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The Mighty Takamine P3DC 12 String Guitar

P3DC 12

Takamine P3DC 12 string from Takamine’s top-line pro series breaks all the stereotypes. Its cedar top produces a warm and inviting sound, unlike the overly bright and jangly 12-strings I’ve encountered before.

Takamine’s Pro Series p3dc 12-string presents rich dreadnaught tonal quality. It combines exceptional tonewoods, elegant design, and cutting-edge electronics for a mesmerizing acoustic experience. 

With its Venetian cutaway, accessing those upper registers is a breeze, allowing for seamless transitions and fluidity while playing.

Remember to dig deep by learning some chords to play on the 12-string guitar.

Image by Takamine
Made InJapan
Model P3DC-12
Body Dreadnought
TopSolid Cedar Top features
Neck Mahogany
Nut Width 1.825″
Fretboard Rosewood
BracingX Scalloped
ElectronicsCT4B II, Built In tuners
BridgeRosewood with a Takamine split saddle bone
Truss RodDual Action
CaseHardshell Case
DesignSingle Cutaway

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When I first got my hands on the Takamine P3DC 12-string guitar, I was immediately struck by the quality of its construction. The body of this instrument is a true testament to skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Takamine P3DC 12 String Body
Image by Takamine

A Solid Cedar Top

Starting with the top wood, the guitar has solid cedar top features, renowned for its warm and resonant qualities. This choice of wood adds richness and depth to the instrument’s tone, allowing for beautiful harmonics and a vibrant sound.

The Back and Sides

Moving to the back and sides, the P3DC showcases sapele wood, known for its balanced tonal characteristics. This choice of wood complements the cedar top, offering a well-rounded and articulate sound with excellent projection.

The Body Shape

The body shape of this guitar is a dreadnought, a classic design that provides a full-bodied sound and ample volume. It’s perfect for strumming chords with power and precision, making it suitable for various playing styles and genres.

The Fine Finish

The body’s finish had a natural satin texture, which added to the overall appeal of the guitar. Not only did it look beautiful, but it also allowed the wood to breathe and resonate freely, resulting in a more vibrant and organic sound.

Simple But Elegant Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, this guitar is a stunner. The natural satin finish showcases the wood’s inherent beauty, while the ivory binding, dark purfling and concentric-ring rosette with wood marquetry add a touch of elegance. The gold tuners with amber buttons provide a tasteful finishing touch.

Takamine P3DC 12 String Headstock
Image by Takamine

What Is The Fingerboard Made Of?

The fingerboard is made of rosewood, a popular choice known for its smooth feel and rich tonal characteristics. This wood provides a comfortable playing surface, allowing for fluid movements and precise fretting.

How Many Frets Does It Have?

The Takamine P3DC 12-string guitar boasts 20 frets. I found the frets to be well-positioned and accurately placed, allowing for smooth transitions and comfortable hand positioning.

Takamine P3DC 12-String fingerboard
Image by Takamine

The Neck Finish

The neck of the guitar is finished with a smooth satin texture, enhancing the playing experience. This finish provides a comfortable grip. The satin finish also allows the wood to resonate freely, contributing to the overall tone and projection of the instrument.

If you are not satisfied with the setup of the guitar check out this blog to learn how you can set up a 12-string guitar properly.

Does it have Inlays?

The fingerboard features dot inlays, providing visual markers for easy navigation along the fretboard. These simple yet effective inlays allowed me to find my way around the neck effortlessly

The Scale Length

The scale length of the guitar measures 25.375 inches, which offers a comfortable reach across the fretboard. This scale length strikes a balance between playability and tension, providing enough room for complex fingerings while maintaining a consistent tone and feel.

Does The Takamine P3DC-12 String Have A Stable Neck?

Turning my attention to the neck, I appreciated that it was made of mahogany. This wood choice added stability to the instrument while imparting warm tonal properties. It felt smooth and comfortable in my hands, allowing me to navigate the fretboard with ease.

What Strings Are Recommended By The Makers For This Guitars?

D’Addario EXP38 light-gauge strings are often used on this guitar, further enhancing the playability and tonal characteristics of the instrument. These strings offer a balanced tension that allows for comfortable playing while delivering a rich and vibrant sound. 

If you want to discover other string brands on this guitar check out our in-depth suggestions on 12-string guitar strings.


Moving on to electronics, the highly acclaimed CT4B II system equipped in the P3DC is an absolute game-changer. It provided me with an array of powerful tools to shape my sound exactly the way I wanted.

Image by Takamine

The Built-in Preamps

The built-in preamp with its three-band EQ allowed me to fine-tune the tone, adjusting the bass, mid, and treble frequencies to suit different playing styles and performance settings.

The Volume Controls

The volume control was also incredibly responsive, allowing me to easily adjust the output level to match the requirements of various performance environments.

The Built-in Tuners

One of the standout features for me was the built-in tuner. It made on-the-fly tuning adjustments a breeze, saving me time and effort during rehearsals and live performances.

The Output Jack

The Takamine P3DC comes with a standard 1/4-inch output jack. This versatile connection allowed me to effortlessly plug into amplifiers, PA systems, or recording equipment.

Pros of the Takamine P3DC 12

  1. Superb Tone: The combination of the solid cedar top and sapele back and sides have resonant tonewoods with elegant appointments that is both balanced and rich. The guitar’s tonewoods are carefully selected, resulting in a captivating acoustic experience that brings out the best in any musical style.
  1. Excellent Playability: The fingerboard, made of rosewood, offers a smooth and comfortable playing surface. The well-positioned frets and dot-in-dot inlays make it easy to navigate the neck, allowing for effortless chord transitions and intricate melodies. The overall design, including the dreadnought body shape and single cutaway, ensures comfortable access to the upper frets.
  1. Versatile Electronics: The CT4B II preamp system provides a range of sound-shaping options, including a 3-band EQ and volume control. Additionally, the built-in tuner is accurate and convenient, allowing for precise and hassle-free tuning. These electronics enhance the guitar’s versatility, making it suitable for various performance settings.

Cons of the Takamine P3DC 12

  1. Limited Left-Handed Availability: Unfortunately, the Takamine P3DC 12 string guitar is primarily designed for right-handed players. This limited availability might disappoint left-handed guitarists who are looking for the same features and quality in a 12-string guitar tailored to their needs.


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