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Are you looking for a classical guitar that’s both beautiful and sounds amazing? Then check out the Takamine GC5! 

This guitar is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and it produces a rich, warm sound that’s perfect for classical music, flamenco, and other genres. Let’s take a look at what the Takamine GC5 offers!

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Takamine GC5

Guitar TopSolid Spruce
BackBlack Walnut
SidesBlack Walnut
Nut Width2″ (50.8 mm)
Fretboard RadiusFlat
Bridge TypeFixed
Neck ShapeC Shape
Number of Frets19

The Legacy of Takamine Guitars

Takamine guitars are particularly well-known for their use of premium materials and attention to detail in construction, and the Takamine GC5 is no exception. The company was created to make classical guitars, after all. 

Over the years, Takamine has grown to be favored by many famous musicians, including Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, Jon Bon Jovi, and Kenny Chesney. Takamine was the first guitar manufacturer to introduce a preamp with built-in EQ and tuner in the early 1980s. This innovation paved the way for modern acoustic-electric guitars.

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Excellent Design and Build

One of the standout features of the Takamine GC5 is its construction. The guitar is crafted using fine materials, including a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The solid spruce top provides a bright, articulate sound, while the rosewood back and sides offer a warm, rich tone. This combination of materials ensures that the GC5 produces a sound that is both vibrant and resonant.

The GC5 also boasts a number of impressive design features that make it a joy to play. The guitar’s neck is made from mahogany, which is both strong and lightweight, providing a comfortable playing experience. 

The fretboard is also made from rosewood, which is known for its smooth and responsive feel under the fingers. 

The Takamine GC5’s neck is fast and comfortable, making it easy to play even for extended periods. The dovetail neck joint ensures enhanced wood-to-wood contact, leading to improved resonance and outstanding structural stability

Overall, the build is well-suited for a variety of playing styles. The GC5’s construction is top-notch, with excellent attention to detail and quality control.

Image by Takamine Guitars

Is GC5 Playability?

Takamine GC5 is very easy to play. The guitar has a slim, comfortable neck that is easy to navigate, even for players with smaller hands. The fretboard is made of rosewood and has a flat radius, which allows for smooth and easy fingerstyle playing

The GC5’s action is set at a comfortable height, providing a good balance between playability and tone. The guitar’s nylon strings also make it more comfortable to play for long periods of time, as they are easier on the fingers than steel strings.

How is The Tonality of GC5

The Takamine GC5’s sound has a booming tone, as one would expect from the dreadnought body. It comes with a rich and resonant tone that is well-suited for classical and fingerstyle playing. 

The cedar top provides a warm and responsive sound that is particularly well-suited for solo playing and intimate settings. The rosewood back and sides provide a well-rounded tone that is equally well-suited for ensemble playing and accompaniment. The matured wood boosts the acoustics.

Takamine Guitars
Image by Takamine Guitars

The Downsides

One potential downside of the Takamine GC5 is its lack of built-in electronics. While the guitar is designed primarily for acoustic playing, some players may want the option to amplify their sound. However, the lack of built-in electronics is not necessarily a deal-breaker, as there are many aftermarket pickups and microphone systems available that can be easily installed.

There are no locking tuners, so intense playing might detune the guitar. The side and back woods are laminated, which provides a lesser depth of sound than solid wood.

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Another potential downside of the GC5 is its price. While the guitar is not the most expensive classical guitar on the market, it is still a significant investment for most players. However, the GC5’s excellent build quality and sound make it a worthwhile investment for serious musicians who are looking for a high-quality instrument that will last for years to come.

In conclusion

Overall, the Takamine GC5 is an excellent classical guitar that offers a blend of traditional design and modern features. The guitar’s construction is top-notch, with excellent attention to detail and quality control. Its playability is excellent, with a slim and comfortable neck and a well-set action. 

While the lack of built-in electronics and the price may be potential drawbacks for some players, the GC5’s overall quality and sound make it an excellent choice for serious musicians who are looking for a high-quality classical guitar.

Pros & Cons of Takamine GC5


Sound: The Takamine GC5 has a warm, mellow sound that is perfect for classical, jazz, and folk music. The spruce top gives the guitar a clear sound, while the black walnut back and sides add warmth and richness.

Playability: The GC5 is very comfortable to play, with a low action and a smooth neck. The guitar is also well-balanced, so it won’t cause any neck fatigue.

Price: The Takamine GC5 is a very affordable guitar, especially considering its quality. It is a great option for beginners and intermediate players who are looking for a good-sounding, well-made guitar.


Electronics: The GC5 does not come with any electronics, so it is not suitable for amplified performances.

FAQs of Takamine GC5

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