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Ibanez FRH10N: An Affordable Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Ibanez FRH10N Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Brown Sunburst Flat

Ibanez FRH10N: A Budget-Friendly Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Gem for Guitarists

Ibanez FRH10N is the solution for those who are looking for the cheaper version of Tim Henson’s Signature Ibanez TOD10N Nylon String Guitar.  While it may not have all the unique features and custom specs of Henson’s signature model, the FRH10N doesn’t compromise on the core qualities Ibanez is known for. 

The FRH10N typically incorporates features such as a comfortable neck profile, a versatile tonal range suitable for a variety of music styles, and a build quality that reflects Ibanez’s reputation for durable and playable instruments. For guitarists who are just starting, on a budget, or simply want to enjoy a piece of the Ibanez experience inspired by Tim Henson’s signature model, the FRH10N nylon-string acoustic-electric guitar presents an excellent choice. 

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Image by Ibanez

Made InIndonesia
Body FRH body
TopSolid Sitka Spruce
Back & SideSapele back & sides
Neck Nyatoh
Scale 648mm/25.5″
Nut Width 46mm
Fingerboard Walnut Fingerboard
BracingFan Bracing
ElectronicsIbanez Custom Electronics
InlaysWhite dot inlay
PickupIbanez T-bar Undersaddle
ColorsBrown Sunburst, Natural, Indigo Blue
Metallic, Rose Gold Metallic

Walnut Fretboard 

The fretboard of the Ibanez FRH10N is crafted to cater to both playability and tonal quality. Typically made from quality woods like walnut, it offers a smooth, comfortable playing surface.

The fretboard radius is designed to facilitate ease of play for both chord strumming and intricate lead work. The superior high fret access are expertly installed and leveled, ensuring clear note articulation and minimal fret buzz. The fret markers are usually subtle, maintaining the guitar’s sleek aesthetic while providing essential visual cues for navigation.

Nyatoh Neck

Ibanez guitars are renowned for their necks, and the FRH10N is no exception. The nyatoh neck is usually made from sturdy and resonant woods, offering durability and a pleasing tonal contribution to the guitar’s acoustic sound. . 

Image from Ibanez

It has a C-shaped neck with a slim 46 mm bone nut and a flat 400 mm radius. It’s designed with a comfortable profile that suits a wide range of hand sizes and playing styles. This makes it particularly appealing to players transitioning from electric to nylon-string guitars, as well as classical guitarists seeking a more contemporary feel. 

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The combination of a narrow neck and it’s joint to the body is constructed to maximize sustain and tonal transfer, enhancing the guitar’s resonance and overall sound quality.

TOD10N Inspired Interiors 

The interior design of the FRH10N mirrors that of the TOD10N, employing the same traditional fan bracing for a touch-sensitive response that blooms with the slightest pluck. This design element is crucial to achieving the distinctive “Nuevo Flamenco” sound that Henson and his band Polyphia are known for.

The Differentiator- Electronics

The only difference between frh10n and tod10n is the electronics. Its electronic system significantly enhances its versatility. 

The guitar typically comes equipped with s an Ibanez t bar under saddle pickup and a preamp that produces a clear, natural Ibanez acoustic electric guitar sound to whatever amplification system you choose. With no soundhole on top, the FRH10N reduces feedback at higher volumes, allowing you to comfortably take it on stage.

Image from Ibanez

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Also, The sound port on the body side lets you feel and hear the true acoustic tone of the guitar more clearly and directly. The FRH10N acoustic-electric guitar features a sleek, onboard active preamp equipped with a mute button to silence the output signal when necessary.

Furthermore, the guitar features significant noise reduction capabilities to remove any unwanted overtones or buzzing sounds. This ensures that players can enjoy the pure and natural tones produced by the Thinline’s spruce top and sapele back and sides without any interference.

These electronics make the FRH10N an excellent choice for live performances and recording, allowing the player to amplify the guitar without losing the character of its typical nylon-string sound.

What’s the Story behind Ibanez FRH10N

Ibanez wasn’t initially keen on making a nylon-string guitar because a similar model failed in the late 90s. However, Tim Henson from Animals as Leaders found a discontinued Ibanez nylon electric guitar and loved it. 

He convinced Ibanez to reconsider by making the successful acoustic single “Playing God” with it. He basically gave them an ultimatum: either make his signature nylon guitar or risk losing out on potential profits. This ultimately persuaded Ibanez to go ahead with the project.

In one of his interview he said, “I called Ibanez and said, ‘Hey, I want a signature of this,’” he continued. “And they’re like, ‘Well, you know, it really didn’t do well in 1998…’ I was just like, ‘What the f**k!’ So, we made Playing God and I sent it to them, and told them, ‘If you don’t make this guitar, some other brand will – and you’re going to lose out on a lot of f**king money.’ Then they were like, ‘Oh s**t, yeah let’s do it.’”

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Get The Best Deal

In the vast world of nylon acoustic-electric guitars, it’s tough to find a guitar that has a compact body to accurately translate the traditional classical tone with a balanced acoustic sound. But, Frh10n justifies all those categories.

For those interested in purchasing this guitar, Amazon, Guitar Center, and Musician’s Friend are excellent places to start looking. Additionally, free shipping and guaranteed lowest prices are offered, making it even more accessible to acquire this standout instrument.

Wrap up

In wrapping up, the Ibanez FRH10N stands out as a real treasure for guitar enthusiasts looking for quality without a hefty price tag. 

This guitar cleverly brings together the high-end features of the TOD10N in a more wallet-friendly package, striking a perfect balance between cost and quality. For those on a budget, it’s a golden opportunity to dive into the world of premium guitar playing without draining your wallet.

Color options for Ibanez FRH10N Thinline Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Natural Flat

Ibanez FRH10N Natural Flat

DeltaLab DMT-1 

Indigo Blue Metallic Flat

Ibanez FRH10N Indigo Blue Metallic Flat


Brown Sunburst Flat

Ibanez FRH10N Guitar Brown Sunburst Flat


Rose Gold Metallic Flat

Ibanez FRH10N Rose Gold Metallic Flat


Pros & Cons of Ibanez FRH10N


  • One of the most significant advantages of the FRH10N is its budget-friendly price point.
  • The Ibanez FRH10N has a C-shaped nyatoh neck with a walnut fretboard. This makes the neck very comfortable to play, even for long periods. 
  • The unique placement of the soundhole projects sounds directly to the guitarists and lets them feel and hear the pure acoustic tone of the guitar.
  • The Ibanez FRH10N has a solid Sitka spruce top and sapele back and sides, which give it a warm tone, and rich sound that is perfect for fingerstyle playing. 


  • If the FRH10N includes electronic components, they might be more basic compared to more expensive guitars. 
  • The Ibanez FRH10N does not come with a case. This is a bit of a bummer, as you will need to purchase a case separately.

Ibanez FRH10N FAQS

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