modify the guitar’s internal structure, potentially influencing its acoustic properties.

How do build qualities affect the sound of a guitar?

Build quality plays a crucial role in a guitar’s sound. High-quality craftsmanship ensures better resonance, sustain, and tonal balance. Poor construction can lead to issues like buzzing strings, dead spots on the fretboard, or even structural problems that negatively affect sound quality.

How do different tonewoods affect the sound of a guitar?

Different tonewoods contribute to the guitar’s overall tonal characteristics. For instance, mahogany often produces a warm, rich sound, while spruce tops are known for their bright, clear tonality. Rosewood typically offers deep lows and sparkling highs. Check out the list of amazing budget classical guitars.

The choice of tonewood can significantly influence the instrument’s sound, making it critical to consider when choosing the best classical guitar for beginners.


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