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Why the Ibanez TOD10N Tim Henson Signature Guitar Should Be Your Next Guitar

Ibanez TOD10N

Exploring Tim Henson’s Signature Nylon Acoustic- Electric Model Ibanez TOD10N

The Ibanez TOD10N is Tim Henson’s signature electric nylon string guitar that has become a point of interest for guitarists from all over the world. It was famously used in Playing God by Polyphia. According to Polyphia’s Tim Henson,

“It’s really thin and it’s really light and it’s really fun to play. When you play it unplugged, you’ve got this nice little soundhole that hits you up in the face so only you get to hear it when you are practicing. Which is kinda cool!”

TOD stands for Tree of Death which refers to the design on the fretboard. The guitar is a modern-day shredder’s dream nylon string guitar. Imagine all the features that make an electric guitar fit for intense soloing and shredding in a nylon string guitar!

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Tim Henson’s Signature
Image by Ibanez
Body ShapeFRH Body
BracingFan Bracing for FRH
TopSolid Sitka Spruce Top
Back & SidesSapele Back and Sides
Sound Holeside sound port
NeckC Shape Nyatoh Neck
FretboardWalnut Fretboard
BridgeWalnut Bridge
Body BindingPearloid Binding
InlayTree of Death Inlay
Nut & SaddleBone Nut
Tuning MachineGold Classical Tuners
Number of Frets22
StringsD’Addario® XTC45
String Gauge.028/.032/.040/.028W/.035W/.044W
String Space11.6mm
Factory Tuning1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E
PickupFishman® S-Core
PreampIbanez AEQ210TF Preamp w/Onboard Tuner
Output Jack1/4″ Output
Battery9V Battery

Modern Pickup and Preamp

The Ibanez TOD10N Tim Henson signature nylon acoustic-electric guitar is equipped with a Fishman Sonicore pickup and an Ibanez AEQ210TF preamp. The Fishman Sonicore pickup is renowned for its ability to capture the guitar’s natural acoustic tone with clarity and warmth. And the pickup accurately translates the guitar’s sound into any amplification system.

Image By Ibanez

This pickup and preamp combination is perfect for the way the guitar is built. The AEQ210TF preamp adds versatility, offering onboard EQ for tone shaping and a digital tuner for convenience. This combination is perfect for performers who need reliable amplification and sound control during live performances or recording sessions.

Traditional Nylon String Fan Bracing

The traditional classical-style fan bracing in this guitar is a key feature. Fan bracing is commonly used in classical guitars and contributes to a warm, resonant, and balanced sound of acoustic guitars.

While the TOD10N is acoustically quieter compared to traditional classical guitars, it is perfectly loud for practice sessions. This makes it an excellent choice for electric players who appreciate the nuanced sound of nylon strings and need a guitar that performs well acoustically in a variety of settings.

The Side Soundhole: Small But Effective

Unlike traditional guitars with a central soundhole, the TOD10N features a side soundhole. This design choice is not just aesthetic; it allows the player to experience the guitar’s sound more directly and with less feedback.

Sleek Design and Aesthetics

The Ibanez TOD10N stands out with its ultrasleek design. It comes in two finishes: a transparent black matte and a brown sunburst, both of which give the guitar a modern and stylish look. The pearloid binding throughout the guitar’s body looks absolutely stunning.

Learn more about electric guitar body shapes from here!

Image by Ibanez

Matte Black Finish

The matte black finish adds a unique and sophisticated touch. The “Tree of Death” inlay on the fingerboard, a darker twist on Ibanez’s iconic “Tree of Life” design, and headstock further adds to its distinctive distinctive transparent flat black appearance.

Brown Sunburst Finish

If you don’t like the “Tree of Death” inlay design you still have a beautiful option for nearly the same guitar. The brown sunburst model’s name is Ibanez FRH10N BSF Nylon String. It comes without the TOD fingerboard inlay. This guitar is played by the other guitarist of Polyphia, Scott LePage. This model is even more affordable.

The Extended Cutaway

Ibanez TOD10N’s extended cutaway allows the player to access all 22 frets on the guitar. Because of this, the shredders get high fret access with ease. Also, the solid Sitka spruce top provides an enormous frequency range, offering wave after wave of shimmer shimmer high notes, tight mids, and a full-bodied low end. All these features of this compact body allow you to feel and hear the warm tone of the guitar.

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Pros And Cons of The Ibanez TOD10N Nylon String Guitar


  • You can shred on the TOD10N even if you are not comfortable with playing fast on acoustic guitars
  • The fretboard radius is not as wide as traditional classical guitars
  • Top-class Ibanez build quality and materials


  • The guitar has a small soundhole on the side so it is not super loud acoustically.


The Ibanez TOD10N may not be preferred by traditional classical guitar players, but Tim Henson is not a traditional classical guitar player. This seems to be the perfect guitar for the neo-prog rock genre of Polyphia and the playing styles of Tim Henson and Scott LePage.

Tim Henson’s Signature Ibanez TOD10N FAQs

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