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Guitar Keeps Going Out Of Tune: 6 Solutions

Why my classical guitar keeps going out of tune

Before a gig, many of us often have to calculate the time of restring a guitar because the guitar keeps going out of tune immediately after you do it. So you have to wait for the strings and the guitar to settle down.

Is there a way out of this? There is. By choosing the right strings, stretching them, aligning and intonating the guitar you sure can have better results regarding tuning stability.

Let’s get into some of the most effective methods of keeping the guitar in tune and if you are looking for some of the best tuners, check here!

Why does The Guitar Keep Going Out of Tune?

This happens because when new strings are applied to a guitar they get stretched beyond how they were produced. They have a limit up to which they can stretch. So until the ideal tension is set the guitar is likely to go out of tune.

The nut and the tuning pegs might also be faulty and built with low-quality material causing the guitar to go out of tune. So here’s what you should do if your guitar keeps going out of tune:

1. Stretch your strings

New strings tend to stretch over time, which can cause them to go out of tune more easily. To prevent this, stretch your strings by pulling them gently and tuning them up several times. You can also use a string stretcher tool to do this more easily.

classical guitar keeps going out of tune

Step 2: Use High-Quality Strings

Cheap strings can easily go out of tune, so invest in some high-quality strings that fit your guitars. Nylon strings tend to stay in tune better than steel strings because they are more flexible and less affected by temperature changes.

Step 3: Check Your Tuning Pegs

If your tuning pegs are loose or not functioning properly, they can cause your guitar to go out of tune. Make sure they are tightened securely and lubricated properly. If they are damaged or worn out, consider replacing them.

Step 4: Adjust Your Bridge And Saddle

 If your bridge or saddle is not properly aligned, it can affect your guitar’s intonation and cause it to go out of tune. Check to make sure they are properly positioned and adjusted.

Step 5: Keep Your Guitar In A Stable Environment

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause your guitar to go out of tune, so it’s important to keep it in a stable environment. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or humidity levels – this can be done by storing it in a moisture-resistant case when not in use.

Step 6: Install Locking Tuners

In extreme cases where nothing seems to help, locking tuners can be a last resort. Locking tuners are a type of tuning machine that locks the string in place once it’s tuned. This can help prevent the string from slipping or stretching, which can cause your guitar to go out of tune.

out of tune

Why is Guitar Intonation Important?

Intonation is important because whatever setup or repair work you do, if the guitar is not well intonated then the notes will not play in tune.

Intonation means playing each fret of each string to check if they are producing the note they are supposed to.

Without intonation, you may tune the strings as open strings but as soon as you fret a note it will sound off-key.

Intonation done by seasoned luthiers and technicians can be expensive to some extent. It depends on the condition of the guitar. But even if it costs you a little extra you should always aim for perfect intonation.

Care is worth the cost

If your guitar keeps getting out of tune, following these tips should help. A little bit of hassle is a small price to keep your classical guitar in tune and sounding its best.

Some of the measures are situational, so do take care in assessing the state of your guitar before applying a remedy.

Remember that it takes time and patience to properly maintain a guitar, but if it helps keep your guitar in shape (literally) and saves you the pain of tuning it every time you sit down to play, it’s well worth it.

The Guitar Keeps Going Out Of Tune FAQs

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