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Richie Sambora’s Beautiful Ovation Double-Neck Guitar

ovation double-neck guitar

Richie Sambora, an American rock legend, has had a 30-year run in the spotlight. One of the guitars that he is most associated with is the Ovation Double-Neck 6 and 12-String Acoustic Guitar.

Richie Sambora’s Ovation double-neck guitar is a truly unique instrument that allows Sambora to switch between a 6-string and 12-string guitar with ease. The 6-string neck is perfect for playing rhythm guitar and lead solos, while the 12-string neck provides a fuller, richer sound that is perfect for ballads and other atmospheric passages. Let’s take a closer look at this guitar.

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Richie Sambora's Ovation
Image by Ovation Guitars
Made In:USA
Colour: Black
Body: Lyrachord
SoundboardSelect Spruce
Neck: Dual 5 Piece Mahogany Maple
Scale: 25.3″/643mm
Nut Width: 1 11/16″ / 43mm
Weight: N/A
Fretboard: Ebony
Frets: 22
Pickups: Dual Ovation OCP1K
Electronics:Preamp Ovation Op-24+ 
Bracing: Ovation Modified X Bracing
Inlays:Mother of Pearl Star Inlays
HardwareOvation Die-cast Gold Tuner
Model Number: RSE225-5
Case: Hardshell
Design: Super Shallow, Double Cutaway

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How Ovation RSE225-5 Richie Sambora’s Signature Guitar

Famous American guitarist and singer-songwriter Richie Sambora joined Bon Jovi by chance when a bandmate asked him to see the group perform. Impressed with their talent, Sambora approached Jon Bon Jovi backstage, offering his impressive musical “résumé,” and was immediately invited to rehearse with the band. The chemistry between acoustic Sambora and the group was undeniable, leading Jon to hire him on the spot.

But what made Sambora truly stand out was his signature sound, characterized by his masterful use of the Ovation Double Neck guitar. He has penned or co-written over 20 Top 40 songs and 11 Top 10 hits, including timeless classics like “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “You Give Love A Bad Name,” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” 

Richie Sambora‘s iconic Ovation Double Neck guitar sales royalties go to Notes for Notes charity, supporting music programs for youth in Boys & Girls Clubs across the USA. Ovation Guitars paid tribute to his musical legacy by releasing the Richie Sambora Elite Double Neck in 2018, complete with exquisite features like a Sitka Spruce top, an ebony fingerboard, and a super shallow double cutaway.

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Richie Sambora Ovation
Image by Ovation Guitars

Body of Richie Sambora Ovation Guitar

All Ovation bowls are constructed from Lyrachord, a lightweight fiberglass that is both highly durable and excellent at transmitting vibrations. There is no porous wood inside a Lyrachord body, which means the sound is better reflected. 

In addition, Ovation bowls will not break, chip, shatter, or distort like those made of wood. Lyrachord has made the Ovation round back the most cutting-edge acoustic-electric guitar in the world.


The Ovation Double Neck guitar is made out of Lyrachord. It is lighter than wood and more durable, making the whole guitar very light compared to its size. 

Double-neck guitars are heavier than usual guitars. But this Ovation Double Neck guitar is lighter and easier to play and carry on a guitar strap.

Fingerboard of Ovation RSE225-5

The Fretboard of RSE225-5 is made from ebony, one of the most preferred materials, and has a somewhat brighter tone than those made from rosewood. Ebony fingerboards are highly playable because of their fine grain and solid feel. Fast and natural hand technique is made possible by wood.

Pickups Of The Ovation RSE225-5

Dual Ovation OCP1K is the pickup used in this Richie Sambora Ovation signature guitar. Steel string guitars of Ovation from 1972  and onward that use the original High-Output bridge saddle unit will benefit from this saddle. Useful for both 6-string and 12-string guitars. 

With a shim move the string into the desired position. Because of this, the OEM saddle’s intonation is corrected, and all six strings can be played in tune down and up the neck.


The soundboard of Richie Sambora’s ovation is made from the best Woods. Select spruce is a balanced tonewood that is suitable for a wide variety of playing styles. It is often considered to be the most popular type of tonewood.

It is famous for having a tight grain pattern, a high level of stiffness, and a relatively low level of weight, all of which combine to provide a wide dynamic range that can withstand vigorous strumming.


The Ovation Double-Neck guitar is made out of Lyrachord. It is lighter than wood and more durable making the whole guitar very light compared to its size. Double-neck guitars are heavier than a usual guitar but this Ovation Double-Neck guitar is lighter and easier to play and carry on a guitar strap


Among Preamp and Transducer pickups, the Ovation Op-24 is widely sought after. Ovation’s preamps have received widespread acclaim on a global scale. A tried-and-true classic, this preamp is among the best available.Remember to read the detailed blog on guitar pickups.

Pros of the Ovation Double-Neck Guitar

Unique Double-Neck Design: The Ovation Double-Neck guitar is known for its distinctive double-neck design, opening up a world of expanded playing possibilities and unmatched versatility. 

Lyrachord Body Construction: This guitar’s body is made of Lyrachord, a unique hybrid material that allows it to last a long time while also improving its performance.

Dual Ovation OCP1K Pickups: This guitar’s dual Ovation OCP1K pickups make sure that the sound is impeccable, crystal clear, and full.

Cons of the Ovation Double-Neck Guitar

Unavailability: Because these guitars are made in the USA, they may not be easy to find and may cost more.

Listen to Richie Sambora’s Ovation

Ovation Guitars released a promo welcoming back Richi Sambora as their brand ambassador.

Ovation Double-Neck Guitar’s FAQs

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