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The Alvarez CC7HCEAR Hybrid Classical Guitar

alvarez cc7hcear

The Alvarez CC7HCEAR is a classical guitar that combines traditional Spanish craftsmanship with modern features. Alvarez, renowned for its dedication to creating guitars that transcend expectations, has yet again created a timeless work of art. The CC7HCEAR boasts a harmonious blend of premium tonewoods, intricate detailing, and innovative electronics, making it a coveted choice among discerning guitarists. 

The CC7HCEAR is a great choice for players who want a classical guitar with a modern sound. It’s a well-made guitar with a great sound, and it’s sure to please players of all levels. Let me walk you through all the features of this guitar.

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Alvarez CC7HCEAR
Image by Alvarez
Made inSpain
Model Cadiz Series CC7HCEAR
Body Satin
Neck Mahogany – Ebony – Mahogany
Scale 660 mm
Nut Width 48 mm
Weight20lbs/9.0718474 kg
Fretboard Indian Laurel/Rosewood
BracingTraditional Spanish Fan System
ElectronicsLR Baggs StagePro EQ with Element Pickup
BridgeBi-Level Indian Laurel/Rosewood
InlaysWood Mosaic Rosette and MOP Headstock Inlay
Truss RodN/A


I can confidently attest to the enchantment of the Alvarez CC7HCEAR Concert Classical Hybrid’s carefully built body based on my experience with it. The black walnut and Sitka spruce combination gives the guitar a clear, pleasing tone that’s balanced and smooth.

The black walnut is a premium tonewood that’s often underutilized. It’s bright but not thin and rich without becoming muddy. This makes it a great choice for classical guitars, as it provides a lot of sustain and a nimble response to player dynamics. The Sitka spruce top adds brightness and clarity to the sound. Also, the cut-away helps to access the higher frets.

This is especially evident when playing fingerstyle, as the top helps to bring out the nuances of the player’s technique.


When I first plugged in the CC7HCEAR, I was immediately impressed by the authenticity of its amplified sound. Unlike traditional acoustic pickups, the Element pickup system goes beyond merely capturing the vibrations of the strings. 

The Element pickup is different from traditional acoustic pickups in that it mirrors the soundboard’s actual movements and vibrations. This results in a more authentic acoustic tone that’s not overly processed or artificial.

Alvarez CC7HCEAR
Image by Alvarez

The LR Baggs StagePro EQ and Element Pick-Up add a touch of tape-like saturation and warmth to the sound. It also has a dynamic EQ that compresses problematic frequencies as you play. This is a great feature for stage musicians who want to avoid fiddling with knobs in between songs.


The headstock is a great addition to the CC7HCEAR for a few reasons.

First, it looks great. The Techwood overlay and mother-of-pearl inlay give the headstock a luxurious and elegant look. 

Second, the deluxe headstock is more durable than a traditional wooden headstock. The Techwood overlay provides added strength and stability to the headstock, minimizing the risk of any potential damage or breakage. This ensures that the guitar can withstand the rigors of regular playing and travel, offering long-lasting durability and reliability.

Third, the deluxe headstock is more comfortable to play. The Techwood overlay is smooth and rounded, which makes it easier to grip the headstock.

I’ve always been a fan of the look of a deluxe headstock, but I was worried that it wouldn’t be as comfortable to play as a traditional wooden headstock. I was wrong. The deluxe headstock on the CC7HCEAR is more comfortable to play than my old guitar’s headstock.

Nut and Saddle

One specific feature that I must say is that I’m consistently impressed by the nut and saddle. The bone nut and saddle maximize the vibrational transfer from strings to the body and ensure I’m getting the purest tone possible out of the body and top.

The bone nut and saddle are made of high-quality materials that are known for their tonal properties. This results in a richer, fuller sound. The saddle is also made of bone, which helps to keep the strings in tune and prevents them from slipping.

Overall, the nut and saddle on the Alvarez CC7HCEAR Concert Classical Hybrid are a joy to use. They make a big difference in the overall sound of the guitar, and they’re sure to please players of all levels.

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The Alvarez CC7HCEAR’s neck is made of mahogany, which is a favored tonewood in the acoustic world. The neck also has a hybrid soft “D” shape, which gives me ideal anchor space in any position. This means that I can play comfortably in all positions on the neck, whether I’m playing open chords or more complex fingerpicking patterns.

Alvarez CC7HCEAR
Image by Alvarez

I’ve found that the hybrid soft “D” shape is especially comfortable for playing 6-string open chords. The shape of the neck gives me a better grip on the strings, which makes it easier to play chords cleanly and accurately. I’ve also found that the neck is comfortable for playing more complex fingerpicking patterns. The shape of the neck gives me enough room to move my fingers freely, which allows me to play with more expression and creativity.

Pros & Cons of Alvarez CC7HCEAR


  1. Great sound: The CC7HCEAR has a great sound that is both balanced and rich. The black walnut and Sitka spruce combination gives the guitar a clear, pleasing tone that’s balanced and smooth.
  1. Versatile: The sound is great for classical music, but it can also be used for jazz, flamenco, and other genres.
  1. Affordable: The CC7HCEAR is an affordable guitar that is a great value for the price.


  1. Not as loud as some other classical guitars: The CC7HCEAR is not as loud as some other classical guitars. This is because the black walnut body is not as resonant as some other woods, such as spruce.

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